Laura’s Doodles – Laura Davies Graphic Art Designs – New Theme

As you have seen, I have recently updated my blog theme to a fresher, green tropical leaf scene – along with updating my Instagram feed with a brighter, silver background rather than the dark purple one I had previously!


I was lucky enough to discover Laura’s Doodles, a graphic design creative by Laura Davies from Cardiff. I adored her art style from the moment I saw her creations.

Her art style a mix of realism but with a “cartoon”-esque twist, this creates a beautifully unique image which is simply stunning. Falling in love with the images, I commissioned her to create my new header image in line with my fresh, tropical theme directive in line with my chosen colour palette!

Here are a few other pieces of her artwork, you can find more by visiting her Instagram, or her website. Laura offers commissions, and has helped create numerous bloggers with logos, backgrounds and other graphic designs for them to use on social media and their websites. So if you’re looking to revamp your online image – give her a shout! 




Dora Rose Loves – Adorable Prints for Your Home, Nursery and Office – Prints and Designs

As you’ve seen in my Instagram posts, I have a wall of frames with adorable – mainly cacti themed – prints. As I’ve started to branch out to do reviews on homewares, I’d really like to highlight the cute Etsy store where I purchased my wall of prints from!


I get my prints from the adorable Dora Rose Loves shop on Etsy, which is an Etsy store based in England who specialises in personalised prints and decor. The store is run by Naomi who started the store as a hobby and is now evolving it into a business alongside her family life!

The prints Naomi create are on trend with adorable quotes, themes and objects – with plenty to offer to suit everyone’s vibes and desires. She also creates adorable personalised baby decor for nurseries and bedrooms!


There’s great pride taken in her prints and they are always printed on high quality print paper, with the images sharp details beautifully captured with brilliant colour pay off. You really do get value for money when you purchase these prints!

Make sure you follow Dora Rose Loves on Instagram, where they post offers, discounts and sneak peeks of the upcoming designs!