Fenty Beauty – Instant Retouch Primer – Santorini Sephora Haul


A new supreme reigns!

Well, as I said to the lady I was looking for a primer to rival the Fenty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch when I purchased the Benefit Pore Score set, and I’ve decided nothing can compare to the real deal. Rihanna has stepped up the beauty game – and she’s winning. I bought this as part of my Sephora haul in Fira, Santorini – for my entire haul you can view it on my Instagram, or to see my Santorini travels, click here!


Where do I begin? This primer is soft, moisturising, and keeps my makeup matte all day – without drying out my skin. One thing that I admire about the formula is how a little goes a long way, and it doesn’t sink into pores or fine lines. It’s easy to apply via sponge or fingers, I find its hard to apply with a brush as it causes the bristles to bunch up making application streaky.

The formula is creamy as if a moisturiser – and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or has that awful silicon texture. It doesn’t cause your foundation to peel or shift as its applied as it dries quickly and forms its priming layer so the two never mix. It’s mattifying and helps combat my oily T-Zone. It’s a shame I tried to buy other primers like the Benefit Pore-fection, as I wish I bought this one sooner!

Bottom Line: Bin your old primer – this one is the one to rule them all.

Price: £24.00 from Fenty Beauty

Rating: *****


Benefit Cosmetics – the Porefessional & Matte Rescue – Pore Score Kit


Does this Pore-fessional duo Score five stars? 

I was shown this kit during my search for a new primer to help combat my skin issues that cause my makeup to be patchy.  I suffer from large pores on my cheeks, and oiliness on my T-Zone, so I was suggested to buy this kit, as it includes a full-size Pore-fessional, and a travel size Pore-fessional Matte Rescue, which I could then use to mix and match my primers to my problem areas.

I have used Pore-fessional before, it’s a nude coloured silicon based primer so has a great ability to fill your pores to smooth skin texture whilst subtly evening skin tone – but this was my first time with Matte Rescue.


Matte Rescue was the biggest let down of the century. It was sold to me as a mattifying gel that dries down, but instead what I got was a gloopy mess that no matter how long I left it to dry for peeled along with my foundation. No matter whether I set it with powder, then applied my foundation or concealer on top – it became a patchy mess.

The only plus to buying this set is that it cost the same as the standard Pore-fessional so the Matte Rescue was free along with a miniature It’s Potent which is handy for my upcoming holiday…

Bottom Line: Stick to the original and give the Matte Rescue a big old miss…

Price: £26.50 from Benefit Cosmetics

Rating: *** (Just stick to the original and enjoy the It’s Potent eye cream).


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Abibu London – Nutra-Revitalising Moisturiser – HydraVictuals – PR


A nutrient full, light moisturiser that hydrates skins!

I was very lucky to receive this product from Abibu London for me to review for my followers  – Please note I received this complimentary!

This moisturiser is part of Abibu’s revolutionary take on modern skincare, ensuring that their products in their new HydraVictuals range are full of nutritious ingredients that have scientific evidence of their beneficial properties – it isn’t some hokum whizzed up in a bottle on a false promise, it’s an elegant blend of luxury and science.

My first impressions of the product is how well presented it is in it’s box, it looks good and sleek and extremely presentable. The jar itself looks chic, a bold clean white with pink and chrome accents making it look very sophisticated on your vanity or nightstand. It’s made of a light plastic making it easy to travel with compared with glass jars that you find with other products – saving vital luggage weight for other makeup…


This moisturiser is packed full of plant extracts, vitamins C and E, anti-oxidants, biotin, collagen, and zinc – making a treat for your skin and senses – it smells delicious, light floral with a soothing calm and not overpowering which is what I like in my products as fragrance can cause irritation! 

I have been using this moisturiser for a month to ensure I could get the best impression of the moisturiser before writing this review. I was very shocked at how easily this product sunk into my skin considering the thick appearance of the moisturiser, it has a souffle texture within the jar. It’s amazing watching it melt at the touch of my body heat – creating a soft, smooth and hydrated finale for my skincare routine.


I’ve found it creates a taut feeling to my skin making it feel instantly rejuvenated and plumped. The hydration is brilliant – as you guys are aware I suffer from combi/dry skin and find some products knock my skins balance and can cause oiliness/breakouts – this however just adds the right amount of hydration without the breakouts as it isn’t oily so doesn’t clog up my pores.

I’ve been preferring to use it underneath my primer, or even without primer, as I have found it to sit well and doesn’t create an oily base meaning my makeup is not affected by the product and remains long-wearing. I’ve also found my makeup does not react with the ingredients as some moisturisers can speed up the oxidation of my foundation.

Bottom Line: Became a staple in my routine, even to the point of replacing my GlamGlow Glowstarter!!

Price: £66 at Abibu London , and sign up to their newsletter for 20% off!

Rating: *****

OMOROVICZA – Facial Mist – Queen of Hungary Mist


A refreshing mist to revive your tired out skin, with a cosy scent!


I got this as part of my Discovery Set along with my other Omorovicza goodies – you can find my first impressions review of the Discovery Kit here.

Firstly, I must point out how lovely the scent is. It is a warm, comforting, slightly citrus scent reminiscent of the other Omorovicza skincare items. The mist on this is insane – its not even a spritz or spray, it is like a puff of moisture that douses my skin in moisture. The spray is so fine to allow your skin to absorb it whilst refusing to get drenched – I have found the spritz on my other sprays, such as my Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray, to be large and clumpy and I’m often drenched after a few light sprays.

You can use this as a moisturising primer before makeup, or a setting spray to add a dewy finish! It’s also perfect for having in your handbag to freshen up your makeup as the day goes on, or to use on makeup-less skin for a quick pick me up! I have this in my bag if I’m travelling as I can retreat to a restroom and spritz up to feel comfortably refreshed.

Bottom Line: A lovely scented refreshing facial spray that can revive your skin after a long day., or add a boost of hydration in your morning skin routine.

Price: £25.00 at Cult Beauty

Rating: ****

Gerard Cosmetics – Slay All Day Setting Spray – Jasmine


The one spray to rule them all! 

I’ve seen these sprays all over Instagram, and finally took the plunge after having such a good experience with their liquid lipsticks!

Well, I am so glad I did! I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Chill setting spray for years now, and I’m afraid that its now looking sad on my shelf as I’ve been using this constantly!


The smell is amazing, fresh and floral – but if Jasmine isn’t something you’d like – no worries! They’ve got nine other fragrances including coconut, peach, watermelon and green tea! Talk about plenty of choices! The scent lasts a long time, which can be off putting for some, but for me I love it.

This spray is so versatile as you can spray it before applying your makeup as a primer, and then spraying after your makeup is applied to set it all. The spray makes my makeup look freshly applied for my entire 10hr shifts, controlling any oil that could appear.

Bottom Line: Gerard Cosmetics have just created the best selection of setting sprays that really make you Slay All Day!

Price: £10 for the Mini 30ml, £14 for the full size 100ml @ BeautyBay.com

Rating: *****

May 2017 – Favourite Products!

Hi Guys,

Here are my favourite products from the last month, the ones that truly stole my heart!


1)  Anastasia Beverly Hills – Cream Contour Kit in Fair. £39 @ BeautyBay.com
This kit has now become a staple in my makeup bag! The creamy formula makes application a breeze and allows you to blend a lot more than powdered contour kits. I especially like to add my Farsali Rose Gold elixir in to the mix to achieve a dewy finish or to inject more moisture for dried out skin! Full review of this kit is here!

2) Farsali – Rose Gold Elixir. £55 @ BeautyBay.com
Wow! This beauty oil is insane! It’s so hydrating and you can use it in a plethora of ways, which are outlines in my review of it here! It smells divine – its a mix of Rosehip oil, Lemongrass and Orange peel – creating a beautiful citrus scent. These extracts help deliver numerous vitamins that can hydrate your skin whereas the Rosehip oils can help tackle hyper-pigmentation.

3) OFRA – Long Lasting Lipstick in Bel Air. £11 @ BeautyBay.com
This lipstick shade has become a quick favourite. It’s a light pale pink nude that suits every look! Its formula is creamy and dries completely matte. It lasts a few hours and topping up doesn’t cause it to go cakey or flake! The packaging is sleek, but it rubs off awfully easy.

4) Gerard Cosmetics – Slay all Day in Jasmine. £14.50 for Full size, £10 for Mini @ BeautyBay.com
This is my new staple for setting spray. It smells delicious – reminds me so much of my Jasmine iced tea! You can use it before your makeup as a primer and then afterwards as a setting spray. It really has kept my makeup looking freshly applied!

Stay tuned for my June favourites at the end of the month! ❤




Love Me Beauty – May 2017 – #ShineBright Edit

This months Love Me Beauty edit was all about Shining Bright and included brands such as Manna Kadar Beauty, Aromatherapy Associates and Nuxe!


I decided to go for everything Manna! I had seen this brand on Instagram and their #MannaBabes so spent all my credits on grabbing two of their liquid lip stains, their primer and their Glo illuminiser.

The LipLock stains are a handbag sized treat allowing me to use them on the go. They’re more gloss than lipstick, but add a lovely sheen and colour to your lips. I got both the Sienna and Rosette Poppy Pink shades! These treats were 20 credits each – equating to around £3.30, which is amazing quality for money especially for discovering a new brand!


The Deluxe Runway Ready primer is very silky and thick, but feels a tad bit silicone-y. it reminds me so much of Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer! It held my makeup well and allowed a smooth finish on my dry patches.  This was also 20 credits!

The Glo Illuminiser is amazing to use for a sunkissed highlight, or added to a foundation base for some added radiance. Its a semi creamy and liquid texture allowing you to apply it easily with a sponge for a light glow! This was 20 credits as well, I dipped into my add-on credits to get the whole set!

If you’re not too keen on this brand, Love Me Beauty always stocks their boutique with numerous items and brands, allowing you to get your dream treat every single month! They boast Kat Von D beauty, Nuxe, EcoTools – they have full brush sets for 20 credits (thats £3!!).  You can shop the edit’s full boutique here!

If you’re interested in joining Love Me Beauty use the code ROSEM3295520 – for 90 free credits (equivalent to £21 worth of beauty) at Love Me Beauty


Laura Mercier – Foundation Primer


Gives a beautiful finish for applying your foundation smoothly. 

I got this primer in my Love Me Beauty box, as it was a couple of credits and I am so happy I did! This will definitely become a full size purchase.

The pink hued primer, has a slight gel consistency, helps prevent any harmful effects from the environment due to its added antioxidants Vitamin A, C and E. It doesn’t have a distinct fragrance, and its colourless although slightly pale pink but is unbelievably lightweight. It glides on super easily due to the gel-cream texture to provide a protective cover and helps reduce puffiness.

I tend to use a pea sized amount each day, so this deluxe sample has lasted a long while! After using this primer my makeup tends to be set for a good 7 hours until it starts to show wear and tear!

Bottom Line: A lightweight, unbelievably silky smooth primer that protects your skin from daily harm!

Price: £29 @ Feel Unique , or frequently in Love Me Beauty beauty boxes -If you’re interested in joining Love Me Beauty use the code ROSEM3295520 – for 90 free credits (equivalent to £21 worth of beauty).

Rating: ****