Anatomicals – Eye Patches – Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer

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A burst of moisture to perk up your eyes!

I received this product in return for my honest review – so here it is!

These eye patches are a lot like the TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patches, but the consistency is more like jelly, an its 3 to a pack making them each mask half the price of the Panda Patches! Instead of turning you into a panda, these patches have a nerdy name – loving the Buffy reference!

These patches are a jelly, white semi oval that you place under your eyes. It takes 30 minutes for the moisture to seep in and plump up your under eye area, creating an instant lift. They work on the same principle as the Panda Patches, they’re jammed packed with vitamin B3 to minimise fine lines and wrinkles to keep you looking fresh and youthful.  It’s this intense hydration that helps to ‘plump’ and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes!

Bottom Line: Seriously slays those eye bags!

Price: £6 at Superdrug

Rating: ***** (Cheaper than the TonyMoly and they have the same effect!)



An adorable dose of Korean Skincare to rejuvenate the eyes.

I decided to try out the  Panda’s Dream eye patches after trying the other item from the Panda’s Dream So Cool… Stick and the Moisture Gel Cream, and needed a pick up from my recent late nights!

I’ve ended up with dark circles so wanted to treat myself one night, so I sat down with my glass of Prosecco and popped these two bad boys on! The patches themselves are fibre and black, making you look like a panda! It’s adorable!

The patches are saturated in bamboo shoot extract and vitamin B3 to minimise fine lines and wrinkles to keep you looking fresh and youthful.  It’s this intense hydration that helps to ‘plump’ and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes!

Bottom Line: A lovely burst of freshness, and plumping action to banish dark circles and brighten the under eye area!

Price: £4.00 at Beauty Bay

Rating: ****

Caudalie – Face Mask – Moisturising Mask


A moisturising mask that can also be used as an overnight intense treatment!

I love trying new items, and was eager to try this moisturising mask! As you all know, I suffer from dry skin, and this weather is not helping! This Moisturising Mask rehydrates and soothes dry skin leaving the skin is soft and hydrated thanks to a formula rich in grape-seed oil, Vinolevure® (their patented grape extract that moisturises and protects), and plant glycerine. It’s an intense shot of moisture that can be used as a standard mask, or overnight for the ultimate treatment.

Using overnight, I woke up and the blemishes I had had become less angry and red, and I didn’t break out! It’s even recommended for the most sensitive skin!!

Bottom Line: A cure for sensitive skin that breaks out easily but needs an intense dose of moisture!

Price: £22.00 at Caudalie

Rating: ****

Luvenesco – Retinol Hydrating Cream – Complete Care – PR


A beautiful facial cream, that settles on the skin ensuring it is delivering deep moisture with a lovely. non-overpowering scent.

I’ve noticed that my skin is a lot more plumped and hydrated – which is much needed in this cold, wintery weather! It also contains a plethora of vitamins so it can help repair any damages whilst hydrating.

The active retinol is used to fight signs of ageing & ripens pores, leaving your silky smooth, supple and vivid. The reason why retinol is becoming a beauty product staple is because of its age-fighting capabilities which can help diminish most signs of ageing.


Bottom Line:  Deep moisturising cream with a lovely scent!

Price: £19.99 at Amazon 

Rating: **** (Expected a bigger pack for the price, but a little bit does goes a long way!) 

Ramer Sponges – Ultra Soft Sponges

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A super soft sponge for babies, and your skincare routine!

I decided to buy some ‘Baby Soft’ sponges for taking off my dried mud masks as I felt using a flannel was sometimes too dry and I’d end up scratching and making my skin red taking them off. I decided to try these Ramer sponges, as they’re recommended for babies – so I thought “hey, they must be soft!”.

These are so unbelievably soft – they hold a nice amount of water to get the product off, without drenching myself in the process, and they’re easy to clean. These sponges dry to be rock hard, so its handy for travelling and storage. When they’re submerged in warm water again, they spring to life and become super soft again!

Bottom Line:  This has made taking my masks off easier, and left my skin clean and not irritated!

Price: £2.09 at (Their own brand but just as good!)

Rating: ***** 

Bowe Organics – Lash Oil – First Impressions – PR

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An organic lash oil to promote healthy lashes and promote growth!

I received this product complimentary in return for my honest opinions – so here it is!


This is a natural lash oil, which over a couple of weeks should help thicken and hydrate your lashes. It’s simple to use, all you do is apply a drop or two to your fingertips and gentle massage into the eyelashes from the base to tip – ensuring you don’t get it in your eyes. It’s recommended to use before bed so that you wake up to beautifully hydrated lashes in the morning!

Its made from a selection of natural organic essential oils such as Jojoba oil, which helps with hydration and has a high content of vitamin A, D and E, and Rose Hip oil, which is rich in Omega 6 fatty acid. These oils work together to hydrate lashes to make them look and feel beautiful!

My first impressions of the product is that the packaging has a very premium feel, the matte black is gorgeous. The bottle comes with a pipette top so its easy to apply the drops to your fingers. The oil smells lovely, a classic aromatherapy feel, its not strong and doesn’t make your eyes water. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t make your lashes feel weighty or oily!

As it takes a few weeks to work, I will be using it daily before bed before leaving my review – so keep your peepers out for my full review! In the meantime, you can find more information on this product on their website here; Bowe Organics.

PMD – Kiss Lip Plumping System – PR


A safer way to lip plumping without the bruising!

I received this product in return for my honest review – so here it is!

I bet you all saw that ‘Kylie Challenge’ that took social media by storm a couple of years ago, which has jump started companies marketing lip plumping devices. The devices often relying on a suction that basically swells the lips with blood. These devices are often dangerous as can cause extensive bruising and burst blood vessels in the delicate lip tissues – owch!

So to combat these owchy side effects, PMD have created this new device which they’ve marketed as a safer alternative way to plump up your lips. It works on the same suction principle of other devices but it pulsates the suction – meaning that its gently suctioning on and off to create a better blood flow – rather than the devices that you leave on for minutes which causes insane swelling and damage in one go. By utilising a pulsating vacuum it isn’t as intense as other devices offering subtler effects which buildup over time. It’s also marketed as an anti-ageing device as it safely boosts collagen to reduce appearance of lip lines and wrinkles while increasing the look of lip volume.


The device has a little cup that you place on the part of your lip to increase the blood flow, and it doesn’t overlap on to the skin surrounding your mouth, you then press the button to start the suction, it pulsates and you count to ten pulses – and thats it! It was actually pleasant – no bruising, offered subtle fullness, I could easily move the device to the areas I wanted to have a fuller look, rather than ending up with everything swelled and bruised and feeling a bit delicate.

The device on it own gave a subtle look, but for a more intense pout they include their own Smart Lip Plumping Serum, which helps increase the results as it contains a substance that tingles and in turn plumps your lips. It didn’t feel too bad just a slight tingle like eating something mildly spicy, and didn’t hurt, unlike those lipglosses from Soap and Glory – I’m looking at you Sexy Motherpucker… 

Bottom Line: A safer way to plump up with long lasting effects that build up over time and less damage!

Price: £125.00 at PMD

Rating: ***

GK NATURALS – Massage and Body Oil – Neroli and Rose Geranium – PR

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Oh my lord, it is such a treat for the senses! 

I was gifted this from GK Naturals in return for my honest review on this product – so here it is!

I’ve always been a fan of massage oils due to the fact that the aroma can seriously increase the relaxation from the massage, as well as help ease movements for the masseuse. This massage oil is fast absorbing, not so much that you have to keep re-applying but enough so that you’re not left with an oily mess!

It’s made with natural essential oils making it a lovely treat for all of the senses – it’s aromatherapy as well as massage oil. The scent is quite strong, but not over-powering – just enough to draw you deeper into the relaxation. I like placing a bit on my wrists before bed to just have the smell soothe me asleep.

Bottom Line: A wonderful, non-greasy massage oil that smells devine.

Price: £8.95 at GK Natural Creations

Rating: **** 

Dr Botanicals – Tropical Invigorating Cream – PR

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A lightweight, super moisturiser that will protect ski from pollution!

This cream was gifted to me from the lovely people at Dr Botanicals for my review and opinion!

This cream as a lovely light fragrance and is very light in formula, which has helped my skin absorb it easily without the weighted residue of thicker facial creams. This cream is created with the purpose of brightening, protecting and repairing the skin due to the Elder-flower extract.

The Elder-flower extract helps protect the skin from free radicals that can damage and cause early skin ageing. This cream also contains chamomile flower extracts which can help soothe damaged and irritated skin! The Tiare flower extract helps nourish, deeply moisturise as well as purify the skin. Basically it had three kick-ass, natural extracts in which together create the ultimate fighting team against skin damage! Oh, and its VEGAN!

The cream really nourished my skin and it didn’t cause me to break out, instead it calmed the redness that I have around my nose and chin, which made me feel more confident going make-up free in work. My skin felt cleaner and plumper – might have been from the amount of moisture that was being pumped into it!

The only issue I have is the price tag, but the product does last a while, it just seems pricey for a tube that will last 2 months…

Bottom Line: A lightweight, nourishing moisturiser that helps brighten complexion and protects from damage.

Price: £39.90 at Dr Botanicals.

Rating: *** (Expect a bigger tube for the price…)


TONYMOLY – Panda’s Dream – So Cool Eye Stick


An adorable dose of Korean Skincare aimed at reducing puffyness around the eyes.

I am in awe of anything to do with skincare from Korea, purely because of the quality and the style of their products! They focus on providing the best skincare, so I can never pass up the chance to try and review Korean skincare and beauty items!

I was very eager to use and try this as I have wanted a cooling eye stick for  long while as I’ve heard they’re brilliant for day to day skincare – but other migraine sufferers have said they help cool the eye area which often hurts during a migraine attack!  But boy, oh boy, was I disappointed with this product!


Where to begin? For starters the cooling effect was minimal, you could have asked your best friend to blow on your skin for more relief than this thing provided, or made a paper fan to deliver a cooler breeze.

Another thing I hated about this was that the product falls apart on application, causing you to end up with huge chunks of blue around your eyes and all over the packaging! I don’t want to be cleaning it after every use and having to massage the living hell out of my eyes just to blend the clumps!

I found it did sweet nothing for my eyes and the skin around it, when it dried it felt sticky and left the area feeling tight which was weird. This was such a disappointment as I’ve been in love with my other Panda’s Dream products!

Bottom Line: Unless you want a cute little mascot for your desk/vanity – AVOID!

Price: £12.50 at Beauty Bay

Rating: * (That packaging is its only redeeming point.)