FOREO – Get Up And Glow Kit – Foreo Luna Play and Cleansers – First Impressions

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A budget friendly trial kit to test out the innovate brand Foreo!

I bought this set to try out the mini Luna Play from the Foreo skincare collection as I have heard a lot about this miniature version of their Luna, and was excited that it came with their Day and Night cleansers, making it the perfect beginners set.

If you’re new to sonic cleansing brushes, this is a perfect, inexpensive set to get yourself dabbling in it before making a bigger investment and purchase. This set included the Luna Play which is a non-rechargeable version of their Luna Play which sports their T-Sonic patented cleaning technology. This set includes 15ml of their Day and Night Cleansers, offering enough to test their formula out before purchasing the larger sizes. The Day cleanser is made with fruit extracts to deeply cleanse, refresh and moisturise your skin. The Night cleanser is a semi-scrub filled with cosmic shimmer that melts and removes makeup and dirt.

I was very impressed with the quality of the cleansing brush as it is soft, pliable and due to size – able to get in to all of the nooks and crannies around my nose and eyes. I will be reviewing each item in depth at a later date after using it for a month – so keep your eyes open!

Bottom Line: This is the perfect set to introduce yourself with the brand, without paying a larger investment!

Price: £29 at Foreo, RRP’d at £41.
            Use this code “WLC2FOREOUK” for 11% off your first purchase!!
£29 at Cult Beauty.

Rating: *****

Ramer Sponges – Ultra Soft Sponges

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A super soft sponge for babies, and your skincare routine!

I decided to buy some ‘Baby Soft’ sponges for taking off my dried mud masks as I felt using a flannel was sometimes too dry and I’d end up scratching and making my skin red taking them off. I decided to try these Ramer sponges, as they’re recommended for babies – so I thought “hey, they must be soft!”.

These are so unbelievably soft – they hold a nice amount of water to get the product off, without drenching myself in the process, and they’re easy to clean. These sponges dry to be rock hard, so its handy for travelling and storage. When they’re submerged in warm water again, they spring to life and become super soft again!

Bottom Line:  This has made taking my masks off easier, and left my skin clean and not irritated!

Price: £2.09 at (Their own brand but just as good!)

Rating: ***** 

Johnson’s Face Care- Makeup Be Gone wipes


These are the makeup wipes sent down from the heavens!

These Johnson’s face care range of wipes are truly incredible. They can take off my Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in one quick wipe, and get rid of a full face of makeup in less than five minutes!

These wipes come in a wide range of types, such as Pampering , Refreshing and Extra-Sensitive.  They leave a slightly oily feel on your skin but I get it taken off using my toner, which I then moisturise and it leaves my skin matte and fresh!

Bottom Line: Secret weapon for getting makeup off in one swift wipe!

Price: £3.29 for a pack of 25 from Boots
These are often on sale for 3 packs for £5!

Rating: *****