Bellissimo Amore – Bicé Facial Rejuvenation Serum – Hyaluronic Acid


A serum to hydrate, rejuvenate and plump your skin!

I was very lucky to receive this product from Bellissimo Amore for me to review for my followers  – Please note I received this complimentary!

This is a facial serum, like the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, which helps enhance your skin’s elasticity and add a burst of hydration from the high levels of hyaluronic acid to improve the overall condition – hydrated skin is healthy skin after all!

The added hydration also improves the softness and plumpness of your skin which was surprising to see from the first application. I found this serum was best to apply after cleansing and exfoliating with my Foreo. The texture of the serum is more gel-like than oil, which is a huge plus for me as I break out easily and the oil makes my skin shiny.


This is a lightweight serum and it dries quickly as it’s absorbed but doesn’t leave your skin tacky or sticky which I have found with other serums – this makes it a perfect pre-primer serum! You can use this twice a day after cleansing, and the product stays within your skin tissue for up to three days leaving you with longer lasting results.

This concoction of natural ingredients allow you to achieve your younger skin without surgical means, and even though I’m 25, I’ve enjoyed slowing down my skin’s ageing process using this over the past month!

Bottom Line: A must have for those looking for longer lasting results and healthier skin , especially for those who suffer with dry/combination skin types!

Price: £129.99 for 30ml at Bellissimo Amore – Currently on sale for £108!
or £20 for 3ml Vial to try it out ! Currently on sale for £10!
Use my exclusive code; “RosemaryHelenXO” for extra savings! xx

Rating: *****


Dr. G – Aquasis Water Vital Sleeping Mask – Hydrating Mask – Korean Skincare – PR


A hydration overnight mask to improve the moisture levels of your skin!

I was very lucky to receive this product from Skinsider for me to review for my followers  – Please note I received this complimentary! I was sent this to introduce me to the website, and company that is . Skinsider is a one stop shop for Korean Skincare, and as you know – I love Korean Skincare! What I love the most about this site is the fact that they categorise the products by skin concern and skin type – so you can find your ideal product.

This is my first dabble with the brand that is Dr G, which is apparently a big thing in Asian skincare routines. This is an overnight mask treatment that delivers a lot of hydration while you sleep – I’m often putting this on during the day if I’ve got a few hours spare or even to relax during my late night blogging sessions.


This moisture mask also helps protect and strengthen the skins natural barrier due to the Bio-Hyaluronate solution which pulls and keeps moisture inside the skin. It also contains  Resurrection Plant, which grows in the desert with minimum water, provides and activates moisture energy for healthy skin and a clear complexion.

This moisture mask is filled with skin caring, and hydrating ingredients to help improve skins appearance and repair any blemishes! It’s texture is reminiscent of the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Gel Moisturiser when you first apply it, and then as it dries you hardly tell you’re wearing a mask. To remove it, all you need to do is wash it away with warm water. This moisturising mask is perfect for those who are prone to acne as it will not clog pores!!

Bottom Line: Holy moly, get it on my face now! It’s like bathing in aloe vera without the clogged skin and breakouts.

Price: £30.00 at Skinsider

Rating: *****

OMOROVICZA – Facial Mist – Queen of Hungary Mist


A refreshing mist to revive your tired out skin, with a cosy scent!


I got this as part of my Discovery Set along with my other Omorovicza goodies – you can find my first impressions review of the Discovery Kit here.

Firstly, I must point out how lovely the scent is. It is a warm, comforting, slightly citrus scent reminiscent of the other Omorovicza skincare items. The mist on this is insane – its not even a spritz or spray, it is like a puff of moisture that douses my skin in moisture. The spray is so fine to allow your skin to absorb it whilst refusing to get drenched – I have found the spritz on my other sprays, such as my Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray, to be large and clumpy and I’m often drenched after a few light sprays.

You can use this as a moisturising primer before makeup, or a setting spray to add a dewy finish! It’s also perfect for having in your handbag to freshen up your makeup as the day goes on, or to use on makeup-less skin for a quick pick me up! I have this in my bag if I’m travelling as I can retreat to a restroom and spritz up to feel comfortably refreshed.

Bottom Line: A lovely scented refreshing facial spray that can revive your skin after a long day., or add a boost of hydration in your morning skin routine.

Price: £25.00 at Cult Beauty

Rating: ****

Dermalogica – PreCleanse Balm with Cleansing Mitt – PR


The best balm cleanser I have ever used – my makeup melted away!

I was very lucky to receive these products from Dermalogica for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this product complimentary!

This is a deep cleansing precleanser which turns from balm-to-oil which quickly, and superbly removes impurities and makeup – including my waterproof mascara! With this product you also get a silicon cleansing mitt which uses the same exfoliating style as my Foreo cleansing brush without the sonic vibrations.


The balm is water activated and melts to a smooth oil which deconstructs layers of sebum, environmental pollutants and residual product buildup on skin, whist the natural Biolipid complex locks in hydration and reinforces the skin barrier while apricot kernel oil helps nourish the skin!

It really did melt away all of my makeup making my pre-bed routine quicker as I didn’t have to take ages removing my makeup before I could take care of my skin. I found that the oil was easy to remove with the mitt and a bit of warm water. It also didn’t leave my skin dry but instead nourished. I was really impressed when my makeup just melted away without having to use micellar water to remove it first.

Bottom Line: This balm will dissolve and remove even waterproof makeup in a quicky!

Price: £44.00 at Dermalogica

Rating: **** (Price is quite steep.)

EyeWake – Hydrating Eye Serum – PR


A handy, eye awakening serum that helps with morning puffiness.

I was very lucky to receive this product from EyeWake for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary, and free of charge to review.

This serum comes out as a clear gel, and one pump is more than enough to cover both under eye area. The fact that just one pump is enough to apply to both eye areas makes this product last a long while. Once applied it has a slight cooling sensation, which helps with controlling morning puffiness around the eyes. The serum is quick to dry so you don’t have to wait ages to carry on your makeup routine- which is perfect for a quick morning routine! The formula has added witch hazel and aloe vera – so it’s also blemish fighting and caring for the skin.

I’ve been using this serum for over a month now, and have noticed that it has perked my eye area up.  The serum is fragrance free and hasn’t any strong scents which is perfect as perfumes can dry out the skin – which is something I do not want to add to even wrinklier eye area. I have noticed that my under eye areas are less dark, and less puffy.

Bottom Line: A serum that can help de-puff your eye area.

Price: £34.95 on Amazon.
At the time of writing this review – it  is on offer for £12.95

Rating: ****

FaceInc by NailsInc – Joyful Skin – Mini Mask Wreath Gift Set – First Impressions


A cute set of five mini masks to combat all skin types and complains.

I saw this in the sales after Christmas and wanted to try it out as I haven’t used Face Inc skin masks before, and as these usually retail for £5 a pop, to get them all for £12 at Boots was a massive saving – I couldn’t resist!

In this set you get five, one time use masks, in a cute colourful little container. The masks are as follows;

  • Night Night Soothing Hydro Night Mask – This is an overnight mask full of Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish your skin giving it protection.
  • Carbon Neutral Charcoal Purifying Mask – This is a purifying mask with Moroccan lava clay and activated charcoal to draw out any impurities leaving your skin deeply cleansed.
  • Bubble Burst Hydrating Serum – This is a serum made of Argan oil for an intense moisture hit.
  • Silver Streak Brightening Peel Off Mask – This is a peel off mask that will brighten and purified skin with a dose of Vitamin E, C and B3.
  • Rose Glow Youth Boosting Peel Off Mask – This is a youth boosting mask with Vitamin B3 and assorted minerals to give the skin a natural glow.

The varied selection of masks means you will find one to suit your mood and current skin worry. I am very eager to give this a go, and you will find my in depth reviews of these masks individually as the time goes on!

Read My Lips – Pepsi Lip Balm – PR


A novelty lip balm that is adorably cute!

I was very lucky to receive this product from Read My Lips for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary!

This is such a cute novelty lip balm, but I’m afraid that’s all this will be! This lip balm is more sticky than nourishing, and doesn’t smell or taste that much of Pepsi unlike the Lip Smackers I used to have.


The lip balm is tacky and feels heavy as it sits on my lips, and the application is a bit messy due to the large shape. It wears off relatively fast, and you have to reapply it often – if that is you can stand the sticky feeling.

Bottom Line: A disappointing balm for a Pepsi fan.

Price: £2.00 at Primark

Rating: *

FOREO – Silicon Sonic Cleansing Brush – FOREO LUNA PLAY


A sonic, high powered silicon facial brush that buffs away dead skin cells.

You can find my first impressions post on this Foreo cleansing brush here, where I give an overview of what you get in the Foreo Get Up and Glow kit, which is the perfect introductory kit into the world of Foreo! Foreo have created these cleansing brushes that have sonic powers which buff away and massage your face as you clean. These brushes are made from silicon making them easy to clean after use, and durable.

The Luna Play is their cheapest brush, coming in at £29, and is the perfect item to try the brand out before investing in one of their more expensive cleansing brushes. This one, unlike their Luna Play Plus, is non-rechargable and comes with a limited use up to 100 minutes. The Luna Play Plus takes AAA batteries so has unlimited uses for an extra £10 – so if you’re looking for a long term use – I’d suggest investing the extra £10.

This cleansing brush is brilliant at buffing and really working in your liquid cleansers. I find it enhances the makeup removing power – I literally only have to add my cleanser and massage it in circles using my Luna and even my waterproof mascara comes off. Then all I need to do is rinse off, and I’m good to moisturise! It’s amazing for someone looking to “lazy-fy” their routine by making the gadget do the work, and it’s brilliant after nights out when you just want to get your makeup off quickly and get to sleep.

I will definitely be investing in one of their bigger brushes, as well as getting the Luna Play Plus once mine runs out as the smaller size of this brush is perfect for getting into the hard to reach areas around my nose.

Bottom Line: This is the perfect brush to try to see if these cleansing brushes are something you’d like to add to your skincare routine.

Price: £29 at Foreo.
            Use this code “WLC2FOREOUK” for 11% off your first purchase!!
£29 at Cult Beauty.

Rating: *****

Beauty Deals – January 2018 – BEAUTYBAY.COM – 50% off Laura Lee Palette and NEW EXCLUSIVE Morphe Brushes!, Iconic London – FREE CONTOUR PALETTE, Benefit Cosmetics – Three FREE Funsized Brow Products!! AND OTHERS!

So, here are all the beauty offers I have found for January 2018 which are as follows…

All Banners/Images take you straight to the offer and brand website – keep an eye out for special promo codes as you will need to enter these at the checkout!


They’re offering all of you makeup lovers 50% off Laura Lee’s Cat’s Pajamas Palette with the special code; ‘LAURALEE50’ !
The 50% off now makes this stunning palette £17.50, down from the original £35!!
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Also just to update you lovelies, Beauty Bay have just stocked three new and exclusive Morphe makeup brush sets! Here are the new deets on these new brush sets;

  • Exclusive Elite II Eyeshadow Brush Trio

Featuring three essential eye tools for creating flawless eye looks, Exclusive Elite II Eyeshadow Brush Trio makes buffing and blending effortless. Made from synthetic fibres, the carefully designed brushes have super soft bristles for high pigment coverage.

  • Exclusive Elite II 4-Piece Complexion Brush Set

Featuring four face brushes, Exclusive Elite II 4 Piece Complexion Brush Set has everything you need to create a flawless base. Apply, conceal and buff foundation and concealer like a pro with this comprehensive must-have set.

  • Exclusive Rose Gold 6-Piece Brush Set

Exclusive Rose Gold 6 Piece Contour Brush Set features six super soft brushes specifically designed to provide a flawlessly contoured finish. Masterfully sculpting and defining your cheekbones, jawline and nose, this incredible set is a makeup bag essential

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  • Iconic London:

They’re offering a free Cream Contour Palette with every order that is over £35!! NO CODE NEEDED, just get shopping!

View this offer here, or click the banner below!

Iconic London Free Palette

  • BENEFIT Cosmetics:

Benefit are giving away three, deluxe funsized brow trios with every order over £40 when you use the code ‘WINTERBROWS’ !!!

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Missguided are offering 30% off wardrobe staples with the code ‘TAKE30′ !! Spruce up your wardrobe with this adorable offer!

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  • Cult Beauty;

Did you see that Too Faced has landed at Cult Beauty?! To celebrate this huge brand coming to their store, they’re offering FREE DELIVERY on all Too Faced items, so get stocking up!

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Cult Beauty also have the following offers on the go;

FREE Deluxe Elasticizer (40ml) with any Philip Kingsley purchase

FREE Brow Duo with a £25 spend on Benefit

FREE Detox Kit when you spend £45 on Caudalie

FREE Deluxe Alkaline Infusion when you spend £30 on Kiki Health

FREE Full Size Essential Daily Moisturiser when you spend £40 on Skin Laundry

Omorovicza – The Discovery Kit – First Impressions


The perfect kit to introduce you to the skincare brand from Budapest!

I was lucky enough to get this kit from my partners parents as a Christmas present this year, as they know I’m into my skincare and make-up! They weren’t too sure if I liked the brand, so decided to get me the Discovery Kit so I can try a bit of everything the brand has to offer.

This kit includes the following;

I’ve tried Omorovicza before and you can find my previous reviews here, and I will be using and reviewing each of the items over the next few weeks so keep your eyes open!


This kit is the perfect, budget friendly way, to try out this brand and see whether it is perfect for your skin! I am amazed by the generous sizes of the products – they’re not deluxe samples, their travel friendly sizes!

Bottom Line: The full size versions of these items range from £25-£85, so the fact you get a large amount of each product for just £59 – it makes it such a good deal!

Price: £59.00 at Cult Beauty

Rating: *****

BONUS: Cult Beauty are giving away a full size version of the Queen of Hungary Mist this month if you spend over £90, and they’re doing free delivery too! Click the image below for the deal!