Fujifilm Camera – Instax Mini 9 – Smokey White – Early Birthday Present! Yay!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 with Protective Case

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – A stunning, self printing camera to capture images in an instant!

As it is my birthday at the end of the month, I really wanted to have an Instax Mini camera and my boyfriend was lovely enough to get me one. I decided to go for the Smokey White version as its a light grey and totally my kinda colour! I chose to get the Instax Mini 9, as it is a more recent model that has a built in selfie mirror, as well as better Hi-Def functions.

I decided to get the camera plus 20 snaps, which included two packs of its film. This Fujifilm camera takes film in 10 photos packs, which are around £10 each to buy off of Amazon, or the value packs are £17-£25 depending on how much film you want to get. The camera itself retails for around £65, which is cheap compared to other modern film cameras. As the camera only holds 10 shots per film pack, its works out to be an average of 70p-£1 per snap – which is quite expensive for a photo that is 2″ x 3″, but it’s great for taking special pictures for mementos rather than taking a constant record of the night.

Instax Mini 9 Camera in Smokey White

The reason why I wanted an Instax camera for my birthday was because I happened to play around with one whilst out on a Hen do. It was being used by a Bridesmaid to capture the events during the night – such as our cocktails from the masterclass, our celebratory meals, as well as everyone’s special moments from the night. It seemed like the perfect way to capture the special night – and I wanted to have one to capture my special moments during my birthday!

To add a cuteness level to my camera, I couldn’t help but by a Bear themed carry case/bag for it! I just loved the little face poking out!

Bottom Line: A fun, novelty camera to capture special moments or artistic instant prints!

Price: £69.99 with 10 shots @ Amazon.co.uk
£9.96 for Bear Case @ Amazon.co.uk

Rating: *****


Selfie Ring Light – Improve Your Insta Worthy Shots!


This is a handy selfie light, which can also double us as a light for makeup application on the go!

So, for my flat lays and selfies I decided to buy a ‘Selfie Light’. This is a clip on LED light that has three different settings; Low, Medium, and Holy Moly It’s Like The Sun!

The third level of this light is insanely bright, so bright I rarely use it for my selfies but rather my makeup application or reading in bed – its clip on so very, very versatile! It can fit pretty much every phone due to this clip on ability – I use it clipped on to my smaller mirror on my vanity to turn it into a LED Mirror on the cheap.

This light achieves that halo eye effect, which makes your eyes pop in selfies as well as activating your glow. As you know I love my glow so anything to show it off I’m more than happy to use!

I bought this one from Amazon, but there are numerous models advertised and for sale -and they all seem to be the same one!

Bottom Line:  A handy light for improving lighting in dark spaces or for creating a DIY LED Makeup mirror!

Price: £5.50 at Amazon
(This is the one I got, as I use Prime and wanted the next day delivery!)

Rating: ****