Knoll House Hotel – Afternoon Cream Tea – PR {Press Event}

If you’re looking for a quintessentially British experience, look no further than the Knoll House Hotel in Studland, Dorset. This hotel is located on the picturesque cliffs with a stunning view of Old Harry Rocks, and offers a delightful Afternoon Cream Tea.

This is the perfect lunchtime treat for those looking to relax on a day trip out and enjoy some of the delicious local produce that Dorset and the surrounding counties offer.

The clotted cream and butter are sourced from a local farm, and the scones are made fresh each day.

The vast arrays of tea on offer is served with a selection of finger sandwiches, pastries and cakes. At Knoll House Hotel they cater to a wide range of dietary requirements – making it a suitable lunchtime treat for everyone.

Afternoon Tea at the Knoll House Hotel can be served in the beautiful gardens, allowing you to take in the beautiful views along the Jurassic coastline.

There are also plenty of walking routes nearby for those who want to burn off some of the calories afterwards or to have a mid-hike treat!

The tea can be served in the beautiful gardens, allowing you to take in the beautiful views along the Jurassic coastline.

There are also plenty of walking routes nearby for those who want to burn off some of the calories afterwards or to have a mid-hike treat! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day out or a break during an energetic walk, the Knoll House Hotel is the perfect spot for some afternoon tea, as I found it utterly delicious from the first sip of tea, to the last bite of cake.

Travel – Santorini – My 10 Day Exploration of Santorini

I’ve been terribly lucky with the fact that I was able to have such along holiday in a destination on my Bucket List. Ever since I saw those iconic white buildings with their bright, bold blue roofs I knew I had to experience it for myself in person – and so I was able to!


We stayed in the Villa Sagini, which is located in Imerovigli, situated amongst the stunning greenery that covers the valley. It is a 5* Villa with its own housekeeper who visits every morning with fresh pastries for breakfast, along with a villa manager who is contactable via Whatsapp who gave superb recommendations for activities and restaurants to dine out in.

The villa boasted two bedrooms and a guest house situated in a cave to the side of the house. It also had an infinity pool which overlooked then island – it was simply stunning.


The stunning views didn’t stop at the villa. I frequently stopped off in Fira, around a 10 minute drive from the villa – if visiting Santorini, I do recommend renting a car to navigate the island.

Fira offers amazing views of the Caldera and the surrounding islands of Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni and Thirasia, with many restaurants situated on the edge of the cliffs offering a breathtaking panoramic view. It’s also the main city centre, where you can find supermarkets, an abundance of jewellery stores and souvenir shops.


Another place I stumbled upon was the ancient village of Megalochori, which has the traditional Greek architecture that was native to the island. It’s a bit tucked away as you must park up and walk into to explore it due to the narrow roads that don’t allow for vehicles.


There are numerous beaches to explore with each having a unique charm – and different coloured sand. The three hot spots are the Red Beach, White Beach and Kamari beach, the latter having black sand. The Kamari beach is easy to get to with plenty of taverna on the beach front to provide much needed sun in the midday sun. The Red Beach requires a hike along the cliff edge to get to it as it is within a cove with no roads or footpaths to gain entry. The White Beach is purely accessible via boat with no way to get to it otherwise – there are many ferries which will take you there but beware the last boat back is at 7pm!

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I give my top five activities to do whilst visiting the island!



New Theme Approaching! Oh, and I’ve Got Business Cards!

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I’ve started to transition my blog from the old colour scheme to a new “fresher” scheme which will be debuting next week! So keep your eyes open and check back soon! 

For a sneak peak of my new theme, here are my new business cards! What do you guys think?


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TokStick – Skincare Device – Micro-needling Tool

As you guys are aware, I am a huge fan of derma-blading as part of my skincare routine and have now decided to branch into the world of micro-needling. For my first device I decided to try out the TokStick as it boasts 49 micro needles compared to other devices who have fewer needles but in the same surface area – therefore making TokStick the best option for ensuring my serums and ampules are delivered more effectively into the skin.
My first look at the TokStick is that the device is sleek and looks good in the black and gold finish. It comes prepacked in a sterilised pouch, much like hospital supplies, so you don’t need to clean it before your first go – you can use it straight away! To sterilise it after use, it’s so simple; all you do is take it apart, and soak it in rubbing alcohol and then let it dry – and its ready to go for your next turn!
I’ve found this to be very sturdy product, and was worried the needles would bend or be damaged after use – but due to the TokStick’s extremely-high-intensity stainless needles which are plated with pure gold, they are a lot more hard wearing than other micro-needling devices you can buy online.
I was also intrigued due to the delivery system it has for the ampoules. The needles have a V shaped groove inside which help deliver the serums on contact with the skin, rather than other models which require you to apply the serum to your face and then roll the needles over to deliver it to the skin. This makes it so much speedier to use- all I have to do is cleanse my face and fill the TokStick with my chosen serum and then press along my skin for it to be penetrated in to my skin!
One thing I was very afraid of was whether or not it would hurt – I noticed that the needle size of this device was very small compared to others and the creators of TokStick have said that due to the size of the needles, which are thinner than 1/3 of a strand of hair, the damage to the outer layer of skin is lessened, meaning the pain level is also reduced! When I have used it I haven’t felt any pain, only hotness on the areas where I have applied it – its recommended to use a fibre face pack to cool the skin after use. I’ve found it very helpful to keep a moisturising fibre face mask in the fridge during its use, so once I have finished I can calm my skin down with the cold face mask whilst feeling extra pampered!
I have noticed that my pores are considerably smaller and even had a few of my friends check to see my results, as for my first 3 uses I only did one side of my face to see if there was a difference. One of my friends said that the side I applied it on looked plumper and my pores looked reduced on my cheek and nose area!! From these results I have started doing full face applications with the TokStick the day after my derma-blading, to deliver my Farsali Rose Gold Elixir and Lumity Anti-Ageing Facial Oil!

Bottom Line: I have definitely noticed a change in my skins hydration – I was prone to dry flaky skin, whereas now its plumped and hydrated!

Price: £54 at K Mall 24.

Rating: ****

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When in Rhodes!

Hi Guys,

As you may have already seen, I recently went to Rhodes for a week vacation to relax and soak up some sun!


Rhodes is absolutely beautiful, and it is extremely hot even in September, which was a delightful change from the cold, rainy U.K.


I stayed in the Elysium, 5* Spa and Resort on the Kallithea side of the island. It boasts it’s own private beach, with crystal clear water, where I snorkled for fishes with my boyfriend! It had amazing views of the ocean and had spectacular sunsets every day, which we admired whilst eating outside at their restaurant.


We spent most of the days by the poolside or by the sea – sunbathing and relaxing whilst ensuring we didn’t get sunburnt!

As I love archaeology and history, we took a day trip to Rhodes’ Old Town to their Archaeology Museum and the Palace of the Grand Masters – which are spectacular sights to see!


I also sneaked in a trip to the local Sephora where I had a mini Tony Moly haul!


I’m looking forward to my next mini-break in October, where I will be staying in a manor in the Cotswold!


Mini Break in Bath, UK!


As a few of you may have seen on my social media accounts, I was able to take a mini break in the historic city of Bath. I stayed at the No. 15 Great Pulteney hotel in the Henrietta Junior Suite that provided excellent views over Henrietta Park. The hotel was lovely- it’s a newly opened, boutique 5* hotel situated inside the magnificent Bath Spa area of the city. Our Junior Suite boasted a king sized bed and a massive TV with Sky Digital inclusive, which appeased the film lover in me, as well as a built in Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Our floor had a fully stocked larder which was brimming with complementary bottled drinks, ice cream, snacks and chocolate – it was incredible.


We took a walk around Bath which was absolutely stunning. We were incredibly lucky that we managed to go at a time where it wasn’t that cold for the UK in March, which was a lovely surprise. We made sure to visit the Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths, as I am a bit of a history and archaeology nerd…

The Roman Baths were so beautiful, and it was incredibly interesting learning about the history of the springs that filled them with the so called “healing water”.  We got the chance to drink some of it at the end of the museum – surprisingly the water was warm and it was not nice at all…

After spending the day at the Roman Baths we decided to walk around the Bath Spa shopping area – to which in my true fashion I found their Lush shop. After splurging out on a few new bath bombs – Dragon Egg and Golden Egg – I headed back to our hotel to give the bath tub a go.


A Summer in Paris!


As a few of you know, I was able to spend part of my summer living it up in sunny Paris! During my stay I did the typical touristy things like hitting up Disneyland Paris and the Eiffel Tower – but managed to do a few other things during my visit.

I’ve been to Paris a lot in my lifetime, but it was amazing to visit when I’ve got a new appreciation of city life. I enjoyed using the Metro and train services – something that I never have done before! It was fun buying a Mobilis ticket, which allowed me unlimited travel on all services, I took full advantage of this and took the cable car down from the Sacre Coeur!


I was able to hit up so many tourist spots in one day from my travel pass, zipping all over the city and clocking up some cardio in between! Climbing up the Eiffel Tower was some cardio indeed that I felt warranted a chocolatey Cornetto at the top as a reward…


I enjoyed shopping along the Champs-Élysées and spending all of my money on the first day in Sephora buying a haul of new beauty goodies, but “When in Paris!” they say…


Absolute heaven!



Welcome to my new beauty blog. This is where I will be reviewing and giving my opinions of numerous beauty and skin care products – both drugstore and luxury!

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Speak to you soon,