Latest Sunglasses Haul – Summer 2018 – Primark Rose Tinted Glasses!


Looking through rose, and blue, tinted glasses this summer!

I wanted to share with you guys my latest Sunglasses haul I got from my latest shopping trip into town. I got these three sunglasses from Primark, as I genuinely love how inexpensive and stylish they are so I can invest in multiple pairs to add a bit of flair to multiple outfits. Also I tend to break them easily as I forget I’ve got them in my bags so it’s nice to know I can only damage cheap ones rather than Ray Bans…

These three cost me £8 all together, with the top two being £3 and the bottom one being £2. I love how many different designs they have to offer for such cheap prices but always keep an eye on the different categories of sun protection they provide. The bottom pair is Category 1 and the other two are Category 2. If you’re into your eye wear, you should check out the new summer collection Primark Boasts!

Here is a quick refresher, or useful information if you’re unsure, on the different categories!

Suitable for…
Cat 0 lenses are either clear or have a very light tint, they are used for safety glasses or spectacles where you need to see clearly what you are doing.
Cat 1 lenses are for casual use, used as a comfort filter in cosmetic and fashion eyewear.
Cat 2 lenses are the most common category to be found in sunglasses, for general use they provide good protection from visible light and from UV rays.
 General Purpose, watching and taking part in sport
Cat 3 – Provide extra protection from both visible and UV light.  These lenses will usually only allow less than 20% of visible light to penetrate the lens.
Open mountain ranges
Cat 4 – Provide a high level of protection from visible and UV light.  These lenses will allow less than 10% of light to transmit through the lens.  They are to be used for specific situations only – not for a pair of everyday sunglasses.
High altitude trekking and mountaineering.



Vanity Tidy – Sainsbury’s Home – Grey and Diamond Desk Tidy


A large vanity tidy with a deep drawer to hold all of your makeup needs!

I stumbled upon this “Letter Rack” in Sainsbury’s and thought it was a perfect addition to my vanity table as it stores a lot and looks super cute!

This letter rack has two large spaces, which is perfect for palettes of any size and tall foundation bottles as well as a deep drawer for other items such as lipsticks and moisturisers. I think its so cute that it has three clear diamond handles on the drawer which are so chic and on trend.


I’m able to store my three Anastasia Beverley Hills eye shadow palettes in the back in one stack as both of the standing spaces are 6cm in depth making it a biggy! I can also store my entire Glow Kit collection in one stack in the front row, and you know how many of those palettes I have! The drawer is 6.5cm deep, 12cm wide, and 30cm in length – which you can easily add separators in to customise the drawer into how you want it.

The letter rack comes painted in a light neutral grey which adds a bit of calm to the room – or if that’s not your cup of tea, it is easy to undo the three handles and give it a lick of paint to match your colour scheme!

Bottom Line: Absolutely in love with this rack tidy, as I’ve been able to fit all of my palettes in this!

Price: £16 at Sainsbury’sLink takes you to one that has 3 individual drawers instead of one big one, check in your local store!

Rating: *****

New Theme Approaching! Oh, and I’ve Got Business Cards!

Hi Lovelies!

I’ve started to transition my blog from the old colour scheme to a new “fresher” scheme which will be debuting next week! So keep your eyes open and check back soon! 

For a sneak peak of my new theme, here are my new business cards! What do you guys think?


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TokStick – Skincare Device – Micro-needling Tool

As you guys are aware, I am a huge fan of derma-blading as part of my skincare routine and have now decided to branch into the world of micro-needling. For my first device I decided to try out the TokStick as it boasts 49 micro needles compared to other devices who have fewer needles but in the same surface area – therefore making TokStick the best option for ensuring my serums and ampules are delivered more effectively into the skin.
My first look at the TokStick is that the device is sleek and looks good in the black and gold finish. It comes prepacked in a sterilised pouch, much like hospital supplies, so you don’t need to clean it before your first go – you can use it straight away! To sterilise it after use, it’s so simple; all you do is take it apart, and soak it in rubbing alcohol and then let it dry – and its ready to go for your next turn!
I’ve found this to be very sturdy product, and was worried the needles would bend or be damaged after use – but due to the TokStick’s extremely-high-intensity stainless needles which are plated with pure gold, they are a lot more hard wearing than other micro-needling devices you can buy online.
I was also intrigued due to the delivery system it has for the ampoules. The needles have a V shaped groove inside which help deliver the serums on contact with the skin, rather than other models which require you to apply the serum to your face and then roll the needles over to deliver it to the skin. This makes it so much speedier to use- all I have to do is cleanse my face and fill the TokStick with my chosen serum and then press along my skin for it to be penetrated in to my skin!
One thing I was very afraid of was whether or not it would hurt – I noticed that the needle size of this device was very small compared to others and the creators of TokStick have said that due to the size of the needles, which are thinner than 1/3 of a strand of hair, the damage to the outer layer of skin is lessened, meaning the pain level is also reduced! When I have used it I haven’t felt any pain, only hotness on the areas where I have applied it – its recommended to use a fibre face pack to cool the skin after use. I’ve found it very helpful to keep a moisturising fibre face mask in the fridge during its use, so once I have finished I can calm my skin down with the cold face mask whilst feeling extra pampered!
I have noticed that my pores are considerably smaller and even had a few of my friends check to see my results, as for my first 3 uses I only did one side of my face to see if there was a difference. One of my friends said that the side I applied it on looked plumper and my pores looked reduced on my cheek and nose area!! From these results I have started doing full face applications with the TokStick the day after my derma-blading, to deliver my Farsali Rose Gold Elixir and Lumity Anti-Ageing Facial Oil!

Bottom Line: I have definitely noticed a change in my skins hydration – I was prone to dry flaky skin, whereas now its plumped and hydrated!

Price: £54 at K Mall 24.

Rating: ****

Scent & Co – Monthly Premium Perfume and Fragrance Subscription Box- PR


A perfect way to sample, and change your fragrance monthly!

I was very lucky to receive this product from Scent & Co for me to review for my followers  – Please note I received this complimentary to review for you lovely people!

Scent & Co is a rather appealing subscription to me due to the fact I am hoarding a lot of perfumes, namely Marc Jacobs, that I’ve bought in sales and I cannot justify buying new bottles of £70-£100 perfumes when I already have shelves full. But I still want more! So this is where Scent & Co come in to rescue me from this very first world problem…Every month for £14.95 including P&P Scent & Co send you a new perfume in their custom vials to keep you up to date with premium fragrances.

You can pick a new perfume, or the same one, and have a months supply of the perfume or cologne delivered in a sturdy glass vial to fit your bag friendly Scent & Co canister. This essentially allows you to try a new perfume monthly, without having them grow dusty and lonely on your shelves and for a normal bottles worth – you get to try 4 to 6 new perfumes over the upcoming months!


The vials contain 10ml of your chosen, or mystery, scent for you to switch in the canister for easy transport. I decided to have the Viktor & Rolf’s BonBon for my first scent as I love it to pieces but after my last bottle I just don’t want to buy it again for £55, when I can spread the cost over the next three months and save £10, but also have the opportunity to try a different scent! This is such a handy subscription to have as my perfume tastes often change depending on my mood, occasion or just general vibes!

Bottom Line: The answer to de-cluttering your perfume collection whilst staying up to date with luxurious scents!

Price: £14.95 at Scent & Co.

Rating: *****

I now have a Depop Account! PSA – Adopt my lonely palettes!

Hi Guys,

As you guys are aware, I will be moving in with my Bae soon so I am having a clear out of my things – including my vanity table! From reviewing, testing, swatching and blogging I have amassed a huge amount of makeup which I have decided deserve new, better homes where they will be creatively used instead of deserted, sad and lonely in my collection barely touched.

So to get them on their way to being adopted by new makeup enthusiast – I have set up a Depop! 

Image result for depop logo

I have already listed some Urban Decay, Zoeva, NYX, OFRA and SleekMakeup palettes. You can view my account by searching RosemaryHelenXO on the app, or by clicking here!

Follow my Depop account to keep up to date with my listings to ensure you grab a steal! Many items I list are 50% off retail price and I have literally just swatched some of them babies!

P.S. ONLY SIX DAYS LEFT to enter my Morphe x Jaclyn Hill giveaway so check it out on my Instagram or see the post here!


Indigo Lune – Bohemian, Gemstone Jewellery – Silver, Gold-Plated & Metal Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces


Get your gem-stoned jewellery fix!

I stumbled upon Indigo Lune as a sponsored/advert post on my Instagram feed – and instantly fell in love with their designs, especially their collection of opal jewellery.

I’ve recently bought a new jewellery box and thought – hey lets add some of these stunning pieces to my collection! I was able to buy three sterling silver rings with different gem stones, and a collection of five metal rings with faux opals for under £65, as they were giving a 20% discount on their Instagram page!


The three sterling silver rings are on the bottom row, with the gold based metal faux opal set on the top row.

The set is made up of three full sized rings, and two midi rings – they’re the two on the same slot – each with a faux opal stone. The entire set cost me £17 before the 20% off discount, which is so worth it as I can wear them as a set or individually!

The three sterling silver rings cost between £17 and £24, and others on the site are closely priced with a variety of different designed and gem stones to suit all of your jewellery aesthetics. I decided to go for a dainty banded three Cubic Zircona to have for every day wear – this style is called “Raine”. I also bought the “Frostine Pink Opal” ring as the colour of the opal is stunning – this is a faux opal as it’s very hard to find this opal in the natural world. I also bought the Luminosity Opal ring, which sports a lab grown opal – making it cheaper to own this precious stone!

Indigo Lune also offer necklaces and bracelets that are in tune with their bohemian themes. The rings came well packaged with velvet bags to store my new rings in – and fast with free delivery! You can shop their whole collection on their website – 

Bottom Line:  Stunning, bohemian selection of jewellery to suit everyone’s aesthetic.

Price: From £17 to £24 before discount.

Rating: *****


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Hi Lovelies!

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Livia – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain – Period Pain Reducing Machine – Review – PR


Turn your period pain off with this compact machine! 

I was very lucky to receive these products from MyLivia for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this product complimentary! After I left my review for the Pink Parcel Subscription box , a company that offers a monthly bundle of sanitary items with added beauty bonuses, the lovely folks at Livia sent me one of their Livia machines for me to try and review for you guys!

The Livia comes in a sturdy box with all the accessories you need for the machine; the Livia itself, the electrodes, two spare gel pads for the electrodes and a carry case to keep your Livia safe during storage and travel and a mini USB lead for charging the rechargeable battery inside. They recommend you change the gel pads often as they lose stickiness over time, which in turns makes the pulses harder to work.


My first impressions of the item is that it is so small! It can fit in the palm of my hand and you can choose the colour of the Livia to suit your aesthetic – if you change your mind on the colour or design then you can easily get a new colourful skin for it off their website for £10. The machine also has a handy clip so you can attach it to your jeans whilst you wear it during use.

The machine itself looks very subtle – it has only three buttons on the front with the name embossed and no other branding so unless someone asks they’d probably think it was a MP3 player clipped on. The three buttons are how you use it and programme it. The buttons are; an on/off switch, a + switch and a – switch. These are the main controls for the Livia machine. You can control the power of the machine using the + and -, to ensure you’re comfortable or to increase it if your cramps get worse or lessen the power if they’re not that bad – its offer complete control so you can adapt to how you’re feeling.


Livia’s technology is based on the “Gate Control Theory”. Livia is transmitting a pulse that is keeping the nerves “busy”. Busy nerves means that the nerve-gate is closed, therefore pain signals cannot pass through and are unfelt.

I was very worried that it would hurt using it but the pulse feels like a tingle, like when your phone vibrates but its constant, and on the low settings – you cannot feel it at all but the pain is removed! I’ve even used this machine on my shoulder after I pulled a muscle – and it worked a dream! The pulses override your brains pain signals and it suddenly makes the pain disappear!

As someone who used to have to take co-codamol to deal with the period pain due to how excruciating it was, it’s such a relief that I can now drug-free my period. It’s also discreet enough that I have worn it in work and not had anyone notice it under my blouse. It was also handy for travelling – I recently went back to Cardiff via train which is a 4 hour ride and throughout the journey I was comfortable, paracetamol free and able to control the pulses from my waistband of my jeans. No fiddling around in my bag for tablets or getting my water bottle out – just a quick tap on the + to increase the pulses and I was free from pain.

Bottom Line: I know its expensive, but when I pay at least £8 per period on tablets and pain killers and heat pads for when I’m in work, after a while this becomes an investment! I’m hot water bottle free, I’ve got my mobility back instead of laying in bed trying to get into any and all positions to alleviate the pain, and I can use it on other pains such as when I’ve pulled a muscle at the gym – to me, it’s worth it – I’ve gained the few days of the month of my life back.

Price: £149 at MyLivia.
   Currently on sale for £129

Rating: ***** 

Spectrum Collections – The Mouse Bag – I’m A Mouse, Duh!


It’s a totally grool bag!

So, as you’re aready away – Spectrum had a collaboration with Mean Girls to create the most fetch collection of brushes, eyelashes and accessories for us to channel our inner Plastics.

I saw this adorable, vegan faux fur and leather bag, with Karen’s iconic “I’m a mouse, duh!” quote on it, and knew I had to have it in my collection! This bag comes with a brassy rose gold front with the quote in bubblegum pink writing.

To immortalize the quote, it comes with fluffy pink mouse ears to bring the whole “I’m a mouse, duh!” to life. The bag comes with a cute little Burn Book enamel zipper as well as a chain strap woven with the grey faux leather.

Bottom Line:  A totally fetch bag to express your inner Karen!

Price: £24.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: ***** The carry space is a tad small.