Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown


A silky smooth brow pomade that glides on easily with intense pigmentation in every stroke!

Everyone has seen those video tutorials on how to get your brows on fleek and they usually have this one thing in common – this product. So is the hype real? In a sense – yes. Let me explain why!

This is a very creamy, easy to use brow pomade that glides on with every stroke. It blends easily with either an eyebrow brush or spooley to create that “on fleek” eyebrow fade. It doesn’t go patchy like other pomades I have tried, and delivers a consistent colour – and a lot goes a long way! I’ve used this product every day for the past week and I’ve not even made a dent in it.

So why have I questioned whether the hype is real? You see, it takes a lot of time and practice to create your fleeky eyebrows. Be hesitant in buying this if you want it just to get instant on trend eyebrows – you are going to have to practice til you get it perfect unless you have been born with the innate skills! (If you do, I’m so jealous – but yasss slay!)


The packaging is reminiscent of other pomades I have bought – its neatly presented in a clear glass jar with a black, screw on lid which is emblazoned with the Anastasia Beverly Hills iconic logo in a delicious rose gold shade.

Bottom Line: Amazing quality and value for money – as with all Anastasia Beverly Hills products a little goes a long way!

Price: £15 at

Rating: ***** 

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Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Pen – Long-Wearing Eyebrow Tint


It’s a shame the only good thing about this is the packaging…

So after being a huge ABH fan I saw a tutorial on Instagram that used this. It looked amazing! I’ve had this on my ‘Must Buy’ list and took advantage of the amazing deals Beauty Bay were having, and finally got this!

I’m so unbelievably disappointed by this product. The video, posted by ABH themselves, showed it off to be the ultimate felt tip pen style brow tint – delivering bold and highly pigmented strokes to create and style your brows. What did I end up with? A limp pen that left watery and dim lines that hardly defined anything…

I’m so devastated by this – it was £17, hardly cheap – and it leaves so much more to be desired. The one saving grace of this item, aside from the amazing packaging (what do you expect – its Anastasia Beverly Hills after all), is the fact I now use this for a “not so done” natural eyebrow look rather than filling it in as it does deliver a long lasting tint.

Bottom Line: Doesn’t deliver a defined stroke, but good for a more natural, slightly styled eyebrow look.

Price: £17 at

Rating: **