SO SUSAN – Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Mesmer-Eyes


A bold liquid eyeliner with precision applicator!

I’ve tried some of So Susan’s other products, and the way I can tell if a brand is good is by their black eyeliners. If it’d dry, crumbly, hard to apply you know the company just throws out any old rubbish – the eyeliner test is my definitive way to tell if a brand is worth it. That’s why I was so happy to receive the So Susan Mesmer-Eyes in my Pink Parcel Subscription box. 

Firstly I wrote on my hand – how are the lines? Straight. Dark? Very. Easy to use the applicator? Indeed. I was on to a winner. Now that’s all well and good. How does it apply to my eyeline? Unbelievably easy. It’s dark and bold in one stroke. The pigmentation, and liquid properties, allows it to glide and stay flawlessly on top of my eyeshadow without losing the colour, or making it grey out.

One thing to look out for though is if you get it somewhere you don’t want it – it’s hell to remove. When the liquid drys, its kind of vinyl-like, sitting on top of the surface in a matte plastic way. It’s easy to remove with micellar water, or my Dermalogica Cleansing balm, and comes off as a layer all in one.

Bottom Line: A stunning, dark black eyeliner that does the job. Just be careful applying it!

Price: £15.00 at So Susan

Rating: ****


Jelly Pong Pong – Play Paint – Velvety Lip/Cheek Cream


A creamy, long wear tint that lasts a long time!

I haven’t heard much about this brand before, but I discovered them on Instagram and found their packaging adorable, so I decided to give their Play Paint a go!

They’ve packaged this multi-purpose cream as a paint tube, which also makes it easy to dispense and use. This cream is made with Pumpkin Seed Oil to help rejuvenate damaged skin and delicious Rhubarb extract to help further protect skin from moisture loss throughout the day.

This cream delivers long lasting colour without drying out, and blends out beautifully with the warmth of my finger tips to create a subtle blush – something which is often hard to find with cream products . By applying the cream colour with a lip brush I’ve been able to use it as a stunning lip stain which lasted for a good few hours even with drinking and eating.

I’ve also found this handy as a base colour for pink hued eyeshadow styles as the long wearing property of this cream colour is amazing for on the eyelids and prevents colour creasing.

Bottom Line: A stunning, multipurpose colour paint that blends really well!

Price: £9.00 at Jelly Pong Pong

Rating: ****


So Susan – Cheek Rethink – Powder & Cream Blush Duo – Titian


A handy blush duo which is perfect for travelling!

The first thing I noticed about this cute duo was the packaging – it is very cute and colourful, and has a lovely in-depth information regarding the product. It states it is a nutrient packed dual blush made with shea butter to help maintain a fade free flawless blush for up to 10 hours- so lets put this baby to the test!

This product is vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic so it shouldn’t block pores or cause breakouts. I’ve not had any breakouts whilst using this product – which is good as cream products are usually the biggest pore clogging culprits.


The fomula is very creamy and rich on the cream blusher – which is what I’d expect from a shea butter based product. The cream blusher blends easily and seamlessly so you cannot detect where you’ve first applied it! I’ve found its better to apply with my fingertips by dabbing as the heat warms up the formula and helps blend it. It’s a matte finish which is handy for all looks.

The powder blusher has a lot shimmer in it, so you do not need to use a highlighter when using it, I’d actually pass this blusher off as a pale pink highlighter due to the pigmentation. The shimmer isn’t a chunky, glitter based formula which is perfect for cheeks – nothing worse than chunky glitter cheek products!

The two blushers compliment each other perfectly, and this is a really handy travel compact due to the blend-ability of the blushers and the combinations you can create with them!

I am actually impressed by the pigmentation – the powder blush packs a punch from a single swipe and the cream provides a build-able matte blush. The blushers last a long while – I wouldn’t say 10-hours worth, as I did reapply the blush to the apples of my cheeks once after 4 hours.

Bottom Line: A perfect remedy for quick teeth whitening, especially on the go or for special occasions.

Price: £16.50 at So Susan

Rating: ****