Neutrogena – Hydro Boost Cleanser – No Rinse Cleansing Gelee Milk


A no cleanse gelee that melts makeup away – Too good to be true?

I recently started a new position at work, and the hours meant I was getting home in the early morning – with that I was getting lazy at taking my makeup off. After a 11.5 hour shift, I just want to sleep! But, I broke myself out of this “skincare, don’t care” mindset by investing in a no-rinse facial cleanser, ain’t nobody got time for rinsing at 6am. I stumbled upon this one in my local supermarket and was curious about the gelee and hydration is boasted to provide – as well as the ease of use it described.

I enjoyed the ease of use the bottle has, the pump allows the correct amount to be distributed on the cotton pad so I know I’m not wasting product by over pouring. The gelee milk is a very strange consistency – it reminds me of those jelly sweets you get in the straws that you squeeze out. It has a sweet, somewhat fruity scent which is pleasant, although this could be the cause of the sticky feeling the residue leaves.


This gelee milk leaves a sticky, mask like residue – which means for me, it is not completely rinse free as the feel of it this residue me feel uneasy. Although I must add it is nothing a quick wipe over with toner on a pad cant fix! It can easily remove my Rodial Waterproof Mascara in a few wipes along with my heavy duty foundation that has been set with my Slay All Day setting spray – which is a really good feat – considering that some of my rinse off cleansers can’t clear it off completely. 

The hyaluronic acid is also a big plus for me – the added hydration this cleanser supplies has cut my dry skin related breakouts so much! I tend to get dry cracked skin on my chin and nose which causes spots – but my skins been supple and hydrated since I’ve started using this in my skincare routine.

Bottom Line: A silky smooth cleaner which removes even waterproof mascara!

Price: £7.99 at all high-street retailers.

Rating: ****

Nia Skincare – Fully Charged Serum x Moisturiser 2 in 1 – PR


A lazy girl’s skincare regime in one simple step! 

I was very lucky to receive this product from Nia Skincare for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary!

I received this serum as part of a promotion the lovely people at Nia Skincare was throwing. The NIA in Nia Skincare stands for Not-Into-Ageing, and their skincare line promotes that ethos with every product sporting anti-ageing properties.

They market this hybrid serum as a “one and done, lazy girl” product due to ease of use and the multi-functioning properties it has. This serum / moisturiser hybrid simplifies what are usually complicated 3 step routines into one sole product.


My first impressions of this serum is that’s a very light moisturiser, therefore it doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy and clogged up. I did have to reapply in some of my dry-problem areas, but that is common with light moisturisers I find. This fully-charged hybrid left a healthy subtle glow whilst it brightened my skin, especially around my eye area. I certainly found that it hydrated my skin, particularly after cleansing using my new Foreo Luna Play, where after cleansing my skin is gasping for moisture.

Its packed full of hyaluronic-amimo complex which is designed to mimic the skins natural hydration and support the skin barrier function to boost skins health. Remember hyaluronic acid is a friend – it helps aid hydration. It also has various other extracts such as Dragon Fruit, Wild Indigo and Plankton which work together to minimize the signs of aging, increase skins luminosity and reduce dullness, as well as to nourish and protect the skin. This product is also formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and help prevent future signs of aging – see they’re really Not-Into-Aging.

Bottom Line: If you’re not into fully fledged skincare routines, or want to simplify your current one, then this product is for you!

Price: £33.00 at Salon Skincare & ULTA.

Rating: *****