Saturday Lashes – A Pair for Everyday! 100% Handmade and Cruelty Free lashes! – PR


A set of lashes for every day, all in one cute, curated collection!

I stumbled upon Saturday Lashes on Instagram one evening, and instantly fell in love with the brands premise – a collection of lashes for every day of the week. Please note these were gifted to me for use and promotional purposes.

These lashes are handmade and assembled in the USA where they use 100% cruelty free mink hairs – they are currently thinking of expanding with a vegan range for my Vegan followers!


So how did Saturday Lashes come about? Katrina the owner decided that she was done with the status quo and delved right in to create her own natural, pair of eyelashes that wasn’t gaudy, heavy or overbearing for her eyes. She decided to curate a pair for every day of the week to complement our moods.

In the collection you get;

  • Monday Coffee – Doe-eyed Short and Long Lashes “You Woke Up Like This”
  • Tuesday Ease – Strong Clusters Broken Up By Crisscrossing Hairs, “Others Only Wish They Were You.
  • Wednesday Social –  Match lashes with Colourful Shadows, “Followers Beware.”
  • Thursday Blush – Heavy On The End For The Perfect Cat-eye, “Meow.”
  • Friday Night – Blue Lases Blended Into Black Make The Whites Of Eyes Whiter, “Go Boogie On Down.”
  • Saturday Morning – Pair With Dewy Skin and Light Makeup, “Do you hear that? They’re Looking For Their Missing Angel.”
  • Sunday Brunch -Eat Waffles, Drink OJ, and Take It Easy, “P.S.Use These Too!”



The lashes come in different lengths to complement the name and day, allowing for subtle lashes for every day glamour to showstopping lashes to impress in the club. Allowing you to choose the style that best suits what event you’re wearing them for!

The band is very flexible, which allows it to mould easily to your eyelid from the start, but it does make it quite the task to remove them from the plastic tray – although I’d rather have that than have a rigid band stabbing me in the eyelid or pinging off… With the proper care, these lashes can withstand up to 20 uses, making them a very good investment if you’re willing to take care of them compared to ones off the high-street.

Bottom Line: The variety Saturday Lashes have to offer is amazing with a cute set designed for every day!

Price: From $27 a set, at Saturday Lashes.

Rating: *****

Eylure – Luxe Collection False Eyelashes – Trinket


A beautifully, wispy, full length lashes!

As you know I am a huge fan of the Eylure and Fleur De Force collaboration eyelashes, so I decided to try some others from the Eylure range as I wanted to have a bit of variety with my falsies to suit a wide range of my makeup looks.

The first thing I noticed about the Luxe range, is that they’re advertised as their more premium lashes, with faux mink effect, to add a dash of cruelty free glamour! As they’re premium, they come with a higher price tag – but so does everything else so no surprise there. The one thing I noticed about these eyelashes is that the range is a lot more thin and wispy than the others which I found to be thick and cumbersome.

This style I feel is the best for a light glam look where you’re worried your lashes will hide in your eyeliner in photos, as they look false, yet not overly so that you look like you’ve just attached two black caterpillars to your eyes…

I also picked up their Luxe Bumble eyelashes which are a lot more va, va, voom than these – so keep your eyes peeled for my review on them! In the meantime, you can catch all my false eyelashes reviews here!

Bottom Line: These eyelashes are easy to apply, and the adhesive included in the package is so simple to use. Gives a wonderful, premium wispy look!

Price: £9.95 from Boots

Rating: *****

#MOTD: Harley Quinn


This is my makeup I wore for my Halloween shift in work – we were doing a fancy dress competition! Seeings as I’m the store manager of an entertainment and gaming store I decided to go as Dr Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

For my foundation I used the NYX Angel Veil primer to prime my skin ready, and used my NYX Stay Matte Not Flat in Ivory as my base. I used my Bourjois’ Blur The Lines concealer in Ivory under my eyes and as my highlighter. I set my concealer and foundation using my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in Transparent. To add my glow, I used my NYX Strobe of Genius palette to highlight using the purple shimmery shade, 3rd shade clockwise from top left, along my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and temples.


For my eyes I first used my Urban Decay eye shadow primer to ensure the shadows didn’t crease during my shift. I mainly used the pink and blues from my MUA Poptastic palette, which is £4 – available here.

Formy dark pink eye I used my Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick  in Outlaw and blended it out, and layered the bright pink shade from my MUA palette over it and blended that out too. I used all four blues in the MUA palette for my other eye, and blended them together to get the correct bright blue that Harley wears. I used my Kat Von D Inked Liner in Trooper to do a standard winged liner to add definition to my eyes, and used Benefit’s Badgal lash eyeliner on my waterline and lower lash line.


I added my falsies – this time it was my EYLURE X CHERYL – Girls Night Strip lash – review here! I used my Urban Decay Perversion mascara to make my eyelashes blend. For my eyebrows I opted to not draw them in as Harley’s are more natural looking so instead I used L’Oreal’s Brow Artist Plumper in Dark to define and set them without going over top.

I used my Kat Von D Inked eyeliner in Trooper to draw my heart and ‘Rotten’ on to my face – both set with a fine brush and Blackout from my Naked 2 palette.

My lipstick is the ultimate matte lipstick my Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw – my  favourite blood orange/red shade. I set it all using my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – to hold it all in place during my 9.5hr shift!


Found my Puddin!!!

Eylure x Fleur De Force – Fleur Loves 3/4 Length Lash


Cute, low impact falsies to add a touch of volume to your look!

These Eylure collab with Fleur De Force eyelashes are perfect for those wanting natural looking eyelashes with a touch of volume on the outer corners.

As with all Eylure eyelashes – these come with the adhesive included. The thing I love about Eylure’s adhesive is that it comes with an easy to use applicator to allow precise application of the glue!

These eyelashes are very well made, and are reusable! I’ve used one set of mine eight times and they’re still good to go. The adhesive is easy to remove from the eyelashes and the maintenance is low!

These are very easy to apply and remove – I can apply these using my fingers alone or along with a pair of tweezers!

Bottom Line: These eyelashes are easy to apply, and the adhesive included in the package is so simple to use. Gives a wonderful, natural look!

Price: £5.25 from Boots

Rating: *****


Loved these so much, I ended up getting another pack!