GK NATURALS – Whipped Body Butter – Lavender – PR


A whipped treat for your skin and hair with a beautiful scent.

I was gifted this from GK Naturals in return for my honest review on this product – so here it is!

I’m always looking for a good moisturiser as I suffer with dry skin and often get patches where it seems my skins just expelled all of its moisture… I found this to be good quality as a little goes a long way and it only sits on the skin for a few moment before its absorbed – which I like. I hate it when moisturiser just gets gobbled up instantly and I’m left wondering if it will even get the job done or I’m going to have to lather myself up again.


I love using this after my showers as the lavender oil means it has a very comforting and sleepy-esque scent which makes me want to wrap up warm in my duvet and hibernate for the evening! The lavender oil is tastefully added though, so its comforting rather than making me smell like I’m about to enjoy a whole bag of humbug mints…

It delivers a punch of moisture to my skin – but not so much I break out – especially on my back where back acne is an issue. I haven’t used this on my face as I do not enjoy using thick body creams as they do cause my facial skin to go from dry to oily mess, which in turn causes it to break out.

Bottom Line: Sinks in nicely after warm bath or shower. Use it sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Price: £5.95 at GK Natural Creations

Rating: **** (That cosy lavender scent! <3) 

GK Naturals – Bath Salts – Himalayan Rose – PR

Bath Salts

A relaxing mix of pink Himalayan salt and rose petals with essential oils.

I was gifted this from GK Naturals in return for my honest review on this product – so here it is!

As you guys know I am a huge bath lover – I get numerous bath bombs and goodies to have a bath pretty much daily, so I was extremely excited to try this mix of pink Himalayan Rock Salt and luxurious rose petals.

If you’re unfamiliar with why people like bath salts, they’re primarily used for detoxing the body and for re-balancing pH levels. This amazing bath salt collection boasts additional essential oils and rose petals to push this bath from being just detoxifying to pure luxurious!

This bath salt contains Lavender, Orange and Geranium essential oils from only the best  sources. The oils are all natural and contain no animal by-products, and the company is anti animal cruelty and animal testing.

Bottom Line: A detoxifying and relaxing mix of Himalayan Bath Salts with natural essential oils.

Price: £7.50 at GK Natural Creations

Rating: *****

GK Naturals – Natural Skincare and Bathing Products


I was very lucky to receive these products from G K Natural Creations, for me to review for my followers – Please note I received these complimentary!

G K Natural Creations is a company that prides themselves on being a natural, eco-savvy company that wishes to spread around positive vibes with every item they hand-make. Their packaging is recycled and their ingredients shy away from the unpronounceable chemicals that can be found in mass produced items. They create small batches of their products to ensure the quality is high and that the product meets their high standards.

I received the following items, which I will individually review for you to look at and go into more depth regarding the ingredients of the products;

  • Lavender Whipped  Body Butter,
  • Nail and Cuticle Oil,
  • Bath Truffle Sellection,
  • Himalayan Rose Bath Salts,
  • Balancing Face Oil,
  • Massage and Body Oil.

These have been a godsend in this cold, dreary British weather allowing me to indulge in some luxurious, skin and body care.

Keep checking out my blog to get the individual item reviews!