Lifestyle – Simone Thomas Salon, Westbourne – My Hair Cut Experience – PR {Gifted}


A beautiful salon, with friendly and professional colleagues!

I was kindly invited by Tegan, head of the Salon’s press team to experience a pampering hair cut and treatment at the Simone Thomas salon situated in Westbourne, Bournemouth. Please note I received this experience as complimentary in exchange for a review!

IMG_1139As soon as I entered the salon I was greeted with a very friendly “Good Afternoon!” and shown my way to the chicest waiting area ever – it was definitely my aesthetic. I was asked if I would like a beverage, so I chose my go to apple juice. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that’s my “I’m having my hair done.” drink – I’m very predictable. 

I was then approached by my hair stylist, Ashleigh, who is a Senior Stylist and Colourist at the Salon; and we discussed what I wanted today and to discuss the general health of my hair.

IMG_1116First off, wow! – you could tell Ashleigh knew her stuff! Straight off the bat she could guess my hair routine just from my hair condition. She also pointed out where I had severe breakage from my straightener addiction – Why did none of you guys tell me I was missing a huge chunk of my hair at the side?!

Moving on, we discussed how to sort out and even my breakages, and how we can add layers to thin out my hair as it was getting warmer, and what I would like from my Olaplex treatment.

I was lead to the hair basins to get my hair shampooed and treated using my personally recommended Olaplex treatment. Mine was a three step process where the treatment is left on in intervals to help penetrate my hair. Once my hair treatment was finished, I had my hair conditioned and towel dried awaiting my cut. Back in my throne, I was given a top up of my apple juice and a few cookies to nibble on, whilst Ashleigh got to work in giving me a two inch cut off the length and layers to help style my hair. 

IMG_1094My experience happened a few weeks before posting – before the March 23rd lockdown in the UK – and I was very impressed with the preventative steps I was seeing to help reduce the spread. I could clearly see the staff spraying down chairs, side tables and mirrors with disinfectants between clients and routinely. I felt very safe knowing how much the staff here were safeguarding their clients. But this isn’t all that Simone Thomas does for her clients – I was told by Ashleigh about their new well being range as well as the amazing work that happens upstairs in their hair loss clinic.

After my hair was cut, I was treated to a blow dry and we both decided to curl my hair to make the most out of my recent layers and to make my hair colour pop! I felt absolutely amazing afterwards – my hair felt so nourished and smooth from my Olaplex treatment and my cut hit all of my personal expectations!



GUEST SPOT – HolzieLoves – My Anxiety Tips!

The following blog post is a special by a Guest. If you’re interested in being featured – see the “Guest Spot” page for details!

Please give Holly from the lifestyle, health and positivity blog, HolzieLoves, a warm RosemaryHelenXO welcome!



Holly has been blogging for around three years which developed from writing about things she loved – then it has further evolved into talking about being positive, giving advice and sharing her journey of being a chronically ill person and how she get’s through it!

Writing is a huge passion of hers since she was handed pen and paper. Being part of the blogging community really is great and she has made some amazing friends along her journey. She recommends anyone who wants to start blogging to definitely go for it.


You can keep up to date with Holly by following her adventures on Instagram, HolzieLoves!

Enjoy her post below!

As you aren’t a regular reader here, you won’t know my anxiety history. I’ll leave my story of how it started here in-case you want to have a nosey. Let’s just say I’ve had it for going on two decades and I’ve picked up some helpful coping strategies;

❤️ When you feel an anxiety attack coming on, try and get out into the fresh air and sit down if possible. I get hot and lightheaded in an attack so fresh air and somewhere to perch my bum is much needed.

❤️ The main thing is to concentrate on your breathing to try bring it back to normal. So breath in for 4, hold for 7 and let out for 8. I thought oh my goodness I can’t breath in for that long. But it really does work.

♥️ I have always found music to be the perfect distraction when I’m anxious. In particular I like soft music like acoustic or love songs. Songs that have great lyrics you can focus on. I also love listening to a crackling fire on the relaxing sounds app. Alternatively if you want loud music to try drown out the anxious thoughts that helps too in my opinion.

♥️ You’ve all heard of the grounding tip of things you can see etc using all your senses. Well I’ve come up with this one.

In your bag have something that has a scent that makes you happy like your fave perfume or cologne. I do love lavender too so some essential oils are really handy too. Have your happy photos on your phone in a folder easily accessible so you can look at them to bring your emotions back to not being stressed out. Your phone will come for the next two senses which is listen – so it could be the music I mentioned, or some affirmations that you can pre record to remind yourself that everything is going to be ok. Your mouth without a doubt will be dry in an anxiety attack so popping your favourite sweet in will definitely calm you down, tried and tested by me.

Last sense is touch. There are so many stress relievers out there on ebay/ wish / amazon. Having that at hand in your bag will come in so handy if that’s all you can manage to get during your attack.

♥️ Reach out and ask for help or just message/call someone you trust and say help me take my mind off things, distract me, make me laugh. Pretty sure you have one person you can turn to.

I really could go on and on and on but I think I’ll leave it there.

I’m always here for any of you if you feel the need to chat.

Hope this has been of some help.

Til next time,


Fujifilm Camera – Instax Mini 9 – Smokey White – Early Birthday Present! Yay!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 with Protective Case

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – A stunning, self printing camera to capture images in an instant!

As it is my birthday at the end of the month, I really wanted to have an Instax Mini camera and my boyfriend was lovely enough to get me one. I decided to go for the Smokey White version as its a light grey and totally my kinda colour! I chose to get the Instax Mini 9, as it is a more recent model that has a built in selfie mirror, as well as better Hi-Def functions.

I decided to get the camera plus 20 snaps, which included two packs of its film. This Fujifilm camera takes film in 10 photos packs, which are around £10 each to buy off of Amazon, or the value packs are £17-£25 depending on how much film you want to get. The camera itself retails for around £65, which is cheap compared to other modern film cameras. As the camera only holds 10 shots per film pack, its works out to be an average of 70p-£1 per snap – which is quite expensive for a photo that is 2″ x 3″, but it’s great for taking special pictures for mementos rather than taking a constant record of the night.

Instax Mini 9 Camera in Smokey White

The reason why I wanted an Instax camera for my birthday was because I happened to play around with one whilst out on a Hen do. It was being used by a Bridesmaid to capture the events during the night – such as our cocktails from the masterclass, our celebratory meals, as well as everyone’s special moments from the night. It seemed like the perfect way to capture the special night – and I wanted to have one to capture my special moments during my birthday!

To add a cuteness level to my camera, I couldn’t help but by a Bear themed carry case/bag for it! I just loved the little face poking out!

Bottom Line: A fun, novelty camera to capture special moments or artistic instant prints!

Price: £69.99 with 10 shots @
£9.96 for Bear Case @

Rating: *****

Indigo Lune – Bohemian, Gemstone Jewellery – Silver, Gold-Plated & Metal Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces


Get your gem-stoned jewellery fix!

I stumbled upon Indigo Lune as a sponsored/advert post on my Instagram feed – and instantly fell in love with their designs, especially their collection of opal jewellery.

I’ve recently bought a new jewellery box and thought – hey lets add some of these stunning pieces to my collection! I was able to buy three sterling silver rings with different gem stones, and a collection of five metal rings with faux opals for under £65, as they were giving a 20% discount on their Instagram page!


The three sterling silver rings are on the bottom row, with the gold based metal faux opal set on the top row.

The set is made up of three full sized rings, and two midi rings – they’re the two on the same slot – each with a faux opal stone. The entire set cost me £17 before the 20% off discount, which is so worth it as I can wear them as a set or individually!

The three sterling silver rings cost between £17 and £24, and others on the site are closely priced with a variety of different designed and gem stones to suit all of your jewellery aesthetics. I decided to go for a dainty banded three Cubic Zircona to have for every day wear – this style is called “Raine”. I also bought the “Frostine Pink Opal” ring as the colour of the opal is stunning – this is a faux opal as it’s very hard to find this opal in the natural world. I also bought the Luminosity Opal ring, which sports a lab grown opal – making it cheaper to own this precious stone!

Indigo Lune also offer necklaces and bracelets that are in tune with their bohemian themes. The rings came well packaged with velvet bags to store my new rings in – and fast with free delivery! You can shop their whole collection on their website – 

Bottom Line:  Stunning, bohemian selection of jewellery to suit everyone’s aesthetic.

Price: From £17 to £24 before discount.

Rating: *****


SERENITY CANDLES – Medium 30cl Glass Jar – Christmas Spice – PR


Adds a touch of Christmas Magic to your house.

I was very lucky to receive this Christmas Spice candle from Serenity Candles NI for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary!

I was very eager to light this candle on Christmas eve to get me in the festive mood after working non-stop over the holidays. This candle is fragranced with a hint of spice, with the warmness and sweetness of chocolate orange underneath – it reminded me of the Christmas mornings surrounded with cinnamon sticks whilst I ate my body weight in chocolate….


This candle burnt for a very long time, lasting from morning to evening, and then during Christmas day, with approximately 26 hours of life. As the candle is soy based, it burnt cleanly, rather than ashing everything, which is common with standard high-street candles – including Yankee Candles, which have now stained my wall a charcoal grey…

Bottom Line: A luxurious, handmade and poured candle that can give Yankee Candle a run for their money!

Price: £8 at Serenity Candles NI.

Rating: ****

Serenity Candles – Rose Gold Tin – Black Cherry – PR


I was very lucky to receive this Black Cherry candle from Serenity Candles NI for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary!

Serenity Candles is a company that prides themselves on being 100% natural, only using the best ingredients in every item they hand-make. They only use Soy wax, which is environmentally friendly and made from vegetable oil. Their packaging oozes pure luxury with their classy rose gold tins that will look beautiful on everyone’s vanity!

Soy wax candles are becoming the new candles of choice due to their eco-friendly aspect and cleaner burning. Due to the soy wax having a lower burning temperature than traditional candle wax, it produces less soot which enhances the aroma and prevents nasty smoke being let off.

This black cherry scent is beautiful, and is reminiscent of a perfectly baked cherry pie. The container is a stunning rose gold tin, which looks amazing on my vanity. This candle burnt for a long, long while and lasted me approximately 60 hours over various days!

Bottom Line: A luxurious, handmade and poured candle that can give Yankee Candle a run for their money!

Price: £10 at Serenity Candles NI.

Rating: *****

Serenity Candles – Handmade Candles and Wax Melts! – PR


I was very lucky to receive these products from Serenity Candles NI for me to review for my followers – Please note I received these complimentary!

Serenity Candles is a company that prides themselves on being 100% natural, only using the best ingredients in every item they hand-make. They only use Soy wax, which is environmentally friendly and made from vegetable oil. Their packaging is luxurious with rose gold tins and accented glass jars. They create small batches of their products to ensure the quality is high and that the product meets their high standards.

I received the following items, which I will individually review for you to look at and go into more depth regarding the ingredients of the products;

  • Pomegranate Noir Soy Wax Melts.
  • Christmas Spice 9cl Candle.
  • Black Cherry 27cl  Rose Gold Tin Candle.

These scents have helped add a warm feel to my apartment, allowing me to escape from the cold, blistery winter outside.

Keep checking out my blog to get the individual item reviews!

GK NATURALS – Whipped Body Butter – Lavender – PR


A whipped treat for your skin and hair with a beautiful scent.

I was gifted this from GK Naturals in return for my honest review on this product – so here it is!

I’m always looking for a good moisturiser as I suffer with dry skin and often get patches where it seems my skins just expelled all of its moisture… I found this to be good quality as a little goes a long way and it only sits on the skin for a few moment before its absorbed – which I like. I hate it when moisturiser just gets gobbled up instantly and I’m left wondering if it will even get the job done or I’m going to have to lather myself up again.


I love using this after my showers as the lavender oil means it has a very comforting and sleepy-esque scent which makes me want to wrap up warm in my duvet and hibernate for the evening! The lavender oil is tastefully added though, so its comforting rather than making me smell like I’m about to enjoy a whole bag of humbug mints…

It delivers a punch of moisture to my skin – but not so much I break out – especially on my back where back acne is an issue. I haven’t used this on my face as I do not enjoy using thick body creams as they do cause my facial skin to go from dry to oily mess, which in turn causes it to break out.

Bottom Line: Sinks in nicely after warm bath or shower. Use it sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Price: £5.95 at GK Natural Creations

Rating: **** (That cosy lavender scent! <3) 

GK NATURALS – Nail and Cuticle Oil – PR!


A beautiful concoction of essential oils to help hydrate and nourish your nails.

I was gifted this from GK Naturals in return for my honest review on this product – so here it is!

I’m always getting my nails done either with acrylics or shellac and I’m often worried about the harshness of the acetone that is needed to remove both of these processes. This is why it is important to ensure you’re keeping your nails healthy and giving them a helping hand – which is where nail and cuticle oils come in!

I’ve used numerous different oils to nourish my nails from standard kitchen olive oil, as recommended by my nail technician, to my Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. I often found these left my hands feeling very oily – meaning I had an urge to wash them which basically makes the whole oil rubbing redundant! That was before I tried this natural, vegan cuticle oil!

I found this cuticle oil very hydrating and fast absorbing, which meant I could pamper myself and not feel the oiliness afterwards. It contains a natural blend of soothing Apricot, Sweet Almond, Avocado and Wheat germ oils blended with Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils to create an hydrating dose for your nails!

It’s really easy to use and you apply the Nail and Cuticle Oil using the included brush, like you get with nail varnish, onto each cuticle and massage the oil into the nail and cuticle to increase circulation and stimulate growth. The oil is then absorbed by the nail, helping to moisturise and condition!

Bottom Line: A beautiful composition of essential oils to hydrate your nail and increase their quality.

Price: £5.15 at GK Natural Creations

Rating: ****

GK Naturals – Bath Salts – Himalayan Rose – PR

Bath Salts

A relaxing mix of pink Himalayan salt and rose petals with essential oils.

I was gifted this from GK Naturals in return for my honest review on this product – so here it is!

As you guys know I am a huge bath lover – I get numerous bath bombs and goodies to have a bath pretty much daily, so I was extremely excited to try this mix of pink Himalayan Rock Salt and luxurious rose petals.

If you’re unfamiliar with why people like bath salts, they’re primarily used for detoxing the body and for re-balancing pH levels. This amazing bath salt collection boasts additional essential oils and rose petals to push this bath from being just detoxifying to pure luxurious!

This bath salt contains Lavender, Orange and Geranium essential oils from only the best  sources. The oils are all natural and contain no animal by-products, and the company is anti animal cruelty and animal testing.

Bottom Line: A detoxifying and relaxing mix of Himalayan Bath Salts with natural essential oils.

Price: £7.50 at GK Natural Creations

Rating: *****