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SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS – Mean Girls – 10 Piece Fetch Set – Baby Pink, Hot Pink and Purple


And none for Gretchen Weiners, these brushes are all mine!

It’s no secret that I love Spectrum’s vegan makeup brushes – you can easily tell from my vast reviews that fill my blog, and the vast amount of their brushes that fill my vanity!I’ve also reviewed their Mean Girls eyelashes and their Mean Girl Handbags  as I’m completely obsessed with all of the Mean Girls inspired items in this collaboration!

These are the prettiest makeup brushes I feel Spectrum has come out with – the pale pink bristles, the hot pink to purple fade – oh my god I love it! What I love more is the hilarious quotes that adorn each one, which include “You go Glen Coco”, “You’re like really pretty”,  “That’s so fetch”, and “Grool”. Every time I reach for one, I giggle at the quote as I remember the scene from the film!


This is a ten piece set, which contains all you need to create a Plastic worthy, totally fetch makeup look! You get their foundation brush, precise blusher, No.1 Fan, and an angled eyebrow brush to name a few – it’s the complete collection to spice up your vanity and makeup collection. With this set, you also get an adorable hot pink mesh makeup bag, complete with a Burn Book key chain to get you in the mood to look hot! The key chain is detachable so you can use it as a cute addition to your key collection!

Bottom Line:  Extremely soft, beautifully finished brushes which make applying makeup easier with a flawless finish!!

Price: £49.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: *****


Spectrum Collections – The Mouse Bag – I’m A Mouse, Duh!


It’s a totally grool bag!

So, as you’re aready away – Spectrum had a collaboration with Mean Girls to create the most fetch collection of brushes, eyelashes and accessories for us to channel our inner Plastics.

I saw this adorable, vegan faux fur and leather bag, with Karen’s iconic “I’m a mouse, duh!” quote on it, and knew I had to have it in my collection! This bag comes with a brassy rose gold front with the quote in bubblegum pink writing.

To immortalize the quote, it comes with fluffy pink mouse ears to bring the whole “I’m a mouse, duh!” to life. The bag comes with a cute little Burn Book enamel zipper as well as a chain strap woven with the grey faux leather.

Bottom Line:  A totally fetch bag to express your inner Karen!

Price: £24.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: ***** The carry space is a tad small.

SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS – Makeup Brushes – Must-Have Mini’s – Fresh F.A.C.E. – Lilac, Hot Pink and Purple!


A cute, lilac set of travel sized vegan makeup brushes!

I decided to try these out as I love Spectrum Brushes as you know from my previous reviews. As my previous brushes are white and marble themed, I decided to get a pop of colour on my new set! These brushes are hot pink and purple on the bristles with a silver ferrule and lilac handle. With this adorable travel friendly set, you also get a cute, baby pink zip case to store them in!


In this set you get four brushes; one foundation flat brush, one angled blusher brush, one powder brush and an angled, eyebrow brush. These brushes together create the F.A.C.E. team;

  • F – Foundation use the A03 for your base. This firm flat brush gives a great amount of coverage, we recommend starting with a small amount of product and building the layers for a base that will last all day.
  • A – All over get your powder / bronzer on point with the A01, use this super soft large headed brush to apply translucent powder to set your base, or create a glow with bronzer across the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, and apples of the cheeks.
  • C – Contour use the A05 to create a light contour under cheek bones or sweep a pop of colour on the apples. We also love using the angled part of the head to lightly apply highlighter around the temples and lightly over the cheekbones.
  • E – Eyebrows A17 is your brows best friend, use it to apply powder or gel products for groomed brows. The hair is firm with a sharp angle, so creating shape around thinner brows, or filling in gaps is easy work. Also, this little beauty is great for applying liquid or gel eyeliner, the angle helps achieve the perfect flick.


The colour duo on the bristles are to die for, and these are the most beautiful brushes I have ever seen – Spectrum really know how to create stunning brush sets. If you’re not that keen on this colour scheme, I do implore you to check out their other sets – they have mermaid themed brushes, siren themed brushes and beautiful monochrome sets to suit everyone’s makeup aesthetic. Plus they’re all vegan and cruelty free!

Bottom Line:  Extremely soft, gorgeous travel friendly brushes which make applying makeup easier with a flawless finish!!

Price: £24.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: ***** You get a cute lilac carry case as well!

LILY ENGLAND – Makeup Brushes – 5 Piece Eye Makeup Brush Set Marble and Rose Gold – PR


A stunning eye brush set with gorgeous rose gold accent!

I received these brushes complimentary from the amazing folks at Lily England to try out and review for you lovelies!

As you know, I am obsessed with anything rose gold, and even splurged out on the huge Holy Grail Marbleous Brushes from Spectrum Collections, so I was very eager to try these out and see if they’re as good as they look!

In this set you get five brushes they’ve called the ‘Ultimate Eye Set’. The five brushes you get are:

  • E1 – Luxe Crease Brush
    High performance fluffy brush for blending eye shadows in the crease of the eye
  • E2 – Shadow Brush
    Designed for gently blending and layering powder shadows over eyelid
  • E3 – Contour Shader
    Angled shader brush to fit the contours your eyes-perfect for creating dramatic looks
  • E4 – Angled Brow Brush
    Define your brows with powder or liquid makeup. Featuring densely packed slanted bristles for precision application
  • M1 Multi-Tasker
    Flat brush designed to meet multiple needs, use with concealer to camouflage or on eyes with cream shadows

After using their four piece face brush set you can see the quality that Lily  England ensure their products have, and its the same with these brushes. They’re soft, and high quality – with no bristles falling out on a deep clean – which I always use as a sign of brushes quality as you want something that won’t fall apart after deep cleans! Oh, and they’re VEGAN!

The brushes were able to pick up my eye shadows with little ease – which helps make the colour control easier and allows better control over the blending. They were easy to use on my Modern Renaissance and Subculture palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Sadly they didn’t help prevent the dreadful fallout from the Subculture palette….

They’ve preformed as well as my usual Spectrum Brushes, and out-preformed my Eco Tool’s brushes – so if you’re on a budget – these are your ultimate tools! Or if you want a set for travel, these are unbelievable to have in your on the go bag!

Bottom Line:  Sturdy, budget friendly, stylish vegan brushes that can tackle any eye shadow formula with ease and create eyebrows on fleek!

Price: £20.00 at Lily England.

Rating: ****

Lily England – Everything is Better in Rose Gold! – PR

FullSizeRender (4)

I was very lucky to receive these products from Lily England for me to review for my followers – Please note I received these complimentary!

My first impressions of this make up brush set were that the items were incredibly soft, stylish and adorable! They’re surprisingly good quality for their price – this entire set retails at £45, so you get four face brushes, five eye brushes and then a sturdy holder/carry case for storing during travelling or to complete the look on your vanity!

The brushes are soft to touch, with rose gold ferrule to compliment the marbled handle – and best of all they’re cruelty free and vegan! I’m loving how all these brands are now steering away from animal cruelty just for our vanity!

I will be reviewing the individual sets over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open!

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Eye Shadow Palette – Subculture


Anastasia’s grungiest, rock chick themed eye shadow palette.

After the critically acclaimed Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, they’ve decided to create an on trend Grunge-esque palette called Subculture! I instantly fell in love with Modern Renaissance so knew immediately I had to get my hands on Subculture!

The palette is an on-trend look at the alternative colours that are taking the makeup world by storm, boasting an eclectic collection of duo-chromatic shades, shimmer and matte. The shade Cube is a white base with pink reflect which is absolutely stunning on top of All Star! It has a beautiful golden shade called Adorn, and a wonderfully bright yellow shade New Wave.


But, the colours might be beautiful but my God, the blend-ability of these shadows is atrocious! One of my favourite points about the Modern Renaissance is how easily the creamy shadows blend – which Subculture has sadly not replicated. The shadows are very pigmented, so a little goes a long way – but to blend that colour out takes AGES! Honestly, it takes a couple of minutes just to basically blend it out.

The shadows have a high levels of fallout, and just by gently touching the shadows – there is already a massive dent in them – so I have a feeling with daily use, I will be hitting pan quicker than expected! BUT – a little goes a long way, its just a shame the shadows lose all integrity the moment you lightly touch it and start falling everywhere.


Bottom Line: The colours are gorgeous but the formula has made these incredibly hard to work with – which is very disappointing considering the commercial success for Modern Renaissance!

Price: £43 at

Rating: ***



Spectrum Collections – Holy Grail Marbleous – 35PC Set – Rose Gold


My 12pc set just got a major upgrade!

I first bought Spectrum Collection’s brushes last year, and you can find my review of them here, which has opened my eyes to how unbelievably good value these brushes are!

I was so pumped to see a sneak preview of a 35 piece brush set in this gorgeous rose gold and white finish, I just knew I needed these in my life! I was extremely lucky when my boyfriend decided to treat me to them. ❤

These brushes have show how the Spectrum ladies have spent their time honing their vegan brush making skills to create a fabulous set. There are numerous differences between my original 12 piece and these ones – for a start they’re softer, and less chunkier making them easy to use and hold. They’re not as weighty allowing the ultimate precision in use!

The colour fade on the bristles are to die for, and these are the most beautiful brushes I have ever seen. If you’re not that keen on the colour scheme, I do implore you to check out their other sets – they have mermaid themed brushes, siren themed brushes and beautiful colourful sets to suit everyone’s makeup aesthetic. Plus they’re vegan and cruelty free!

This brush set is the ultimate kit of all their application, blending, contouring and duo fibre brushes meaning you’ve now essentially for a brush for every different use!

Bottom Line:  Extremely soft, beautifully finished brushes which make applying makeup easier with a flawless finish!!

Price: £149.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: *****