OMOROVICZA – Facial Mist – Queen of Hungary Mist


A refreshing mist to revive your tired out skin, with a cosy scent!


I got this as part of my Discovery Set along with my other Omorovicza goodies – you can find my first impressions review of the Discovery Kit here.

Firstly, I must point out how lovely the scent is. It is a warm, comforting, slightly citrus scent reminiscent of the other Omorovicza skincare items. The mist on this is insane – its not even a spritz or spray, it is like a puff of moisture that douses my skin in moisture. The spray is so fine to allow your skin to absorb it whilst refusing to get drenched – I have found the spritz on my other sprays, such as my Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray, to be large and clumpy and I’m often drenched after a few light sprays.

You can use this as a moisturising primer before makeup, or a setting spray to add a dewy finish! It’s also perfect for having in your handbag to freshen up your makeup as the day goes on, or to use on makeup-less skin for a quick pick me up! I have this in my bag if I’m travelling as I can retreat to a restroom and spritz up to feel comfortably refreshed.

Bottom Line: A lovely scented refreshing facial spray that can revive your skin after a long day., or add a boost of hydration in your morning skin routine.

Price: £25.00 at Cult Beauty

Rating: ****

Omorovicza – The Discovery Kit – First Impressions


The perfect kit to introduce you to the skincare brand from Budapest!

I was lucky enough to get this kit from my partners parents as a Christmas present this year, as they know I’m into my skincare and make-up! They weren’t too sure if I liked the brand, so decided to get me the Discovery Kit so I can try a bit of everything the brand has to offer.

This kit includes the following;

I’ve tried Omorovicza before and you can find my previous reviews here, and I will be using and reviewing each of the items over the next few weeks so keep your eyes open!


This kit is the perfect, budget friendly way, to try out this brand and see whether it is perfect for your skin! I am amazed by the generous sizes of the products – they’re not deluxe samples, their travel friendly sizes!

Bottom Line: The full size versions of these items range from £25-£85, so the fact you get a large amount of each product for just £59 – it makes it such a good deal!

Price: £59.00 at Cult Beauty

Rating: *****

BONUS: Cult Beauty are giving away a full size version of the Queen of Hungary Mist this month if you spend over £90, and they’re doing free delivery too! Click the image below for the deal!


Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

This is an amazing cleansing balm that helps unclogs the pores but not strip away your skin!

I managed to get this in my Love Me Beauty Box last month, and have fallen in love with it.

It’s a deep cleansing balm that lifts and clears your pores, and a little goes a long way. I tend to use the size of a pea to cleanse my whole face. One of the things I love about it it that its not an exfoliator, so its good for dry skin and it actually moisturises rather than strips.

I have dry/combo skin and it’s always soothed my dry skin without making it worse – which makes it an instant keeper. The only downside for this cleanser is that sometimes it can be a bit gritty due to the mud element and sometimes leaves a slight oily film – but nothing a toner can’t get rid of!

It’s now a staple in my skin care routine!

Bottom Line: A tad bit pricey, but does last a long while and has amazing results – once you get over the occasional gritty bit.

Price: £48 on Cult Beauty

Rating: ****

Love Me Beauty – September 2016 – Sundown Edit


This month’s collection included brands such as Kat Von D, Omorovicza, Exuviance and Aromatherapy Associates.

I made sure to snap up all of Kat Von D’s beauty range and managed to get deluxe samples of her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw, her Studded Kiss in Magick and her Ink Liner in Trooper. All items are deluxe samples, and have a lot to give even though not full sized! These unbelievable goodies were 15 Credits each, which meant I could afford a few more other treats!!

For my other beauty treat I opted for the full Omorovicza collection, and used a few extra credits for £10, as these were 10/15credits each!


As I’m currently in a cleansing balm frenzy, I went for the Thermal Cleansing Balm to give it a try, you can find my full review here. I also got the Deep Cleansing Mask and the Night Cream. These items are usually £48 full sized so these deluxe samples were definitely a great choice for me to try before I make an expensive buy! Full reviews of each item to come.

Other items on the shop for this edit that I opted in on were Aromatherapy Associates toner and cleanser – but I cannot get on with the fragrance – it reminds me a mix of old flowers and hospitals…

If you’re interested in joining Love Me Beauty use the code ROSEM3295520 – for 90 free credits (equivalent to £21 worth of beauty) at Love Me Beauty