Sleek Makeup – i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette – A New Day – ABH Soft Glam Dupe?!?

Firstly, massive THANK YOU! to Sleek Makeup for this huge haul for me to try out and review for my lovely followers!!!


The first item I will be reviewing from this collection is their A New Day palette which is a stunning array of on-trend blushed neutrals, oranges and browns! Please note, I did receive this item complimentary from Sleek Makeup!


This palette boasts 12 neutral shades for you to mix and match to create your own subtle, glamorous looks which are on trend. You get warm brown shades to define and smoke out your looks, and beautiful light shimmer shades to help highlight and create halo looks.


Whilst I was using this palette I wasn’t surprised at the creaminess and the lack of fallout – Sleek Makeup eye shadow are brilliant value and great quality. I’ve always been excited when they release a new i-Divine! These eye shadows are creamy to apply, not dusty, blend well and are very pigmented considering their cost point! They also last a long while without eye shadow primer, so if you’re in a rush to get out the door these will stay put for hours without necessary prep time!

One thing that I did notice is how similar the palette it is to my Anastasia’s Beverly Hill’s Soft Glam palette which my boyfriend bought me. The colours are very similar, apart from the stunning foiled shadows and the brighter orange. The basic shadows are all the same hues, and can be built up to match the vividness of the ABH shadows, but there is a lack of pigmented, foiled shades to complete the Sleek palette.

This palette is perfect for matte, neutral looks but if you want more glamorous, showstopping with glitter on top shadows, then you’ll need to team it up with another palette!

Bottom Line: Lovely pigmented, great colour pay off eye shadows that are worth the price!

Price: £8.99 at

Rating: ****

Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette -Storm


Clockwise L-R: Sand Storm, Snow Storm, Calm Before The Storm, Thunder Storm, Perfect Storm, Firestorm, Blackout, Eye Of The Storm, Electric Storm, Storm Cloud, Gathering Storm, Dust Storm

A beautiful collection of highly pigmented, glittery shades!

This palette is beyond beautiful! Each shade is highly pigmented, and packed with glitter. There are twelve shades in total – nine of which are glittery and three matte. There is a lovely rose gold colour called ‘Perfect Storm’ and it has since become my favourite.

The eye shadows are easily blended, and you do not need a white base to make the colours pop – they’re so pigmented they do it on their own. The shades compliment each other to allow a large range of looks.


Swatches L-R: Sand Storm, Snow Storm, Clam Before The Storm, Thunder Storm, Perfect Storm, Firestorm, Blackout, Eye Of The Storm, Electric Storm, Storm Cloud, Gathering Storm, Dust Storm.

Bottom Line: Truly pigmented, high colour pay off eye shadows! A drugstore must have!

Price: £8.99 at

Rating: ****