My Beauty Must Haves – What’s In My Kit? – 2022


A new year marks the start of a new collection.

As you can see from my blog, my beauty and skincare goals have evolved as the years go on – taking bits from different trends to create my own favourite style.

I decided with us entering a brand new year I would declutter my makeup bag – out with the old  – and probably expired! – in with the new products to rejuvenate my zest for makeup.

Also probably saving my skin from an abundance of breakouts – please remember to adhere to expiry dates and use by on your cosmetics your skin will thank you!

To start, I sat down and thought about what I would like from my make up kit – did I want full coverage? Sheer coverage? Was I looking for subtle or bold colours? Drugstore or Premium? Did I want my routine to be a quick 15minutes or a self indulgent few hours? From here I was able to decide on my new ultimate kit!

First I wanted a new bag for my new items, so I decided to kill two birds and buy some new mini brushes from Spectrum Collections as their ‘The High Flyer’ collection is half price at £25 and includes an adorable light pink and rose gold case. Use that link for an extra 15% off.

I made up my mind and wanted my new kit to offer me sheer coverage with subtle bronzer and blush, but products that I could easily build up coverage in case I needed fuller coverage. This is what I bought to suit my new look;

I’ll be showing off my new makeup over the upcoming weeks on my Instagram as well as on here, so keep your eyes open for the in-depth reviews!

Eylure – Enchanted Limited Collection – Power Flower


Wispy, lightweight eye lashes that create a naturally but full look!

These lashes balance volume with length due to the mix of long and short lashes. As they’re spaced out and not compacted into a black block, these are stunning for use with daily outings and events without making you look over done – subtle but noticeable. They’re wispy and very lightweight which makes them comfortable to wear, and the band flexes easy allowing a better fit to your natural lash line.


As with all Eylure eyelashes – these come with the adhesive included. The thing I love about Eylure’s adhesive is that it comes with an easy to use applicator to allow precise application of the glue due to its flat and tapered end!

These are very easy to apply and remove – I can apply these using my fingers alone or along with a pair of tweezers, or using the Eylure applicator tool.

Bottom Line: These eyelashes are perfect for a daytime event, or for everyday wear as opposed to their more glamorous, fuller luxe collection eye lashes.

Price: £5.95 from False Eyelashes

Rating: ****

Brandbassador – App Based Missions to Earn Commissions – My First Impressions Reviews

UPDATED JAN 2022 – at bottom!

Also how I made £1000 in 3 months on the app!

So, as someone who uses affiliate links to fund and help keep this blog in motion – I am always looking out and trying new “Influencer Apps”. I’ve tried Tribe (aka buy the product and we might pay you if we like your product but chances are will block your account. If you haven’t sensed it yet – AVOID!) and a few other up and coming apps which were slightly more successful – but often tedious in the process.

That was until I stumbled upon Brandbassador – I had an email from one of the Brands featured as they use it as their main platform for affiliates and influencers and they wanted me on board.

Brandbassador is an app for iPhone & Android, also available on PC, where you select your brand and they have “missions”, each mission has a commission. So far I have seen either; a freebie, cash deposit, gift card deposit or a joint giveaway opportunity for your followers. All of which simply require you to apply to the mission, Follow the brand on their social media, or like/comment on their posts. Now this appears to be mutually beneficial – they get better engagement, and you get 10-20 cents just for that one “like”.

But here’s where it becomes more beneficial for you – by commenting and liking you’re putting your own blog/brand out there. I’ve even started dropping my latest post URLs on my comments to get myself some engagement!

The more missions you do, the more cash and gift card balances you collect along with points. The more points you get – the higher your Brandbassador level is. But to upgrade levels you also need sales. How do you get sales I hear you ask? By using your personalised affiliate links or discount codes. So by simply putting a “hey if you’re already going to buy this product, you can get ##% off by just using my code/link and I also get something in return” on your website you can get between 4-15% commission on all sales, increasing as your level does. It’s basically an affiliate marketing app without the obligation to buy a product, with tiered percentages instead of a fixed base rate.

In one day I managed to “earn” $1.31, just from liking the brands content and dumping a few of my links on their Facebook posts;

They also have missions where you regram one of their posts and they will pay you 10p per like – but you can also request a higher amount for each like!

The best thing is the gift card amounts can be spent in any of the companies online stores so you can use your “earned” $$$ to buy the products to then review, blog about or use for Instagram photos – which if you include your discount codes/links means you’ve effectively boosted your commissions without spending your own cash to fund the content – unlike Tribe where they make you buy the product to create the content. Also your cash balance can be exchanged for gift card value which has a higher exchange rate meaning you can earn more in credit than in cash!

I’ll be using this App for a bit longer to see if it really is as good as it’s coming off to be, but if you don’t spend money on the content – its basically a free way to get affiliate marketing on your blogs/content.

If you’re interested in joining, or even seeing what it’s about you can find out here!

P.s. This is not a paid review – I’m just letting my fellow bloggers who need more $$$$ to host their blogs know about this pretty simple, straight forward affiliate marketing app!

UPDATE; 31st July 2018

I’ve used this app for a while now and have had my freebie sent and received, and set up my giveaway on my Instagram account. I’ve noticed that every day you can earn 2-3$ from Hairfinity due to them uploading new missions more frequently – such as comment on this post, like this post – so I’ve been doing those to earn a lot more. I’ve also done a blog post which is currently being approved to earn a £100 Gift Card!

UPDATE; 24th July 2018

So after using this app for the past 2-3 days I’ve now been sent a Freebie, have a company doing a sponsored Giveaway for my followers and now earned $7.35!!! It’s been 3 days! Never had this type of conversion and Brand involvement on an app before!

Update: July 2020

So I’ve been using the app on and off for the past few years but over this current pandemic I logged back in and was able to make over £1000 which I’ve already been able to cash withdraw! I’ve also been able to email the app to ask for a fast track Gold Brandbassador level which they now offer on a account basis as they check how much you’ve used the account – I’ve done over 300 missions!

I was able to make this amount from sales and use of my personal discount codes – seems like if you have a big following or a bit creative in how to promote your discount codes you can earn a lot more!

Update: January 2022

Still using this app and managing to average £50 a month using the sales and discount code promotion features along with their cash reward missions – even though I took a year out of blogging! I now also have exclusive invites for people to become ambassadors for two brands; Lili Margo and Desenio!

Sign up here if you’re still interested!

Sleek Makeup – i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette – A New Day – ABH Soft Glam Dupe?!?

Firstly, massive THANK YOU! to Sleek Makeup for this huge haul for me to try out and review for my lovely followers!!!


The first item I will be reviewing from this collection is their A New Day palette which is a stunning array of on-trend blushed neutrals, oranges and browns! Please note, I did receive this item complimentary from Sleek Makeup!


This palette boasts 12 neutral shades for you to mix and match to create your own subtle, glamorous looks which are on trend. You get warm brown shades to define and smoke out your looks, and beautiful light shimmer shades to help highlight and create halo looks.


Whilst I was using this palette I wasn’t surprised at the creaminess and the lack of fallout – Sleek Makeup eye shadow are brilliant value and great quality. I’ve always been excited when they release a new i-Divine! These eye shadows are creamy to apply, not dusty, blend well and are very pigmented considering their cost point! They also last a long while without eye shadow primer, so if you’re in a rush to get out the door these will stay put for hours without necessary prep time!

One thing that I did notice is how similar the palette it is to my Anastasia’s Beverly Hill’s Soft Glam palette which my boyfriend bought me. The colours are very similar, apart from the stunning foiled shadows and the brighter orange. The basic shadows are all the same hues, and can be built up to match the vividness of the ABH shadows, but there is a lack of pigmented, foiled shades to complete the Sleek palette.

This palette is perfect for matte, neutral looks but if you want more glamorous, showstopping with glitter on top shadows, then you’ll need to team it up with another palette!

Bottom Line: Lovely pigmented, great colour pay off eye shadows that are worth the price!

Price: £8.99 at

Rating: ****


Mile High

This is an amazingly easy to apply, long-lasting, creamy liquid lipstick!

This lipstick, has the ultimate staying power – giving a vivid lip mocha blush colour for at least 6 hours.

This lipstick is one of the easiest I’ve ever had to apply, and with just one dip it provides great coverage –  and it doesn’t smudge your already applied part causing it to go patchy! It lasted three re-coats before it got clumpy and started to flake. It can withstand eating and drinking to with only minimal touch up – I was able to devour a three course meal and it still looked presentable!

Bottom Line: Gerard Cosmetics have just created the holy grail of liquid lipsticks! Thoroughly worth the higher price due to the amazing quality and easibility of applying with the built in wand!

Price: £11 @

Rating: *****

Gerard Cosmetics – Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick – Serenity


This is an amazingly easy to apply, vivid, and beautiful lipstick!

This lipstick, has the ultimate staying power – giving vivid lip colour for at least 6 hours – lasting longer than the NYX Lingerie Lipstick and NYX Liquid Suede Creme Lipstick I have purchased.

This lipstick is one of the easiest I’ve ever had to apply, and with just one dip it provides great coverage –  and it doesn’t smudge your already applied part causing it to go patchy! It lasted three re-coats before it got clumpy and started to flake. It can withstand eating and drinking to with only minimal touch up – I was able to devour a three course meal and it still looked presentable!

Bottom Line: Gerard Cosmetics have just created the holy grail of liquid lipsticks! Thoroughly worth the higher price due to the amazing quality and easibility of applying with the built in wand!

Price: £11 @

Rating: *****

Spectrum Collections Brushes – Marbleous 12PC Set – White and Rose Gold


These Spectrum brushes have a lovely rose gold accent and are incredibly soft!

I managed to snap these beautiful brushes back in the Cyber Friday deal at Spectrum Collections. They come in a 12 piece set which includes; an angled foundation brush, a luxe powder brush, a flat top contour and a luxe tapered sculptor.

The brushes have a white handle with a beautiful rose gold ferrule, with the bristles having a gorgeous white to grey gradient. The bristles are incredibly soft, and feel wonderful to use. They’re very easy to clean using a brush cleanser and a silicon brush cleaning mat. I can clean all of mine in around 5 minutes, which has made my cleaning routine a lot quicker!


These brushes are vegan, and incredible quality. I haven’t found any fallen out bristles yet!

They apply my makeup smoothly and blend my contours perfectly. The eye shadow fluffy brushes pick up the perfect amount of pigment. I can’t believe I used to use a beauty sponge for everything! These brushes have revolutionised my makeup routine!

Bottom Line:  Extremely soft, beautifully finished brushes which make applying makeup easier with a flawless finish!!

Price: £64.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: *****

Sleek MakeUP – Say The Magic Word – Mini Matte Me Collection


The ultimate stocking filler for Matte lip makeup beauty addicts! 

I’m an absolute sucker for Christmas present gift sets – every year is exactly the same. I go out shopping for other people – and somehow come home with goodies for myself from Boots’ 3for2 offer! This was one of my latest items in my “Xmas pressie to myself” haul.

In my defence, I was purposely looking to get this due to the incredible value! I’ve been eyeing up the Sleek Matte Me in ‘Birthday Suit’, as its the ideal dupe for Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Bombshell! But as I was heading to the Sleek MakeUp display I stumbled upon this gift set that has a mini version of Birthday Suit in it, along with three other shades for just a £5!


Top to Bottom: Birthday Suit, Rioja Red, Velvet Slippers and Old Hollywood.

These lipsticks are mini sized, all sporting 3ml of product – which makes them a lot more Clutch friendly for a night out!

They’re highly pigmented which makes them long wearing – even after my eating and drinking test – only had to reapply once during the whole evening.

Bottom Line: Truly pigmented, high colour pay off matte lipsticks! Plus 4 matte lipsticks for £5?! How can you resist!

Price: £5 at
It’s currently part of Boots 3 for 2 green sticker-ed Xmas pressies!

Rating: *****



Clionadh Cosmetics – Slaine Highlighter


My first Clionadh order – Slaine (L) & Llyr (R)

Incredibly pigmented, great glow pay off!

I ordered two of the Deity Series highlighters from Clionadh Cosmetics, after eyeing the bad boys up on Instagram for far too long! I decided to go for Slaine and Llyr from their Deity Series, and both highlighters – along with their entire collection – are Vegan and Cruelty Free!!

My order came extremely quickly – I live in the UK and it turned up a few days after dispatching from Canada. It came incredibly packed in coordinating packaging and with a lot of protective wrap, and a lovely handwritten thank you.


Slaine is a beautiful rose gold highlighter that is a blushed pink base with gold flecks, whereas, Llyr is a gorgeous split pan of a light pink and pale blue.

This highlighter, as with their others, is highly pigmented – offering a brilliant glow even from using just a light dusting of the highlighter. This makes it extremely easy to build up the glow you want to achieve.


Slaine in all it’s glory!

Bottom Line: INCREDIBLE! These are the best highlighters I have used – and I have used a lot!

Price: £10 @ Clionadh Cosmetics on Etsy

Rating: *****

#MOTD – Gig time!


This is my makeup I wore to see Bring Me The Horizon at the Bournemouth International Centre!

For my eyes I did a cut crease, as they’re my favourite at the moment, using my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. For my crease I used Tease and blended out, and layered Busted over the top and blended that out too. I used the shade Blackout to define the outer corners, and to define my crease.

I whited out my eyelids using my NYX Concealer Jar in CJ01 – Porcelain, which helps define the cut of my crease and eyelid. I set the concealer using my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in Transparent. On top of my eyelid I used YDK and Verve– to create a silvery, pale pink shade. I used my Kat Von D Ink liner in Trooper to create a classic wing.


I added my falsie, which were my Eylure x Fleur De Force Fleur Loves 3/4 lashes, full review here – these are my fave for not looking OTT! I used my Urban Decay Perversion mascara to blend my natural lashes to the falsies. For my eyebrows I opted to draw them in, using my Benefit Goof Proof pencil in Dark, and my Ready, Set Brow! in clear.

For my foundation I used the NYX Angel Veil primer to prime my skin ready, and used my NYX Stay Matte Not Flat in Ivory as my base. I used my Bourjois’ Blur The Lines concealer in Ivory under my eyes and as my highlighter. I used Bourjois’Mat Illusion Bronzer in Hale Clair to define and contour my cheekbones and nose. I set my concealer and foundation using my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in Transparent. To add my glow, I used my NYX Strobe of Genius palette to highlight using the light shimmery shade, 4th shade clockwise from top left, along my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and temples.

My lipstick is the amazing Studded Kisses by Kat Von D in Magick – I love this lipstick as it is a beautiful shade with a purple tint and glitter!! As usual, I set it all using my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and it lasted the entire gig!