Dr Botanicals – Tropical Invigorating Cream – PR

FullSizeRender (7)

A lightweight, super moisturiser that will protect ski from pollution!

This cream was gifted to me from the lovely people at Dr Botanicals for my review and opinion!

This cream as a lovely light fragrance and is very light in formula, which has helped my skin absorb it easily without the weighted residue of thicker facial creams. This cream is created with the purpose of brightening, protecting and repairing the skin due to the Elder-flower extract.

The Elder-flower extract helps protect the skin from free radicals that can damage and cause early skin ageing. This cream also contains chamomile flower extracts which can help soothe damaged and irritated skin! The Tiare flower extract helps nourish, deeply moisturise as well as purify the skin. Basically it had three kick-ass, natural extracts in which together create the ultimate fighting team against skin damage! Oh, and its VEGAN!

The cream really nourished my skin and it didn’t cause me to break out, instead it calmed the redness that I have around my nose and chin, which made me feel more confident going make-up free in work. My skin felt cleaner and plumper – might have been from the amount of moisture that was being pumped into it!

The only issue I have is the price tag, but the product does last a while, it just seems pricey for a tube that will last 2 months…

Bottom Line: A lightweight, nourishing moisturiser that helps brighten complexion and protects from damage.

Price: £39.90 at Dr Botanicals.

Rating: *** (Expect a bigger tube for the price…)


LILY ENGLAND – Makeup Brushes – 4 Piece Face Makeup Brush Set Marble and Rose Gold – PR


A beautifully soft brush set that is on trend with the rose gold and marble hype!

I received these brushes complimentary from the amazing folks at Lily England to try out and review for you lovelies!

As you know, I am obsessed with anything rose gold, and even splurged out on the huge Holy Grail Marbleous Brushes from Spectrum Collections, so I was very eager to try these out and see if they’re as good as they look!

In this set you get four brushes they’ve called the ‘Complete Face Set’. The four brushes you get are:

  • F1 – Powder Brush
    Large and fluffy, a great all rounder for powder, bronzer, blusher or loose powder foundations
  • F2 – Complexion Foundation Brush
    Domed brush for buffing and blending liquid, powder or stick foundations for an air-brushed finish
  • C1 – Contour Brush
    Designed to create the perfect contours with powder or cream products
  • C2 – Sculpt & Glow Brush
    Tapered brush head perfect for highlighting, setting powder or use in the hollows of your cheek to contour for facial sculpting

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these brushes – these are on par with my Spectrum brushes! They’re soft, and high quality – with no bristles falling out on a deep clean – which I always use as a sign of brushes quality as you want something that won’t fall apart after deep cleans! Oh, and they’re VEGAN!

These brushes blended out my foundation, concealer and contour with minimum ease, which is hard to find with certain brushes as I use a mix of liquid, cream and powder formulas! Same goes for the blusher brush – it worked with my Zoeva blusher as well as my cream M.A.C. blushers.

They’ve preformed as well as my usual Spectrum Brushes, and out-preformed my Eco Tool’s brushes – so if you’re on a budget – these are your ultimate tools! Or if you want a set for travel, these are unbelievable to have in your on the go bag!

Bottom Line:  Sturdy, budget friendly, stylish vegan brushes that can tackle any makeup formula with ease to create blended contour on point!

Price: £24.95 at Lily England.

Rating: *****

Lily England – Everything is Better in Rose Gold! – PR

FullSizeRender (4)

I was very lucky to receive these products from Lily England for me to review for my followers – Please note I received these complimentary!

My first impressions of this make up brush set were that the items were incredibly soft, stylish and adorable! They’re surprisingly good quality for their price – this entire set retails at £45, so you get four face brushes, five eye brushes and then a sturdy holder/carry case for storing during travelling or to complete the look on your vanity!

The brushes are soft to touch, with rose gold ferrule to compliment the marbled handle – and best of all they’re cruelty free and vegan! I’m loving how all these brands are now steering away from animal cruelty just for our vanity!

I will be reviewing the individual sets over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open!

Jeffree Star – Velour Liquid Lipstick – Androgyny


A luxuriously creamy, long lasting liquid lipstick that packs a punch of colour!

This is my first dabble in the art of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and wow and I hooked. I’ve been a fan of Jeffree Star’s cosmetics since the MySpace days (really showing my age now…) and after seeing the numerous swatches of the shade Androgyny, I decided to take the plunge.

My first impressions of this lipstick is that the packaging is amazingly cute. It’s a lot smaller than I imagined, for some reason I heard that the lipsticks were chunky, that is not the case!

My first impression turned sour when I first applied this lipstick, as I was a bit annoyed at how patchy it was. It’s £16 a pop, it shouldn’t deliver so poorly for a premium product! It couldn’t deliver the same bold colour consistently across my lips and kept leaving parts watery. Turns out in my haste to try it, I didn’t read the packaging – you got to shake it for 5 seconds to mix it again as it settles and separates.

After doing the “shake for 5 seconds“, I tried again – A LOT BETTER! This time it felt like it was properly mixed, and delivered bold colour in every stroke. So remember guys – shake it like a Polaroid picture!

I let this bad boy dry for about five minutes before putting it to the test – I ate my dinner, drank a whole lot of water (without a straw), and it held remarkably well. It did leave my lips in the centre, but the edges stayed neat – no smudging to turn me into the Joker.

One bad thing was that it felt sticky for a while after application, which I’ve noticed with my Nyx Liquid Cream lipsticks. On reapplication it didn’t build up and go flaky – it still went on smoothly and didn’t clump.

Bottom Line: There is a reason why Jeffree Star has such a large cult following – and it’s because of these unbelievable products. Also they’re vegan!

Price: £16 @ BeautyBay.com
They currently have a 3 for 2 on Jeffree Star at the moment!

Rating: ****

Eco Tools – Perfecting Blender Duo Makeup Sponges


Beautiful, eco-friendly makeup sponges that are a dynamic duo.

These sponges come in a two pack, with a larger sponge for achieving light, build-able coverage and a smaller Mini Detail blender for precise coverage.

The large blender is the best I find wet, but you can use this sponge dry, as you can bounce it over your product for an airbrush finish. The smaller one I prefer to use dry as I can use it for my concealer to create a heavy coverage.

These sponges are PETA certified and 100% Vegan, so these are a great quality animal friendly alternative to the other leading brands.

Bottom Line: Extremely affordable, soft sponges which work as well as some higher end beauty blending sponges – at a fraction of the cost! What’s not to love?!

Price: £9.99 @ Boots.com

Rating: ****

Lush – The Kiss Lip Scrub – Valentines 2017


A lovely sweet and salty lip scrub, which tastes as good as it scrubs!

This lip scrub is a vibrant red that leaves a pink tint to your lips. It has a lovely cherry scent but a sherbet-esque sweet and salty taste. It’s quite hard to use as I keep on trying to lick it off my lips- like a devilish doughnut.

It’s perfect for using before a matte/liquid lipstick as it scrubs away all your dead skin and conditions and hydrates your lips all in one -allowing a flawless application of the lipstick. It’s made up of sugar and salt – allowing natural and soft exfoliation. It isn’t harsh, and I even used it on my cut lip and it didn’t hurt or make it worse – it’s very gentle!

This lip scrub is self preserving and vegan! So it is perfect for using for a long while. I’ve been using it twice daily (in the morning and before bed) and I still have loads left!

This one has cute edible little hearts in as it is a Valentines day exclusive! It would make a cute little gift to get lips truly kissable.

Bottom Line:  A sherbet exfoliation extraordinaire!

Price: £5.75 at Lush
(This is a Valentines day special so get it quick!)

Rating: *****



Clionadh Cosmetics – Retina Highlighter


This highlighter is like Unicorn essence! I’m in love with it!

The ladies at Clionadh Cosmetics have done it again with their Raidiants highlighter collection. I decided to snap them all up on Black Friday and I am loving them!

This one is called Retina, it is in a bigger pan (57mm) than their usual highlighters – and I am so glad about that! It is a beautiful mix of yellow, pink, green, blue and purple with multicoloured small shimmer.  As with their other highlighters, this one is vegan and cruelty free!

It creates a light base in the glow that reflects all the colours in the shimmer. You can find a swatch of this on my Instagram. This highlighter reflects beautifully in natural and artificial light. Below is a photo of it in natural sun light.

It makes me feel like a unicorn when I wear it!


Bottom Line: Holy Moly it makes me feel like a unicorn! This is one of the best highlighters I have used – and I have used a lot!

Price: £15 @ Clionadh Cosmetics.

Rating: *****

Spectrum Collections Brushes – Marbleous 12PC Set – White and Rose Gold


These Spectrum brushes have a lovely rose gold accent and are incredibly soft!

I managed to snap these beautiful brushes back in the Cyber Friday deal at Spectrum Collections. They come in a 12 piece set which includes; an angled foundation brush, a luxe powder brush, a flat top contour and a luxe tapered sculptor.

The brushes have a white handle with a beautiful rose gold ferrule, with the bristles having a gorgeous white to grey gradient. The bristles are incredibly soft, and feel wonderful to use. They’re very easy to clean using a brush cleanser and a silicon brush cleaning mat. I can clean all of mine in around 5 minutes, which has made my cleaning routine a lot quicker!


These brushes are vegan, and incredible quality. I haven’t found any fallen out bristles yet!

They apply my makeup smoothly and blend my contours perfectly. The eye shadow fluffy brushes pick up the perfect amount of pigment. I can’t believe I used to use a beauty sponge for everything! These brushes have revolutionised my makeup routine!

Bottom Line:  Extremely soft, beautifully finished brushes which make applying makeup easier with a flawless finish!!

Price: £64.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: *****

Clionadh Cosmetics – Slaine Highlighter


My first Clionadh order – Slaine (L) & Llyr (R)

Incredibly pigmented, great glow pay off!

I ordered two of the Deity Series highlighters from Clionadh Cosmetics, after eyeing the bad boys up on Instagram for far too long! I decided to go for Slaine and Llyr from their Deity Series, and both highlighters – along with their entire collection – are Vegan and Cruelty Free!!

My order came extremely quickly – I live in the UK and it turned up a few days after dispatching from Canada. It came incredibly packed in coordinating packaging and with a lot of protective wrap, and a lovely handwritten thank you.


Slaine is a beautiful rose gold highlighter that is a blushed pink base with gold flecks, whereas, Llyr is a gorgeous split pan of a light pink and pale blue.

This highlighter, as with their others, is highly pigmented – offering a brilliant glow even from using just a light dusting of the highlighter. This makes it extremely easy to build up the glow you want to achieve.


Slaine in all it’s glory!

Bottom Line: INCREDIBLE! These are the best highlighters I have used – and I have used a lot!

Price: £10 @ Clionadh Cosmetics on Etsy

Rating: *****

Byron Bay Skincare – Clear Skin System


This is a great skin clearer that is good for your skin and the environment!

I stumbled upon Byron Bay Skincare on Instagram and decided to give their Clear Skin System a go!

This system consists of a gel cleanser, hydrating lotion and blemish gel to target and treat any skin blemishes. All of these items are vegan and cruelty free – and for every bottle you buy they plant a tree! So its not only kind to your skin – its kind to the environment and animals!

My first impressions of this set was how fast it was delivered and how lovely the packaging is! Secondly, how incredible the scents are – the hydrating lotion consists of locally source Davidson plums so it has a fruity scent, whereas the blemish gel is made from tea tree so you get a lovely waft of it when applying.

The gel cleanser lathers beautifully and you can feel how clean your skin is – without the drying feeling I’ve had from other cleansers. A lot goes a long way with the Hydrating lotion – half a pump is enough to cover my face and neck – I can’t get over the smell, its so lovely and reminds me of jam! The blemish gel is a bit sticky to apply – but dries insanely fast and doesn’t leave a weird texture on my skin after its applied.

You can use the blemish gel under makeup – it didn’t affect how my primer or foundation went on – so I was able to combat my spots whilst wearing makeup.

This system has cleared my skin up considerably and has allowed me to use less makeup to cover my blemishes!

Bottom Line: My new favourite skin care routine!

Price: £51.99 from Byron Bay Skincare.

Rating: *****

I will be writing a full review on all this items individually so make sure you check them out!