Valneo – Make Up Sponge – Beauty Blender Style Sponge – Hot Pink


A soft, cheap alternative to a BeautyBlender!

I saw this sponge on offer on Amazon, and decided to give it a try – for the price I was inquisitive to say the least! My first impressions of this sponge was that it was very soft and pliable even before dampening which is hard to find as some are often rigid.

It was very effective to use to apply cream blusher, liquid highlighter and powdered cosmetics. This sponge was very easy to clean with liquid brush soap.

Unlike others I have used it doesn’t stain easily from the products, the pink does help disguise the shades so it isn’t as obvious as with my orange Real Techniques one. It also didn’t tear during cleaning which I’ve found with my Sephora and Real Techniques sponges when washed.

Due to the softness it was very easy to use to get into difficult areas around the nose and eyes, and doesn’t absorb a lot of the product so my products do last longer. I do like the eye catching pink as it makes it easy to spot on my makeup vanity!

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an alternative to a BeautyBlender, give this a go!

Price: £6.49 on

Rating: ****




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