My Beauty Must Haves – What’s In My Kit? – 2022


A new year marks the start of a new collection.

As you can see from my blog, my beauty and skincare goals have evolved as the years go on – taking bits from different trends to create my own favourite style.

I decided with us entering a brand new year I would declutter my makeup bag – out with the old  – and probably expired! – in with the new products to rejuvenate my zest for makeup.

Also probably saving my skin from an abundance of breakouts – please remember to adhere to expiry dates and use by on your cosmetics your skin will thank you!

To start, I sat down and thought about what I would like from my make up kit – did I want full coverage? Sheer coverage? Was I looking for subtle or bold colours? Drugstore or Premium? Did I want my routine to be a quick 15minutes or a self indulgent few hours? From here I was able to decide on my new ultimate kit!

First I wanted a new bag for my new items, so I decided to kill two birds and buy some new mini brushes from Spectrum Collections as their ‘The High Flyer’ collection is half price at £25 and includes an adorable light pink and rose gold case. Use that link for an extra 15% off.

I made up my mind and wanted my new kit to offer me sheer coverage with subtle bronzer and blush, but products that I could easily build up coverage in case I needed fuller coverage. This is what I bought to suit my new look;

I’ll be showing off my new makeup over the upcoming weeks on my Instagram as well as on here, so keep your eyes open for the in-depth reviews!

Makeup Revolution – Brow Pomade – Blonde


A pigmented, easy to blend brow pomade to get your brows on fleek!

Recently I decided to change colour of my brow pomade to something lighter for the Summer months as my hair has gone lighter and my previous Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow pomade was getting too dark. I found this look-alike pomade from Makeup Revolution when I bought the stunning Abracadabra pressed glitter palette!

When comparing the consistency of the pomade compared to the DipBrow, they’re very similar – they’re both highly pigmented so a lot goes a long way, and their very easy to blend to allow for a flawless brow transition. If you’re looking for a temporary shade, then I do recommend this brow pomade, as it’s a very good dupe of the cult favourite ABH DipBrow. But, if you’re looking to get one for long-term use I’d recommend investing in the DipBrow, as its longevity is astounding.


One thing I’ve noticed is for a blonde shade it is close to a medium brown in ABH terms, but due to the limited 6 shades Makeup Revolution has compared to the 11 shades that ABH boast, make sure you do a colour check in store to get the closest match! Plus side – this one is vegan!

What I do love from this kit is the brush that you get included – it doesn’t look like much but its a handy, on the go, applicator which isn’t half bad considering the actual cost of this pomade! It comes with an angled brush end, and a flat brush end, the latter of which is perfect for cleaning up the brow with concealer!

Bottom Line: Amazing quality, pigmentation, and a brilliant DipBrow dupe at a fraction of the cost!

Price: £6 at Makeup

Rating: ***** 


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown


A silky smooth brow pomade that glides on easily with intense pigmentation in every stroke!

Everyone has seen those video tutorials on how to get your brows on fleek and they usually have this one thing in common – this product. So is the hype real? In a sense – yes. Let me explain why!

This is a very creamy, easy to use brow pomade that glides on with every stroke. It blends easily with either an eyebrow brush or spooley to create that “on fleek” eyebrow fade. It doesn’t go patchy like other pomades I have tried, and delivers a consistent colour – and a lot goes a long way! I’ve used this product every day for the past week and I’ve not even made a dent in it.

So why have I questioned whether the hype is real? You see, it takes a lot of time and practice to create your fleeky eyebrows. Be hesitant in buying this if you want it just to get instant on trend eyebrows – you are going to have to practice til you get it perfect unless you have been born with the innate skills! (If you do, I’m so jealous – but yasss slay!)


The packaging is reminiscent of other pomades I have bought – its neatly presented in a clear glass jar with a black, screw on lid which is emblazoned with the Anastasia Beverly Hills iconic logo in a delicious rose gold shade.

Bottom Line: Amazing quality and value for money – as with all Anastasia Beverly Hills products a little goes a long way!

Price: £15 at

Rating: ***** 

Click here for my other Anastasia Beverly Hills reviews! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Pen – Long-Wearing Eyebrow Tint


It’s a shame the only good thing about this is the packaging…

So after being a huge ABH fan I saw a tutorial on Instagram that used this. It looked amazing! I’ve had this on my ‘Must Buy’ list and took advantage of the amazing deals Beauty Bay were having, and finally got this!

I’m so unbelievably disappointed by this product. The video, posted by ABH themselves, showed it off to be the ultimate felt tip pen style brow tint – delivering bold and highly pigmented strokes to create and style your brows. What did I end up with? A limp pen that left watery and dim lines that hardly defined anything…

I’m so devastated by this – it was £17, hardly cheap – and it leaves so much more to be desired. The one saving grace of this item, aside from the amazing packaging (what do you expect – its Anastasia Beverly Hills after all), is the fact I now use this for a “not so done” natural eyebrow look rather than filling it in as it does deliver a long lasting tint.

Bottom Line: Doesn’t deliver a defined stroke, but good for a more natural, slightly styled eyebrow look.

Price: £17 at

Rating: **

Latest Beauty Bay Haul – Anastasia Beverly Hills & Gerard Cosmetics – Exclusive April Offers and Discounts details!


My latest Beauty Bay haul using their latest April discounts and offers! 

Beauty Bay have some amazing offers this month including such brands as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Starr, and Gerard Cosmetics!

Therefore, I decided to do a mini haul and grab the ABH Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette, the ABH Brow Wow Tint pen and two Gerard Cosmetics liquid matte lipsticks. I will be using these lipsticks over the next few days and posting my reviews on their stay power and quality – so stay tuned!


Here is the complete list of offers and discounts available for Beauty Bay during April 2017;

Offer: Free Dark Horse Skin Frost when you spend £30 on Jeffree Star
Details: Free gift added at checkout
Start Date: LIVE NOW
End Date: 15/4/17
Shop Jeffree Star here!

Offer: Buy any two items and get mini brow gel for free
Details: free gift added when two ABH products added to basket
Start Date: LIVE NOW
End Date: 19/4/17
Shop Anastasia Beverly Hills here!

Offers: Buy any Gerard Cosmetic item and get something half price
Details: Discount applied at checkout
Start Date: LIVE NOW
End Date: 15/4/17
Shop Gerard Cosmetics Here!

Offer: Cashmere Classic Brush Set for £20
Details: Discount already applied
Start Date: LIVE NOW
End Date: 27/4/17
Shop SIGMA here!

Offer: Buy any Parlux hairdryer and get a Head Jog Detangling Brush free
Details: free gift added at checkout
Start Date: LIVE NOW
End Date: 21/5/17
Shop PARLUX Here!

Offer: Buy any 3 Peter Thomas Roth items and get 3 items free (Mini Blushing Buffing Beads, Mini Max Anti Shine Mattifying Gel  and Premier Anti-Ageing Cleansing Gel)
Details: Free gift added at checkout
Start Date: LIVE NOW
End Date: 15/4/17
Shop Peter Thomas Roth here!

Offer: Spend £45 on Alpha H and get a free mini balancing moisturiser
Details: Free gift added at checkout
Start Date: LIVE NOW
End Date: 15/4/17
Shop Alpha H Here!

Offer: Buy any Velour Lashes and get a Two Easy Lash Applicator Free
Details: Free gift added at checkout
Start Date: 3/4/17
End Date: 19/4/17
Shop Velour Lashes Here!



Benefit Ready Set Brow & Goof Proof Brow Pencil


Well, eye brow make up has been revolutionised! 

Let me start by saying how cute the packaging is for both of these items – although all Benefit packaging aims to be pleasing to the eyes!

I was able to snag these two in my Love Me Beauty October box for 15 credits each (1/4 of my monthly allowance! Use my discount code; ROSEM3295520  for 60 free credits worth £21.)

I love how easy to use the eye brow pencil is due to the special design of it, the diamond-like shape means it has a lot more edges to allow you to define all aspects of your brow – and the wide flat surface allows for  filling in with ease! And I really mean ease! I’ve used Smashbox’s Brow Tech To Go and Sleek’s Brow Stylist, but found the thickness of these too hard to create clean lines to define my eyebrows. The multi-faceted pencil makes it so much easier – truly living up to the Goof Proof name!


The Ready, Set, Brow! is the perfect partner for the Goof Proof brow pencil, securing your artistic eyebrow sculpting for up to 24hrs. I used this during a 9.5hr shift and my eyebrows didn’t move at all – but still looked naturally in place and wasn’t hard/crunchy that some gels cause. The only down side is that it has a bit of a chemically smell which can be a bit off putting.


Bottom Line: Easy to use eye pencil which will be perfect for beginners, and a gel to hold your masterpiece in position!

Price: Goof Proof Brow Pencil – £18.50   ,  Ready, Set, Brow! – £18.50 , on Debenhams

Rating: Goof Proof Brow Pencil – *****  ,  Ready, Set, Brow! – ****.


All Goof Proofed up!