Benefit Ready Set Brow & Goof Proof Brow Pencil


Well, eye brow make up has been revolutionised! 

Let me start by saying how cute the packaging is for both of these items – although all Benefit packaging aims to be pleasing to the eyes!

I was able to snag these two in my Love Me Beauty October box for 15 credits each (1/4 of my monthly allowance! Use my discount code; ROSEM3295520  for 60 free credits worth £21.)

I love how easy to use the eye brow pencil is due to the special design of it, the diamond-like shape means it has a lot more edges to allow you to define all aspects of your brow – and the wide flat surface allows for  filling in with ease! And I really mean ease! I’ve used Smashbox’s Brow Tech To Go and Sleek’s Brow Stylist, but found the thickness of these too hard to create clean lines to define my eyebrows. The multi-faceted pencil makes it so much easier – truly living up to the Goof Proof name!


The Ready, Set, Brow! is the perfect partner for the Goof Proof brow pencil, securing your artistic eyebrow sculpting for up to 24hrs. I used this during a 9.5hr shift and my eyebrows didn’t move at all – but still looked naturally in place and wasn’t hard/crunchy that some gels cause. The only down side is that it has a bit of a chemically smell which can be a bit off putting.


Bottom Line: Easy to use eye pencil which will be perfect for beginners, and a gel to hold your masterpiece in position!

Price: Goof Proof Brow Pencil – £18.50   ,  Ready, Set, Brow! – £18.50 , on Debenhams

Rating: Goof Proof Brow Pencil – *****  ,  Ready, Set, Brow! – ****.


All Goof Proofed up!



5 thoughts on “Benefit Ready Set Brow & Goof Proof Brow Pencil

  1. katebutlerx says:

    I love benefit brow products they’re really are amazing! Great post.

    I’ll follow you now can’t wait for more 😀!
    If you could check out my blog and maybe give it a follow that’d be great.

    Katie xoxo


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