E.l.f. Cosmetics – Eyes, Lips, Face – ExTRA Lip Gloss – Brian & Brett


Highly pigmented lip gloss, which offers a matte lip coverage in a gloss!

I was actually blown away by these lip glosses – I have used other E.l.f. cosmetics products and I’m always surprised at the quality considering their budget friendly prices – and it was the same for these lipsticks!

These lip glosses are creamy, easy to apply, non sticky and don’t make you feel tacky whilst wearing them. They have a good formula which makes them easy and accurate to apply – I hate it when gloss is so runny it’s hard to put on and drips off like a Vladamua look.

These lip glosses come in a variety of colours and it’s easy to find one to suit your tone and style!

Bottom Line: They glide on easily, and are non sticky, but due to the high pigmentation they’re not suitable for lip-toppers but are a perfect alternative to lipsticks!

Price: £3.50 at e.l.f. Cosmetics. 

Rating: *****

Puckr Up – Lip Plumping Serum – PR


An instant lip boost, with a tingly feel, that it perfect for a night out.

I was very lucky to receive these products from Puckr Up for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this item complimentary!

This is my first ever, made for purpose lip plumping serum that actually gave me dramatic results in minutes! This is the new Puckr-Up lip plumper which has a collection of ingredients that create your lips to plump (aka swell) in size, which you control.

The applicator has the options of three types of pouts, which administer a different amount of plumper per selection to give the desired effect. The three options are as follows;

  • 2 Clicks = Midi Pout
  • 3 Clicks = Puckr Pout
  • 4 Clicks = Maxi Pout

The serum, is a thin gel consistency, which slides on easily with the applicator for accurate results, and upon application it starts to immediately work. You can tell it is working due to the warm, tingly feeling it gives your lips. On the minimum setting I’d say it would equal eating something mildly spicy, where you get the tingle but no pain. The second is a bit more intense with it feeling hotter but still tolerable.


The third setting, for the Maxi Pout, well that’s very intense. It felt like I ate a very spicy hot dish, but found that exhaling through my mouth instantly cooled the sensation. I also accidentally got a bit on my tongue which was very weird. It was slightly unpleasant on this setting, but not in a “Oh my lord this hurts so much I have to wash it off” way, but more of a “Holy moly that’s a fast tingly reaction!” way. If you can stand eating a hot dish, then you will have no problems with this lip plumper. I have to point out, that it did make the area around my lips a little bit red but this redness went in a couple of minutes. The effects took about 10 minutes to appear and it gave me an instant plump look, and you can see the before, after and after with lipstick of applying it.

You can find all of my other Lip Plumper reviews here!

Bottom Line: A quick, and easy way to get instant lip plumping action at a reasonable price!

Price: £19.99 at Puckr Up

Rating: ****

PMD – Kiss Lip Plumping System – PR


A safer way to lip plumping without the bruising!

I received this product in return for my honest review – so here it is!

I bet you all saw that ‘Kylie Challenge’ that took social media by storm a couple of years ago, which has jump started companies marketing lip plumping devices. The devices often relying on a suction that basically swells the lips with blood. These devices are often dangerous as can cause extensive bruising and burst blood vessels in the delicate lip tissues – owch!

So to combat these owchy side effects, PMD have created this new device which they’ve marketed as a safer alternative way to plump up your lips. It works on the same suction principle of other devices but it pulsates the suction – meaning that its gently suctioning on and off to create a better blood flow – rather than the devices that you leave on for minutes which causes insane swelling and damage in one go. By utilising a pulsating vacuum it isn’t as intense as other devices offering subtler effects which buildup over time. It’s also marketed as an anti-ageing device as it safely boosts collagen to reduce appearance of lip lines and wrinkles while increasing the look of lip volume.


The device has a little cup that you place on the part of your lip to increase the blood flow, and it doesn’t overlap on to the skin surrounding your mouth, you then press the button to start the suction, it pulsates and you count to ten pulses – and thats it! It was actually pleasant – no bruising, offered subtle fullness, I could easily move the device to the areas I wanted to have a fuller look, rather than ending up with everything swelled and bruised and feeling a bit delicate.

The device on it own gave a subtle look, but for a more intense pout they include their own Smart Lip Plumping Serum, which helps increase the results as it contains a substance that tingles and in turn plumps your lips. It didn’t feel too bad just a slight tingle like eating something mildly spicy, and didn’t hurt, unlike those lipglosses from Soap and Glory – I’m looking at you Sexy Motherpucker… 

Bottom Line: A safer way to plump up with long lasting effects that build up over time and less damage!

Price: £125.00 at PMD

Rating: ***