PMD – Kiss Lip Plumping System – PR


A safer way to lip plumping without the bruising!

I received this product in return for my honest review – so here it is!

I bet you all saw that ‘Kylie Challenge’ that took social media by storm a couple of years ago, which has jump started companies marketing lip plumping devices. The devices often relying on a suction that basically swells the lips with blood. These devices are often dangerous as can cause extensive bruising and burst blood vessels in the delicate lip tissues – owch!

So to combat these owchy side effects, PMD have created this new device which they’ve marketed as a safer alternative way to plump up your lips. It works on the same suction principle of other devices but it pulsates the suction – meaning that its gently suctioning on and off to create a better blood flow – rather than the devices that you leave on for minutes which causes insane swelling and damage in one go. By utilising a pulsating vacuum it isn’t as intense as other devices offering subtler effects which buildup over time. It’s also marketed as an anti-ageing device as it safely boosts collagen to reduce appearance of lip lines and wrinkles while increasing the look of lip volume.


The device has a little cup that you place on the part of your lip to increase the blood flow, and it doesn’t overlap on to the skin surrounding your mouth, you then press the button to start the suction, it pulsates and you count to ten pulses – and thats it! It was actually pleasant – no bruising, offered subtle fullness, I could easily move the device to the areas I wanted to have a fuller look, rather than ending up with everything swelled and bruised and feeling a bit delicate.

The device on it own gave a subtle look, but for a more intense pout they include their own Smart Lip Plumping Serum, which helps increase the results as it contains a substance that tingles and in turn plumps your lips. It didn’t feel too bad just a slight tingle like eating something mildly spicy, and didn’t hurt, unlike those lipglosses from Soap and Glory – I’m looking at you Sexy Motherpucker… 

Bottom Line: A safer way to plump up with long lasting effects that build up over time and less damage!

Price: £125.00 at PMD

Rating: ***

2 thoughts on “PMD – Kiss Lip Plumping System – PR

  1. Britney says:

    Sounds interesting. I used one of those suction lip things in the past, but it always left hickey marks on and around my lips, which wasn’t pleasant. This definitely sounds better, although pricey.


    • rosemaryhelenxo says:

      Yeah I know exactly what you mean! I always got bruises around my mouth with the other lip sucker devices, where as with this I can easily direct the suction so it never bruises! The price is 😱 but it’s a device you charge and is an investment!

      Liked by 1 person

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