Anastasia Beverly Hills – Lip Gloss – Moon Jelly

A galactic shimmer with a delicious, silky texture.

I decided to splurge on a few new lip glosses for the summer months where matte lips feel too drying, so I picked this one up when I got my ABH Prism palette.

This gloss is a clear base with a blue/violet shimmer, it’s not that subtle as you can see the colour reflect in low direct light – but it is lovely to add a bit of colour to your makeup looks whether worn alone, or on top of a colour. I like to use this when I have done a nude, soft every day makeup look as it adds a pop of colour which isn’t as over the top as full matte colours have – just a quirky extra!


The formulas of Anastasia lip glosses has to be, hands down, one of my favourite. For a start they all smell like vanilla/cake – yummmmy! The silkiness of their application is as delicious as the scent. These lip glosses are non-sticky, smooth and sleek on the lips. Although they smell delicious – thankfully they don’t have the same taste otherwise I’d be licking my lips constantly. This gloss lasts a long time without re-application, unlike other glosses I’ve used which wear out in an hour.

I generally stick to matte lips – but this lip gloss has been a godsend in this heat in providing my lips some added moisture and protection from dry prune, lips I usually get!

Bottom Line: Add a bit of galactic coolness to your looks this summer with this non-sticky, silky lip gloss!

Price: £17 @
£17.00 @

Rating: *****


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Eye Shadow Palette – Prism


I am in love with this palette – it makes me feel like a part of a Coven!

Can I firstly just point out how amazing the gold on black velvet looks? It’s an edgy twist on their usual softer palette colour schemes, and I am living for it! Every time I pick it up it reminds me of witches coven, giving me total American Horror Story vibes which I simply adore.

This palette boasts a stunning array of colours from matte pale peach, to stunning gold foil, and then a deep black. My favourite colours from this palette are Lucid, a white gold duo chrome that gleams pink in the light, Osiris – a glittering deep violet with red reflect, and Dimension- a silver grey with pink reflect.


I’m constantly in awe of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ ability to create such striking shades with vivid pigmentation. This palette is in the same creamy formula, as their Soft Glam and Modern Renaissance, rather than the widely criticised, chalky palette Subculture.

These shades blend as you’d expect- easily, with a creamy texture and minimal fall out. I love the range of finishes – matte, shimmer and foils – you get in this palette, allowing a multitude of different colour and texture combinations. This really adds to the value as you can mix and match with their previous palettes to create so many looks.


Bottom Line: The vividness of the colours, along with the different textures and classic Modern Renaissance buttery formula makes this one a keeper!

Price: £30.09 (On Sale ATM!) Usually £43 @
£43.00 @

Rating: *****

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Eye Shadow Palette – Soft Glam


Anastasia’s return to the softer side of the palette.

After the critically acclaimed Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, they decided to create an on trend Grunge-esque palette called Subculture which was received to mixed reviews. People complained about fallout, the terrible blendability and left generally bad reviews regarding the formula but raved about the colours. So hearing the negative press, ABH decided to revert back to their Modern Renaissance formula and with that Soft Glam was born!


Taking a selections of pinks, blushes, browns, and oranges, and some favourites from Modern Renaissance such as Tempera, Burnt Orange and Sienna, this is by far one of my favourite palettes which has sadly pushed aside Modern Renaissance. This is my go to palette for formal events and weddings as I enjoy the soft, glittery looks I can create.


After how much I disliked the formula of Subculture, I am so glad they returned to the original formula from Modern Renaissance palette. The shadows are creamy, simple to blend and apply, which makes creating stunning and pigmented eye looks so quick and easy.

Bottom Line: The colours are rich, highly pigmented and silky to the touch! So glad they brought back the old, good formula!

Price: £43.00 @
£43.00 @

Rating: *****

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So, here are all the beauty offers I have found for March 2018 which are as follows…

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  • Iconic London:

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ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Blush Kit Palette – Radiant


Anastasia’s beautiful foursome of stunning blusher shades.

After falling in love with Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Modern Renaissance and their contour palette, I decided to snap this palette up when I bought their Sugar Glow Kit. I’m so glad I did! I was umm-ing and arr-ing about which one to get seeings as they have a large amount of shades of blush to choose from in their triplet sets, but I decided to grab this Blush Kit to get the quad of colours.


This kit boasts an array of pink and coral hues with added shimmer! The best thing about these shades is the fact you can mix them together to create your own peachy summer glow, or your own Barbie Pink blush.


The powdered blush are so easy to blend and apply, you can really customise your shade by layering the different blushes or use them stand-alone. They’re also very pigmented, as with most of the Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics!

Bottom Line: The colours are gorgeous and the powder formula is so easy to use and blend!

Price: £31 at & Cult Beauty.

Rating: *****



LILY ENGLAND – Makeup Brushes – 5 Piece Eye Makeup Brush Set Marble and Rose Gold – PR


A stunning eye brush set with gorgeous rose gold accent!

I received these brushes complimentary from the amazing folks at Lily England to try out and review for you lovelies!

As you know, I am obsessed with anything rose gold, and even splurged out on the huge Holy Grail Marbleous Brushes from Spectrum Collections, so I was very eager to try these out and see if they’re as good as they look!

In this set you get five brushes they’ve called the ‘Ultimate Eye Set’. The five brushes you get are:

  • E1 – Luxe Crease Brush
    High performance fluffy brush for blending eye shadows in the crease of the eye
  • E2 – Shadow Brush
    Designed for gently blending and layering powder shadows over eyelid
  • E3 – Contour Shader
    Angled shader brush to fit the contours your eyes-perfect for creating dramatic looks
  • E4 – Angled Brow Brush
    Define your brows with powder or liquid makeup. Featuring densely packed slanted bristles for precision application
  • M1 Multi-Tasker
    Flat brush designed to meet multiple needs, use with concealer to camouflage or on eyes with cream shadows

After using their four piece face brush set you can see the quality that Lily  England ensure their products have, and its the same with these brushes. They’re soft, and high quality – with no bristles falling out on a deep clean – which I always use as a sign of brushes quality as you want something that won’t fall apart after deep cleans! Oh, and they’re VEGAN!

The brushes were able to pick up my eye shadows with little ease – which helps make the colour control easier and allows better control over the blending. They were easy to use on my Modern Renaissance and Subculture palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Sadly they didn’t help prevent the dreadful fallout from the Subculture palette….

They’ve preformed as well as my usual Spectrum Brushes, and out-preformed my Eco Tool’s brushes – so if you’re on a budget – these are your ultimate tools! Or if you want a set for travel, these are unbelievable to have in your on the go bag!

Bottom Line:  Sturdy, budget friendly, stylish vegan brushes that can tackle any eye shadow formula with ease and create eyebrows on fleek!

Price: £20.00 at Lily England.

Rating: ****

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Eye Shadow Palette – Subculture


Anastasia’s grungiest, rock chick themed eye shadow palette.

After the critically acclaimed Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, they’ve decided to create an on trend Grunge-esque palette called Subculture! I instantly fell in love with Modern Renaissance so knew immediately I had to get my hands on Subculture!

The palette is an on-trend look at the alternative colours that are taking the makeup world by storm, boasting an eclectic collection of duo-chromatic shades, shimmer and matte. The shade Cube is a white base with pink reflect which is absolutely stunning on top of All Star! It has a beautiful golden shade called Adorn, and a wonderfully bright yellow shade New Wave.


But, the colours might be beautiful but my God, the blend-ability of these shadows is atrocious! One of my favourite points about the Modern Renaissance is how easily the creamy shadows blend – which Subculture has sadly not replicated. The shadows are very pigmented, so a little goes a long way – but to blend that colour out takes AGES! Honestly, it takes a couple of minutes just to basically blend it out.

The shadows have a high levels of fallout, and just by gently touching the shadows – there is already a massive dent in them – so I have a feeling with daily use, I will be hitting pan quicker than expected! BUT – a little goes a long way, its just a shame the shadows lose all integrity the moment you lightly touch it and start falling everywhere.


Bottom Line: The colours are gorgeous but the formula has made these incredibly hard to work with – which is very disappointing considering the commercial success for Modern Renaissance!

Price: £43 at

Rating: ***





Sugary sweet glow! This is a gorgeously cute highlighter palette.

As you know, I have an obsession with Anastasia Beverly  Hills glow kits, so as soon as this became available I had to get my hands on it – and I am so glad that I did.

These highlighters are a cute collection of pale pink, white pearl, duo-chrome lilac and honey golden glows. As with the other Anastasia Beverly Hills, these highlighters are highly pigmented, and can achieve build-able glow allowing you to go from subtle glow to “I’m a sugar coated unicorn” whenever you want!


They apply easily wet or dry, and can achieve beautiful finishes either way with unique intensities. I’m honestly in awe of how adorable this palette is!


Bottom Line: If you’re in to pale pink highlights – this is one that you will need!

Price: £41 at

Rating: *****

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My 5K Instagram Followers Anastasia Beverly Hills Giveaway! *Win a Subculture Eye-shadow Palette!!*

Hi Guys!

As some of you may have seen, I hit 5000 followers on Instagram! So, in celebration I hosted a Poll on my Instagram story to choose what brand to theme my giveaway. Did you want Spectrum Collections or Anastasia Beverly Hills?!

You guys chose Anastasia Beverly Hills!


One of the most seen and wanted Anastasia Beverly Hills palette I have noticed on Instagram is the Subculture eyeshadow palette, so I’ve decided to give one away! You will be able to find my review on this palette on my website soon!


This giveaway is open internationally as always, and you can enter by following me on Instagram (if you already haven’t), and the reposting my give away post with the hashtag ‘#RosemaryHelenXO5K‘ ! 🙂

You can gain up to 10 extra entries by completing the following, each one you complete is another entry:

If you already follow me on Facebook/Tumblr/Snapchat – you’ve already got those extra entries – so Reblog and hashtag my Instagram post and that’s 6 entries!

Thank you for your ongoing support and good luck!

Small Print:
  • This competition will end on the 30th November at 12am GMT, and the winner will be picked at random shortly after from all the eligible primary entries (Instagram repost and hashtag) and extra entries.
  • The winner will be notified via Instagram Direct Message, and the account needs to be set as Public.
  • If the entrant is under 16 years old your parent or guardian will need to approve your entry, and approve providing your postal address.
  • Open Internationally – all welcome to enter!
  • This giveaway is no way affiliated with or endorsed by Anastasia  Beverly Hills, Tumblr,  Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or WordPress. I have bought this palette with my own funds!

BEAUTY DEALS – OCTOBER 2017 – BEAUTYBAY.COM – UP TO 30% OFF SITE WIDE – Includes Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dose of Colors and Morphe!

So, Beauty Bay have decided for this weekend to host a Buy More, Save More sale over this weekend, where you can save up to 30%!


All you need to do is shop to get the discount, and the more you buy, the more you save! They’re currently offering the following discounts:

20% Off when you spend £50!
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There are a few exceptions to what brands this discount counts towards which are; Babyliss, Babyliss Pro, Jouer Cosmetics, Living Proof, Tan Luxe. BUT! This means the offer is working on Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dose of Colors, Farasli, Morphe and Ofra!  I have already indulged on £150 worth of Anastasia…. Whoops!

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Offer ends at 9am Monday 30th  October!