Pro Teeth Whitening Co. – Day and Night Set – Keep Your Teeth Sparkling Night and Day – PR

Pro Teeth Whitening Co. Set

Pro Teeth Whitening Co. Day & Night Set – A two in one kit for brightening and moisturising your teeth!

I was lucky enough to be gifted this Pro Teeth Whitening Co. Day & Night set from the use of the new Brandbassador App – you can find my review on the App here! They were also kind enough to sponsor my latest giveaway on my Instagram which was up last week.

I’ve seen activated charcoal kits before, and even tried the SmileLab whitening toothpaste, but have never used a dual kit before. It was a very unique experience, I’ve never thought of moisturising my teeth. My skin obviously, but teeth? Never.

The premise of these toothpastes is pretty self explanatory – you use one in the morning which polishes teeth, whitens their appearance and provides all day protection. The night time one uses to moisturise your teeth and also balance pH which prevents cavities caused by the breaking down of food by bacteria in your mouth. This is why its important to brush your teeth before bed! They say that using a combination of the two is the best way to achieve optimal oral health ensuring all day protection – Day and Night. All of their products are created from natural sources and made entirely in the United Kingdom!

The day one I found bizarre – its black from the activated charcoal, and has a sweet, minty taste. I’ve noticed that my teeth have whitened up a shade over the paste few days, and I hope with continued use they’ll be sparkling white. Using the Night toothpaste I’ve found I don’t have morning breath as much, and my mouth doesn’t taste as weird in the morning – something they’ve put down to the balance of pH which prevents and neutralises the over night bacteria activity! This pack provides a two month supply of toothpaste which I have noticed lasts a while if you use the recommended pea-sized amount.

Bottom Line: A unique product which provides around the clock protection, and over times helps brightens your smile.

Price: Currently £12.99 @ Pro Teeth Whitening Co. 
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Rating: *** Expected more dramatic results.

Bourjois Paris – Little Round Pot Blusher – Rose D’Or – PR


A portable blusher pot that delivers good pigmentation without going overboard!

I must firstly point out that I received this blusher pot for free, as a complimentary item to review for my blog, and to provide a honest review of the item for my readers, courtesy of Bourjois Paris and Influenster.

I’ve been using these blusher pots since I started wearing makeup – and they’ve always been a staple in my makeup bag before I started buying premium. They do their job, and they do it well. With the wide range of colours that Bourjois offer, you’re sure to find a shade to match your tone and look. There’s numerous different finishes, with some containing shimmer and some being matte – so you can mix it up however you want!

Each pot comes with its own mirror and blusher brush – but the brush is prone to shedding but together with the mirror it is handy for on the go application for touch-ups. The one problem I find with these blushers is that over time they become hard to pick up on my blusher brushes, as if the product hardens and refuses to pick up no matter how hard I try.

Bottom Line: A cute, portable sized budget friendly blusher pot which does the job!

Price: £6.49 at Boots and all other Bourjois retailers!

Rating: **** 


SmileLab – Flash Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips- PR


A perfect strip for teeth whitening in a flash!!

I received these teeth strips complimentary from Smile Lab, for me to review for you lovely people! I have now had this for a month and here are my honest thoughts on this product;

I received these whitening strips at the same time as the whitening toothpaste, and was eager to give them a go. I’ve only used a few whitening strips beforehand, but these offered results in a flash – hence the name.

These aren’t a daily treatment, SmileLab do have a daily treatment strip, but these strips are more of an occasion treatment – meaning they’re perfect for nights out or special event where you wish to whiten your teeth quickly whilst getting ready and have them sparkly white.


I was very impressed with the packaging – it was a sleek, sturdy box and inside contained the strips along with a cute pink metal carry case to keep some strips in for on the go application or whilst travelling.

I found the instructions incredible easy to follow. The strips come in two sizes, a longer one for your upper teeth, and a shorter one for your bottom teeth – so you can make sure you’re putting them on the correct way around! You line the strips up and they have an overlapping tab which you push over your teeth towards the back – this helps stick the strips to your teeth as well as whiten the edges and backs. The gel is minty in flavour, and is rather thick. The strips are clear, so you can see when they’re in contact with your teeth to ensure you’re not missing any areas – but don’t worry it’s so easy to press down to create contact if you did miss a bit on application.


Once you’ve had the strips on for 15 minutes, you remove the strips and then brush off the excess gel to reveal your shiny new bright smile – I immediately noticed a difference, a lot more so than with the toothpaste, in just a single application. I used this Christmas morning and New Year Eve to brighten my smile and had compliments from my family and friends who were visiting.

Bottom Line: A perfect remedy for quick teeth whitening, especially on the go or for special occasions.

Price: £32.00 for 10 strips at Boots

Rating: *****

Nia Skincare – Fully Charged Serum x Moisturiser 2 in 1 – PR


A lazy girl’s skincare regime in one simple step! 

I was very lucky to receive this product from Nia Skincare for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary!

I received this serum as part of a promotion the lovely people at Nia Skincare was throwing. The NIA in Nia Skincare stands for Not-Into-Ageing, and their skincare line promotes that ethos with every product sporting anti-ageing properties.

They market this hybrid serum as a “one and done, lazy girl” product due to ease of use and the multi-functioning properties it has. This serum / moisturiser hybrid simplifies what are usually complicated 3 step routines into one sole product.


My first impressions of this serum is that’s a very light moisturiser, therefore it doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy and clogged up. I did have to reapply in some of my dry-problem areas, but that is common with light moisturisers I find. This fully-charged hybrid left a healthy subtle glow whilst it brightened my skin, especially around my eye area. I certainly found that it hydrated my skin, particularly after cleansing using my new Foreo Luna Play, where after cleansing my skin is gasping for moisture.

Its packed full of hyaluronic-amimo complex which is designed to mimic the skins natural hydration and support the skin barrier function to boost skins health. Remember hyaluronic acid is a friend – it helps aid hydration. It also has various other extracts such as Dragon Fruit, Wild Indigo and Plankton which work together to minimize the signs of aging, increase skins luminosity and reduce dullness, as well as to nourish and protect the skin. This product is also formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and help prevent future signs of aging – see they’re really Not-Into-Aging.

Bottom Line: If you’re not into fully fledged skincare routines, or want to simplify your current one, then this product is for you!

Price: £33.00 at Salon Skincare & ULTA.

Rating: *****


SmileLab – Advanced Whitening Toothpaste – PR


A pink toothpaste, that makes every breath fresh and teeth pearly white!

I received this toothpaste complimentary from Smile Lab, for me to review for you lovely people! I have now had this for a month and here are my honest thoughts on this product;

This toothpaste is adorable for a start, its pink! Yes, pink! I’m a sucker for anything pink so I was excited to try it – I know, excited for toothpaste… It tastes very minty which was lovely as its not burn your tongue minty, just enough you’re left feeling fresh and ready for the day. The pink does dye your tongue a very bright shade of pink though!

I didn’t notice the difference in teeth whitening from the get go, but after a week it was noticeable and my friends commented that my smile looked brighter and whiter – this in turn made me feel more confident. I first noticed that it was working when I was taking Instagram photos and saw the contrast between my teeth and my lipsticks.

This toothpaste does not contain any hard, abrasive chemicals that would damage your enamel to get it whiter, this is a SLS free formulae designed to make your teeth sparkle every day. I have used other brands of teeth whitening toothpastes and this is the first one I’ve seen an actual shade change without feeling any sensitivity in my teeth.

I used this everyday for the first two weeks, just to get it to the shade of white that I want and now I use it instead of my usual toothpaste before bed to keep away daily stains from my food and drink. This one tube has lasted me the entire month, and there is enough for another month left, giving it more value for money as I was worried that it would be a hefty £12 purchase every month to use.

Bottom Line: A cute pink toothpaste that will give you noticeably white teeth in as little as two weeks!

Price: £12.00 at Boots

Rating: *****

SERENITY CANDLES – Medium 30cl Glass Jar – Christmas Spice – PR


Adds a touch of Christmas Magic to your house.

I was very lucky to receive this Christmas Spice candle from Serenity Candles NI for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary!

I was very eager to light this candle on Christmas eve to get me in the festive mood after working non-stop over the holidays. This candle is fragranced with a hint of spice, with the warmness and sweetness of chocolate orange underneath – it reminded me of the Christmas mornings surrounded with cinnamon sticks whilst I ate my body weight in chocolate….


This candle burnt for a very long time, lasting from morning to evening, and then during Christmas day, with approximately 26 hours of life. As the candle is soy based, it burnt cleanly, rather than ashing everything, which is common with standard high-street candles – including Yankee Candles, which have now stained my wall a charcoal grey…

Bottom Line: A luxurious, handmade and poured candle that can give Yankee Candle a run for their money!

Price: £8 at Serenity Candles NI.

Rating: ****

Serenity Candles – Rose Gold Tin – Black Cherry – PR


I was very lucky to receive this Black Cherry candle from Serenity Candles NI for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary!

Serenity Candles is a company that prides themselves on being 100% natural, only using the best ingredients in every item they hand-make. They only use Soy wax, which is environmentally friendly and made from vegetable oil. Their packaging oozes pure luxury with their classy rose gold tins that will look beautiful on everyone’s vanity!

Soy wax candles are becoming the new candles of choice due to their eco-friendly aspect and cleaner burning. Due to the soy wax having a lower burning temperature than traditional candle wax, it produces less soot which enhances the aroma and prevents nasty smoke being let off.

This black cherry scent is beautiful, and is reminiscent of a perfectly baked cherry pie. The container is a stunning rose gold tin, which looks amazing on my vanity. This candle burnt for a long, long while and lasted me approximately 60 hours over various days!

Bottom Line: A luxurious, handmade and poured candle that can give Yankee Candle a run for their money!

Price: £10 at Serenity Candles NI.

Rating: *****

GK Naturals – Natural Skincare and Bathing Products


I was very lucky to receive these products from G K Natural Creations, for me to review for my followers – Please note I received these complimentary!

G K Natural Creations is a company that prides themselves on being a natural, eco-savvy company that wishes to spread around positive vibes with every item they hand-make. Their packaging is recycled and their ingredients shy away from the unpronounceable chemicals that can be found in mass produced items. They create small batches of their products to ensure the quality is high and that the product meets their high standards.

I received the following items, which I will individually review for you to look at and go into more depth regarding the ingredients of the products;

  • Lavender Whipped  Body Butter,
  • Nail and Cuticle Oil,
  • Bath Truffle Sellection,
  • Himalayan Rose Bath Salts,
  • Balancing Face Oil,
  • Massage and Body Oil.

These have been a godsend in this cold, dreary British weather allowing me to indulge in some luxurious, skin and body care.

Keep checking out my blog to get the individual item reviews!

Bourjois Paris – Rouge Velvet The Lipstick – Entire Collection Swatches and Review – PR


A long-lasting, creamy, matte lipstick with a variety of beautiful shades. 

I must firstly point out that I received these lipsticks for free, as complimentary items to review for my blog, and to provide a honest review of the item for my readers, courtesy of Bourjois Paris and Influenster.

I received the entire collection to swatch the lipsticks, and each shade has beautiful pay off and they’re all equally pigmented, with a shade to match every look!


Each lipstick has a unique shaped tip for the easiest application I have ever had from a solid lipstick – I often find they’re too sharply shaped which is why I tend to go for liquid lipsticks, as the wands make it simpler to get a neat application in one swipe!

These lipsticks were surprisingly long lasting without a primer, and they stayed on my lips till the third course of my dinners whilst I was out before I had to re-apply. I did find it stayed on all night if I dusted on top and underneath with some translucent setting powder to prime and lock the lipstick in place.


The only issue I had is that it’s rather creamy so it smudges easily during and after application, with a big portion of my lipstick ending up on my wine glass… Due to the creamy texture, I found that these we’re not drying on my lips at all!

Bottom Line: Overall – if you’re not a fan of liquid lipsticks, but still want a matte, creamy lipstick – then this is perfect for you. If you’re like me and prefer to have the smudge proof, perfect pout that liquid lipsticks deliver, then probably give these a miss unless you want a less, drying matte lipstick!

Price: £8.99 at Boots and all other Bourjois retailers!

Rating: ****