Bourjois Paris – Rouge Velvet The Lipstick – Entire Collection Swatches and Review – PR


A long-lasting, creamy, matte lipstick with a variety of beautiful shades. 

I must firstly point out that I received these lipsticks for free, as complimentary items to review for my blog, and to provide a honest review of the item for my readers, courtesy of Bourjois Paris and Influenster.

I received the entire collection to swatch the lipsticks, and each shade has beautiful pay off and they’re all equally pigmented, with a shade to match every look!


Each lipstick has a unique shaped tip for the easiest application I have ever had from a solid lipstick – I often find they’re too sharply shaped which is why I tend to go for liquid lipsticks, as the wands make it simpler to get a neat application in one swipe!

These lipsticks were surprisingly long lasting without a primer, and they stayed on my lips till the third course of my dinners whilst I was out before I had to re-apply. I did find it stayed on all night if I dusted on top and underneath with some translucent setting powder to prime and lock the lipstick in place.


The only issue I had is that it’s rather creamy so it smudges easily during and after application, with a big portion of my lipstick ending up on my wine glass… Due to the creamy texture, I found that these we’re not drying on my lips at all!

Bottom Line: Overall – if you’re not a fan of liquid lipsticks, but still want a matte, creamy lipstick – then this is perfect for you. If you’re like me and prefer to have the smudge proof, perfect pout that liquid lipsticks deliver, then probably give these a miss unless you want a less, drying matte lipstick!

Price: £8.99 at Boots and all other Bourjois retailers!

Rating: ****


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