Byron Bay Skincare – Blemish Gel


Blemish gel that really packs a gentle, vegan spot fighting punch!

This blemish gel is a part of Byron Bay Skincare’s Clear Skin System, and its been a godsend these days in battling my cystic acne that I get on my chin and along my jawline.

The gel is formulated from tea tree oil and willow bark extract to naturally and gently, reduce inflammation and clear pores. The gel is also vegan and cruelty free! This gel is sticky to apply – but dries to leave a non-sticky tea tree punch to spots and other blemishes.

I use this under my foundation on my spot prone areas, or current breakouts, and it hasn’t changed how my foundation applies or how it looks. It also acts as a barrier so that if I have any open spots – they don’t get clogged with my makeup!

I’ve found by using one pump, about the size of a small pea, each morning and night along my chin and jawline my spots have healed, and disappeared – reducing their re-occurrence as well! I’ve also noticed my hard cyst spots have softened and started to heal – which is a relief as they often cause me a lot of pain.

Bottom Line: A brilliant blemish gel that harnesses natural ingredients to gently combat spots!

Price: £18.99 from Byron Bay Skincare.

Rating: *****


Now if only I could get rid of my acne scars!


Byron Bay Skincare – Clear Skin System


This is a great skin clearer that is good for your skin and the environment!

I stumbled upon Byron Bay Skincare on Instagram and decided to give their Clear Skin System a go!

This system consists of a gel cleanser, hydrating lotion and blemish gel to target and treat any skin blemishes. All of these items are vegan and cruelty free – and for every bottle you buy they plant a tree! So its not only kind to your skin – its kind to the environment and animals!

My first impressions of this set was how fast it was delivered and how lovely the packaging is! Secondly, how incredible the scents are – the hydrating lotion consists of locally source Davidson plums so it has a fruity scent, whereas the blemish gel is made from tea tree so you get a lovely waft of it when applying.

The gel cleanser lathers beautifully and you can feel how clean your skin is – without the drying feeling I’ve had from other cleansers. A lot goes a long way with the Hydrating lotion – half a pump is enough to cover my face and neck – I can’t get over the smell, its so lovely and reminds me of jam! The blemish gel is a bit sticky to apply – but dries insanely fast and doesn’t leave a weird texture on my skin after its applied.

You can use the blemish gel under makeup – it didn’t affect how my primer or foundation went on – so I was able to combat my spots whilst wearing makeup.

This system has cleared my skin up considerably and has allowed me to use less makeup to cover my blemishes!

Bottom Line: My new favourite skin care routine!

Price: £51.99 from Byron Bay Skincare.

Rating: *****

I will be writing a full review on all this items individually so make sure you check them out!