Bourjois Paris – Little Round Pot Blusher – Rose D’Or – PR


A portable blusher pot that delivers good pigmentation without going overboard!

I must firstly point out that I received this blusher pot for free, as a complimentary item to review for my blog, and to provide a honest review of the item for my readers, courtesy of Bourjois Paris and Influenster.

I’ve been using these blusher pots since I started wearing makeup – and they’ve always been a staple in my makeup bag before I started buying premium. They do their job, and they do it well. With the wide range of colours that Bourjois offer, you’re sure to find a shade to match your tone and look. There’s numerous different finishes, with some containing shimmer and some being matte – so you can mix it up however you want!

Each pot comes with its own mirror and blusher brush – but the brush is prone to shedding but together with the mirror it is handy for on the go application for touch-ups. The one problem I find with these blushers is that over time they become hard to pick up on my blusher brushes, as if the product hardens and refuses to pick up no matter how hard I try.

Bottom Line: A cute, portable sized budget friendly blusher pot which does the job!

Price: £6.49 at Boots and all other Bourjois retailers!

Rating: **** 


Bourjois Paris – Rouge Velvet The Lipstick – Entire Collection Swatches and Review – PR


A long-lasting, creamy, matte lipstick with a variety of beautiful shades. 

I must firstly point out that I received these lipsticks for free, as complimentary items to review for my blog, and to provide a honest review of the item for my readers, courtesy of Bourjois Paris and Influenster.

I received the entire collection to swatch the lipsticks, and each shade has beautiful pay off and they’re all equally pigmented, with a shade to match every look!


Each lipstick has a unique shaped tip for the easiest application I have ever had from a solid lipstick – I often find they’re too sharply shaped which is why I tend to go for liquid lipsticks, as the wands make it simpler to get a neat application in one swipe!

These lipsticks were surprisingly long lasting without a primer, and they stayed on my lips till the third course of my dinners whilst I was out before I had to re-apply. I did find it stayed on all night if I dusted on top and underneath with some translucent setting powder to prime and lock the lipstick in place.


The only issue I had is that it’s rather creamy so it smudges easily during and after application, with a big portion of my lipstick ending up on my wine glass… Due to the creamy texture, I found that these we’re not drying on my lips at all!

Bottom Line: Overall – if you’re not a fan of liquid lipsticks, but still want a matte, creamy lipstick – then this is perfect for you. If you’re like me and prefer to have the smudge proof, perfect pout that liquid lipsticks deliver, then probably give these a miss unless you want a less, drying matte lipstick!

Price: £8.99 at Boots and all other Bourjois retailers!

Rating: ****