Herbivore Botanicals – Coco Rose – Luxe Hydration Trio Collection


A wonderful introduction to the Herbivore brand!

If you haven’t stumbled upon the much coveted Vegan brand Herbivore, then this might be the set that introduces you to their world. Herbivore is a Vegan, natural company which combines the focus on the modern clean beauty movement with result-driven products, in insanely aesthetically packaging.

This is their Coconut + Rose Luxe Hydration Trio set, where you get three stars of their collection in this curated set. This set includes their Rose Hibiscus hydration spray, their Coco Rose lip conditioner and their Coco Rose body polish, in a smaller travel friendly size as a perfect discovery package.


Their Rose Hibiscus coconut water face mist is lovely to refresh bare skin or to set makeup with a touch more hydration. The Coco Rose smells delicious, but is a harder, solid type balm which takes a while to warm up so applies in chunks rather than a normal lip balm, which is a bit disappointing.

The body polish is one of the drier of exfoliating polishes, which means it does requires a bit of water to lubricate the exfoliating as it does get a bit raw if used on bone dry skin. Due to this, it does make a wonderful exfoliator to use in the bath as opposed to the shower.

Bottom Line: Wonderfully natural, vegan products that give results every time!

Price: £36 at Space NK 

Rating: ****


Dr. G – Aquasis Water Vital Sleeping Mask – Hydrating Mask – Korean Skincare – PR


A hydration overnight mask to improve the moisture levels of your skin!

I was very lucky to receive this product from Skinsider for me to review for my followers  – Please note I received this complimentary! I was sent this to introduce me to the website, and company that is www.Skinsider.co.uk . Skinsider is a one stop shop for Korean Skincare, and as you know – I love Korean Skincare! What I love the most about this site is the fact that they categorise the products by skin concern and skin type – so you can find your ideal product.

This is my first dabble with the brand that is Dr G, which is apparently a big thing in Asian skincare routines. This is an overnight mask treatment that delivers a lot of hydration while you sleep – I’m often putting this on during the day if I’ve got a few hours spare or even to relax during my late night blogging sessions.


This moisture mask also helps protect and strengthen the skins natural barrier due to the Bio-Hyaluronate solution which pulls and keeps moisture inside the skin. It also contains  Resurrection Plant, which grows in the desert with minimum water, provides and activates moisture energy for healthy skin and a clear complexion.

This moisture mask is filled with skin caring, and hydrating ingredients to help improve skins appearance and repair any blemishes! It’s texture is reminiscent of the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Gel Moisturiser when you first apply it, and then as it dries you hardly tell you’re wearing a mask. To remove it, all you need to do is wash it away with warm water. This moisturising mask is perfect for those who are prone to acne as it will not clog pores!!

Bottom Line: Holy moly, get it on my face now! It’s like bathing in aloe vera without the clogged skin and breakouts.

Price: £30.00 at Skinsider

Rating: *****

GK NATURALS – Whipped Body Butter – Lavender – PR


A whipped treat for your skin and hair with a beautiful scent.

I was gifted this from GK Naturals in return for my honest review on this product – so here it is!

I’m always looking for a good moisturiser as I suffer with dry skin and often get patches where it seems my skins just expelled all of its moisture… I found this to be good quality as a little goes a long way and it only sits on the skin for a few moment before its absorbed – which I like. I hate it when moisturiser just gets gobbled up instantly and I’m left wondering if it will even get the job done or I’m going to have to lather myself up again.


I love using this after my showers as the lavender oil means it has a very comforting and sleepy-esque scent which makes me want to wrap up warm in my duvet and hibernate for the evening! The lavender oil is tastefully added though, so its comforting rather than making me smell like I’m about to enjoy a whole bag of humbug mints…

It delivers a punch of moisture to my skin – but not so much I break out – especially on my back where back acne is an issue. I haven’t used this on my face as I do not enjoy using thick body creams as they do cause my facial skin to go from dry to oily mess, which in turn causes it to break out.

Bottom Line: Sinks in nicely after warm bath or shower. Use it sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Price: £5.95 at GK Natural Creations

Rating: **** (That cosy lavender scent! <3) 

TonyMoly – Panda’s Dream Moisture Gel Cream


A beautifully cute moisturiser which is perfect for very dry skin!

I am in awe of anything to do with skincare from Korea, purely because of the quality and the style of their products! They focus on providing the best skincare, so I can never pass up the chance to try and review Korean skincare and beauty items!

I managed to pick up a huge TonyMoly haul when I was in Rhodes and visited the Sephora store near Old Rhodes Town.

I was very excited to try this product out as I occasionally have issues with dry skin, and this certainly delivers moisture! The best thing about this is the gel consistency – you can really feel it sitting on your skin and soaking in delivering the moisture to all of the layers, as opposed to other creams that sink in quickly leaving your skin thirsty for more!


A little goes a long way with this moisturiser, and it spreads easily with the warmth of your skin to allow you to evenly distribute it. Although it is a gel, it is surprisingly lightweight and I use it under my primer to add a bit of extra moisture, especially coming up to the cold winter months!

Even as a gel, it does not clog my pores or cause me to have breakouts, it’s incredibly refreshing and soothing to apply.

Bottom Line: A deeply penetrating moisturiser that nourishes skin, without being heavy and causing breakouts.

Price: £22 at Beauty Bay

Rating: *****