TonyMoly – Panda’s Dream Moisture Gel Cream


A beautifully cute moisturiser which is perfect for very dry skin!

I am in awe of anything to do with skincare from Korea, purely because of the quality and the style of their products! They focus on providing the best skincare, so I can never pass up the chance to try and review Korean skincare and beauty items!

I managed to pick up a huge TonyMoly haul when I was in Rhodes and visited the Sephora store near Old Rhodes Town.

I was very excited to try this product out as I occasionally have issues with dry skin, and this certainly delivers moisture! The best thing about this is the gel consistency – you can really feel it sitting on your skin and soaking in delivering the moisture to all of the layers, as opposed to other creams that sink in quickly leaving your skin thirsty for more!


A little goes a long way with this moisturiser, and it spreads easily with the warmth of your skin to allow you to evenly distribute it. Although it is a gel, it is surprisingly lightweight and I use it under my primer to add a bit of extra moisture, especially coming up to the cold winter months!

Even as a gel, it does not clog my pores or cause me to have breakouts, it’s incredibly refreshing and soothing to apply.

Bottom Line: A deeply penetrating moisturiser that nourishes skin, without being heavy and causing breakouts.

Price: £22 at Beauty Bay

Rating: *****

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