ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Blush Kit Palette – Radiant


Anastasia’s beautiful foursome of stunning blusher shades.

After falling in love with Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Modern Renaissance and their contour palette, I decided to snap this palette up when I bought their Sugar Glow Kit. I’m so glad I did! I was umm-ing and arr-ing about which one to get seeings as they have a large amount of shades of blush to choose from in their triplet sets, but I decided to grab this Blush Kit to get the quad of colours.


This kit boasts an array of pink and coral hues with added shimmer! The best thing about these shades is the fact you can mix them together to create your own peachy summer glow, or your own Barbie Pink blush.


The powdered blush are so easy to blend and apply, you can really customise your shade by layering the different blushes or use them stand-alone. They’re also very pigmented, as with most of the Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics!

Bottom Line: The colours are gorgeous and the powder formula is so easy to use and blend!

Price: £31 at & Cult Beauty.

Rating: *****



Anastasia Beverly Hills – Glow Kit – Nicole Guerriero


The ultimate summer glow kit is here! And it’s Limited Edition! 

Wow! This is by far my favourite highlighting palette at the moment. The colours and glow are perfect for hot summery days at the beach!


This kit boasts an array of golden browns and cute pink sand shades, as well as a piercing white with blue reflect! The best thing about these shades is the fact you can mix them together to create your own peachy summer highlight, or your golden goddess glow! Forever Young and Kitty Kat are my favourites to mix at the moment!


Bottom Line: Amazing quality and value – a little highlight goes a long way!

Price: £44 at

Rating: *****

Clionadh Cosmetics – Retina Highlighter


This highlighter is like Unicorn essence! I’m in love with it!

The ladies at Clionadh Cosmetics have done it again with their Raidiants highlighter collection. I decided to snap them all up on Black Friday and I am loving them!

This one is called Retina, it is in a bigger pan (57mm) than their usual highlighters – and I am so glad about that! It is a beautiful mix of yellow, pink, green, blue and purple with multicoloured small shimmer.  As with their other highlighters, this one is vegan and cruelty free!

It creates a light base in the glow that reflects all the colours in the shimmer. You can find a swatch of this on my Instagram. This highlighter reflects beautifully in natural and artificial light. Below is a photo of it in natural sun light.

It makes me feel like a unicorn when I wear it!


Bottom Line: Holy Moly it makes me feel like a unicorn! This is one of the best highlighters I have used – and I have used a lot!

Price: £15 @ Clionadh Cosmetics.

Rating: *****

theBalm – The Manizer Sisters – Luminizing Collection Palette


A beautiful highlight and contouring palette for luscious glow and deep bronzing.

Wow! This palette is insane! That Mary-Lou highlight, the pretty pink blush of Cindy-Lou and the deep bronzer of Betty-Lou – what’s not to love?!

Mary-Lou Manizer is a beautiful gold shimmering highlighter which is perfect for accentuating your eyebrow and cheek bones. Cindy-Lou Manizer is the perfect blusher with a lovely, soft pink shade and slight hint of shimmer to create a beautiful natural glow! Betty-Lou Manizer bronzer is a lovely, not too dark, shade that gives a subtle contour which is perfect for daily contouring goals!

This palette is travel friendly, and the ultimate trio for daily, natural looks!

Bottom Line:  The cutest, trio of contour/highlighting/blush shades in one travel size palette!

Price: £24.00 at Debenhams 

Rating: *****


Clionadh Cosmetics – Slaine Highlighter


My first Clionadh order – Slaine (L) & Llyr (R)

Incredibly pigmented, great glow pay off!

I ordered two of the Deity Series highlighters from Clionadh Cosmetics, after eyeing the bad boys up on Instagram for far too long! I decided to go for Slaine and Llyr from their Deity Series, and both highlighters – along with their entire collection – are Vegan and Cruelty Free!!

My order came extremely quickly – I live in the UK and it turned up a few days after dispatching from Canada. It came incredibly packed in coordinating packaging and with a lot of protective wrap, and a lovely handwritten thank you.


Slaine is a beautiful rose gold highlighter that is a blushed pink base with gold flecks, whereas, Llyr is a gorgeous split pan of a light pink and pale blue.

This highlighter, as with their others, is highly pigmented – offering a brilliant glow even from using just a light dusting of the highlighter. This makes it extremely easy to build up the glow you want to achieve.


Slaine in all it’s glory!

Bottom Line: INCREDIBLE! These are the best highlighters I have used – and I have used a lot!

Price: £10 @ Clionadh Cosmetics on Etsy

Rating: *****

Sleek Highlighting Palette – Solstice


Clockwise from Top; Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Equinox and Subsolar.

There is a reason you can find this highlighter palette all over Instagram! 

I was first intrigued by this highlighter when I saw it on my Instagram feed daily, and though – I must give it a go! Everyone who knows me already knows I never miss highlighting when it comes to my makeup, and this palette truly is a highlighting force to be reckoned with.

There are four shades, each with its own finish – there are two baked powders (Hemisphere and Equinox), one cream highlighter (Ecliptic) and one silky powder (Subsolar).


Swatches!! L to R : Subsolar, Equinox, Hemisphere, Ecliptic.

The palette comes with it’s own brush applicator – which is handy for on the go application, but can apply the highlighters a bit too thickly for me. When applied using my fan brush these highlighters were more to my liking.

These highlighters are very glittery, so really do glow in light and may be a put off for others! My favourite shades from this palette have to be Ecliptic and Hemisphere. I really love Ecliptic’s cream texture as its easy to blend!

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and very sleek, with an inbuilt mirror and a rose gold finish:


Bottom Line: Truly pigmented, high colour pay off highlighters! A drugstore must have.

Price: £9.99 at
It’s currently part of a gift set so for an extra penny you get a Matte Me lipstick – find it here!!

Rating: *****