Sleek Highlighting Palette – Solstice


Clockwise from Top; Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Equinox and Subsolar.

There is a reason you can find this highlighter palette all over Instagram! 

I was first intrigued by this highlighter when I saw it on my Instagram feed daily, and though – I must give it a go! Everyone who knows me already knows I never miss highlighting when it comes to my makeup, and this palette truly is a highlighting force to be reckoned with.

There are four shades, each with its own finish – there are two baked powders (Hemisphere and Equinox), one cream highlighter (Ecliptic) and one silky powder (Subsolar).


Swatches!! L to R : Subsolar, Equinox, Hemisphere, Ecliptic.

The palette comes with it’s own brush applicator – which is handy for on the go application, but can apply the highlighters a bit too thickly for me. When applied using my fan brush these highlighters were more to my liking.

These highlighters are very glittery, so really do glow in light and may be a put off for others! My favourite shades from this palette have to be Ecliptic and Hemisphere. I really love Ecliptic’s cream texture as its easy to blend!

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and very sleek, with an inbuilt mirror and a rose gold finish:


Bottom Line: Truly pigmented, high colour pay off highlighters! A drugstore must have.

Price: £9.99 at
It’s currently part of a gift set so for an extra penny you get a Matte Me lipstick – find it here!!

Rating: *****

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