Fujifilm Camera – Instax Mini 9 – Smokey White – Early Birthday Present! Yay!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 with Protective Case

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – A stunning, self printing camera to capture images in an instant!

As it is my birthday at the end of the month, I really wanted to have an Instax Mini camera and my boyfriend was lovely enough to get me one. I decided to go for the Smokey White version as its a light grey and totally my kinda colour! I chose to get the Instax Mini 9, as it is a more recent model that has a built in selfie mirror, as well as better Hi-Def functions.

I decided to get the camera plus 20 snaps, which included two packs of its film. This Fujifilm camera takes film in 10 photos packs, which are around £10 each to buy off of Amazon, or the value packs are £17-£25 depending on how much film you want to get. The camera itself retails for around £65, which is cheap compared to other modern film cameras. As the camera only holds 10 shots per film pack, its works out to be an average of 70p-£1 per snap – which is quite expensive for a photo that is 2″ x 3″, but it’s great for taking special pictures for mementos rather than taking a constant record of the night.

Instax Mini 9 Camera in Smokey White

The reason why I wanted an Instax camera for my birthday was because I happened to play around with one whilst out on a Hen do. It was being used by a Bridesmaid to capture the events during the night – such as our cocktails from the masterclass, our celebratory meals, as well as everyone’s special moments from the night. It seemed like the perfect way to capture the special night – and I wanted to have one to capture my special moments during my birthday!

To add a cuteness level to my camera, I couldn’t help but by a Bear themed carry case/bag for it! I just loved the little face poking out!

Bottom Line: A fun, novelty camera to capture special moments or artistic instant prints!

Price: £69.99 with 10 shots @ Amazon.co.uk
£9.96 for Bear Case @ Amazon.co.uk

Rating: *****

Indigo Lune – Bohemian, Gemstone Jewellery – Silver, Gold-Plated & Metal Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces


Get your gem-stoned jewellery fix!

I stumbled upon Indigo Lune as a sponsored/advert post on my Instagram feed – and instantly fell in love with their designs, especially their collection of opal jewellery.

I’ve recently bought a new jewellery box and thought – hey lets add some of these stunning pieces to my collection! I was able to buy three sterling silver rings with different gem stones, and a collection of five metal rings with faux opals for under £65, as they were giving a 20% discount on their Instagram page!


The three sterling silver rings are on the bottom row, with the gold based metal faux opal set on the top row.

The set is made up of three full sized rings, and two midi rings – they’re the two on the same slot – each with a faux opal stone. The entire set cost me £17 before the 20% off discount, which is so worth it as I can wear them as a set or individually!

The three sterling silver rings cost between £17 and £24, and others on the site are closely priced with a variety of different designed and gem stones to suit all of your jewellery aesthetics. I decided to go for a dainty banded three Cubic Zircona to have for every day wear – this style is called “Raine”. I also bought the “Frostine Pink Opal” ring as the colour of the opal is stunning – this is a faux opal as it’s very hard to find this opal in the natural world. I also bought the Luminosity Opal ring, which sports a lab grown opal – making it cheaper to own this precious stone!

Indigo Lune also offer necklaces and bracelets that are in tune with their bohemian themes. The rings came well packaged with velvet bags to store my new rings in – and fast with free delivery! You can shop their whole collection on their website – www.indigolune.com 

Bottom Line:  Stunning, bohemian selection of jewellery to suit everyone’s aesthetic.

Price: From £17 to £24 before discount.

Rating: *****


Selfie Ring Light – Improve Your Insta Worthy Shots!


This is a handy selfie light, which can also double us as a light for makeup application on the go!

So, for my flat lays and selfies I decided to buy a ‘Selfie Light’. This is a clip on LED light that has three different settings; Low, Medium, and Holy Moly It’s Like The Sun!

The third level of this light is insanely bright, so bright I rarely use it for my selfies but rather my makeup application or reading in bed – its clip on so very, very versatile! It can fit pretty much every phone due to this clip on ability – I use it clipped on to my smaller mirror on my vanity to turn it into a LED Mirror on the cheap.

This light achieves that halo eye effect, which makes your eyes pop in selfies as well as activating your glow. As you know I love my glow so anything to show it off I’m more than happy to use!

I bought this one from Amazon, but there are numerous models advertised and for sale -and they all seem to be the same one!

Bottom Line:  A handy light for improving lighting in dark spaces or for creating a DIY LED Makeup mirror!

Price: £5.50 at Amazon
(This is the one I got, as I use Prime and wanted the next day delivery!)

Rating: ****


Clionadh Cosmetics – Slaine Highlighter


My first Clionadh order – Slaine (L) & Llyr (R)

Incredibly pigmented, great glow pay off!

I ordered two of the Deity Series highlighters from Clionadh Cosmetics, after eyeing the bad boys up on Instagram for far too long! I decided to go for Slaine and Llyr from their Deity Series, and both highlighters – along with their entire collection – are Vegan and Cruelty Free!!

My order came extremely quickly – I live in the UK and it turned up a few days after dispatching from Canada. It came incredibly packed in coordinating packaging and with a lot of protective wrap, and a lovely handwritten thank you.


Slaine is a beautiful rose gold highlighter that is a blushed pink base with gold flecks, whereas, Llyr is a gorgeous split pan of a light pink and pale blue.

This highlighter, as with their others, is highly pigmented – offering a brilliant glow even from using just a light dusting of the highlighter. This makes it extremely easy to build up the glow you want to achieve.


Slaine in all it’s glory!

Bottom Line: INCREDIBLE! These are the best highlighters I have used – and I have used a lot!

Price: £10 @ Clionadh Cosmetics on Etsy

Rating: *****

Benefit Ready Set Brow & Goof Proof Brow Pencil


Well, eye brow make up has been revolutionised! 

Let me start by saying how cute the packaging is for both of these items – although all Benefit packaging aims to be pleasing to the eyes!

I was able to snag these two in my Love Me Beauty October box for 15 credits each (1/4 of my monthly allowance! Use my discount code; ROSEM3295520  for 60 free credits worth £21.)

I love how easy to use the eye brow pencil is due to the special design of it, the diamond-like shape means it has a lot more edges to allow you to define all aspects of your brow – and the wide flat surface allows for  filling in with ease! And I really mean ease! I’ve used Smashbox’s Brow Tech To Go and Sleek’s Brow Stylist, but found the thickness of these too hard to create clean lines to define my eyebrows. The multi-faceted pencil makes it so much easier – truly living up to the Goof Proof name!


The Ready, Set, Brow! is the perfect partner for the Goof Proof brow pencil, securing your artistic eyebrow sculpting for up to 24hrs. I used this during a 9.5hr shift and my eyebrows didn’t move at all – but still looked naturally in place and wasn’t hard/crunchy that some gels cause. The only down side is that it has a bit of a chemically smell which can be a bit off putting.


Bottom Line: Easy to use eye pencil which will be perfect for beginners, and a gel to hold your masterpiece in position!

Price: Goof Proof Brow Pencil – £18.50   ,  Ready, Set, Brow! – £18.50 , on Debenhams

Rating: Goof Proof Brow Pencil – *****  ,  Ready, Set, Brow! – ****.


All Goof Proofed up!



Eco Tools Essential Eye Set


Cute, surprisingly soft eco friendly travel sized eye brushes!

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these brushes due to their price – they are incredibly soft and pick up pigments exceedingly well!

These brushes are travel sized – so shorter handle – and come with a cute bag to keep them in! They’re the perfect size for a handbag and easily portable for smokey-ing up your eye makeup for post work drinks.

These are easy to clean and there isn’t any loss of softness or quality from doing so.

Bottom Line:  Extremely affordable, soft travel sized brushes which work as well as some higher end brushes – at a fraction of the cost! What’s not to love?!

Price: £7.99 at Superdrug

Rating: *****

A Summer in Paris!


As a few of you know, I was able to spend part of my summer living it up in sunny Paris! During my stay I did the typical touristy things like hitting up Disneyland Paris and the Eiffel Tower – but managed to do a few other things during my visit.

I’ve been to Paris a lot in my lifetime, but it was amazing to visit when I’ve got a new appreciation of city life. I enjoyed using the Metro and train services – something that I never have done before! It was fun buying a Mobilis ticket, which allowed me unlimited travel on all services, I took full advantage of this and took the cable car down from the Sacre Coeur!


I was able to hit up so many tourist spots in one day from my travel pass, zipping all over the city and clocking up some cardio in between! Climbing up the Eiffel Tower was some cardio indeed that I felt warranted a chocolatey Cornetto at the top as a reward…


I enjoyed shopping along the Champs-Élysées and spending all of my money on the first day in Sephora buying a haul of new beauty goodies, but “When in Paris!” they say…


Absolute heaven!