The Body Shop – Edelweiss Collection (PR – Affiliate)

The Body Shop has rejuvenated their highly acclaimed Edelweiss collection!

This means they have added a lot more to their award winning Edelweiss collection to help give your skin a dose of natural goodness!

You can now add sheet masks, day cream, bouncing jelly mist and eye cream to your skincare routine.

Currently with the code ‘WELLNESS’ you can grab Free Delivery and a free Wellbeing Discovery kit with any purchase over £35!

Why is the Edelweiss collection so iconic?

A master of resilience, edelweiss is a tiny flower with all the power to survive and thrive on the mountainside. This magic marvel protects itself against harsh environmental conditions by producing its own antioxidant, leontopodic acid. That’s why The Body Shop made this mighty little plant the star ingredient of their Edelweiss skincare. Enriched with edelweiss extract, the clever formulas help maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier and smooth the way to glorious, fresher-looking skin.

The Collection Review:

I decided to get myself the cleanser to trywhich is recommended for the first step of the Edelweiss routine – to help remove my daily build-up and makeup. This skin-loving facial wash creates a rich, creamy foam which left my skin feeling awakened. It felt clean but not that overly squeaky clean – which usually means you’ve stripped away some of your natural moisture! The cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is also vegan certified – meaning its a great go to cleanser for anyone who is wanting to add a natural alternative to retinol to their cleansing routine.

I followed my cleansing with the sheet mask – which I kept in the fridge for 30minutes – to add a cooling effect for it. This tip is also handy for summer when you need a quick chilly relief in the summer, or for headaches. I found the mask had a lot of serum and felt very refreshing on my skin, there was also enough serum in the packet for me to use the following day without the sheet mask! This to me made it worth the £6 price tag as it was £3 per application of the serum.

After the cleanser, but before my makeup primer, I used their bouncing jelly mist. This helped delivery a light spray of the edelweiss goodness which didn’t affect my makeup application. Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, it only takes a few spritzes of our new Edelweiss Bouncy Jelly Mist to hydrate your skin with 24hr moisture and help protect it from the effects of pollution and blue light.

Out of all the items, if you only want to add a single new additional to your routines – I’d highly recommend the bouncing jelly mist as it is so versatile.
You can use it after your existing cleanser but before your moisturiser before bed, or even before your primer to lock in the Edelweiss goodness before your makeup routine!

Overall I was really impressed with the quality and results of the Edelweiss collection. After a few weeks of use of the cleanser and the bouncing jelly mist my skin felt more supple and revitalised even in this constantly changing cold weather we have in the UK!

The Body Shop’s Edelweiss collection would be a perfect gift for your mother, to give her some pampering!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

The gift guide is filled with lots of treats for that special Mum this year!


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