Lifestyle – Event – Lush Bournemouth’s Palentine, Galentine, and Valentine Day!


A wonderful evening for those looking to self pamper, or with a loved one!

I was very lucky to attend this event for Valentine’s day for me to review for my blog. The lovely ladies at Bournemouth’s Lush welcomed us with lovely Rose and Raspberry mock tail to set the mood, and introduced themselves to us and gave us an overview of what will be happening during the night.


We also introduced ourselves and then relaxed whilst sipping the delicious mock tails and browsing the store as it was closed to the public – giving us free reign of the stock to try!

To start with we each created the Sex Bomb bath bombs, and was taught how the master compactors at the nearby Lush factory make hundreds each per eight hour shift, as they are seasoned professionals – where as it took me two tries to create one where you can see the Rose!

After this, we were introduced to Lush’s collection of solid massage bars and given information about each type and what they’re best for. Then we all grabbed a massage bar each, and gave each other arm and hand massages after learning the special techniques that Lush utilise in their Spa’s to soothe their clients aches and pains.


Once we were soothed, we had more mock tails and then made our own Rosy Cheeks face mask from scratch, learning the important properties each ingredient contributes to the mask and the benefits they give the skin.

After all the events and activities we were allowed once more to peruse the shelves and select items we want to purchase, as well as one-on-one time with a Lush expert to have our queries answered! The lovely ladies bid us adieu! and gave us a wonderful goody bag, each containing a few surprise goodies and our personally handmade bath bombs and face mask!

Pop in to your local Lush store to see if they are holding an event soon. The next one open to public in Bournemouth is on the 28th March 6-8pm for Mother’s Day celebrations, please contact the store to reserve a spot!


Lush – In Your Dreams – Unicorn Horn and Cupid – Valentines 2017


A beautiful Valentines Day gift set for bath lovers. 

This adorable gift set comes neatly wrapped in vibrant pink, blue and gold Cupid print paper embellished with a gold bow. Inside there is a bubble bar and bath bomb, Unicorn Horn and Cupid, which are carefully cradled in the box by Lush’s biodegradable starch puffs.

I was very eager to get my hands on it for Unicorn Horn since it was rumoured to come back for Valentines Day, as you guys know how much I love Unicorns…


Unicorn Horn smells unbelievably sweet with a hint of relaxing Lavender and Cupid smells fruity and floral.  Cupid delivered a beautiful pink tinged bath with hot pink foam which engulfed my bathroom in a beautiful aroma of raspberry and roses. It left my skin feeling soft and not oily even though it contained bergamot oil – and it didn’t stain anything!

Unicorn Horn gave me a gorgeous lilac coloured bubble bath with glitter and shimmer galore!  The bath smelt sweet and cheerful and gave a beautiful purple/pink colour to the water. It didn’t leave any oily residue which is always a plus!


Bottom Line: An adorable gift to pamper anyone who is a fan of Lush bath bombs  or bubbles on Valentines Day.

Price: £9.95 @ Lush

Rating: ****