Dr Botanicals – Tropical Invigorating Cream – PR

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A lightweight, super moisturiser that will protect ski from pollution!

This cream was gifted to me from the lovely people at Dr Botanicals for my review and opinion!

This cream as a lovely light fragrance and is very light in formula, which has helped my skin absorb it easily without the weighted residue of thicker facial creams. This cream is created with the purpose of brightening, protecting and repairing the skin due to the Elder-flower extract.

The Elder-flower extract helps protect the skin from free radicals that can damage and cause early skin ageing. This cream also contains chamomile flower extracts which can help soothe damaged and irritated skin! The Tiare flower extract helps nourish, deeply moisturise as well as purify the skin. Basically it had three kick-ass, natural extracts in which together create the ultimate fighting team against skin damage! Oh, and its VEGAN!

The cream really nourished my skin and it didn’t cause me to break out, instead it calmed the redness that I have around my nose and chin, which made me feel more confident going make-up free in work. My skin felt cleaner and plumper – might have been from the amount of moisture that was being pumped into it!

The only issue I have is the price tag, but the product does last a while, it just seems pricey for a tube that will last 2 months…

Bottom Line: A lightweight, nourishing moisturiser that helps brighten complexion and protects from damage.

Price: £39.90 at Dr Botanicals.

Rating: *** (Expect a bigger tube for the price…)


Lush – The Kiss Lip Scrub – Valentines 2017


A lovely sweet and salty lip scrub, which tastes as good as it scrubs!

This lip scrub is a vibrant red that leaves a pink tint to your lips. It has a lovely cherry scent but a sherbet-esque sweet and salty taste. It’s quite hard to use as I keep on trying to lick it off my lips- like a devilish doughnut.

It’s perfect for using before a matte/liquid lipstick as it scrubs away all your dead skin and conditions and hydrates your lips all in one -allowing a flawless application of the lipstick. It’s made up of sugar and salt – allowing natural and soft exfoliation. It isn’t harsh, and I even used it on my cut lip and it didn’t hurt or make it worse – it’s very gentle!

This lip scrub is self preserving and vegan! So it is perfect for using for a long while. I’ve been using it twice daily (in the morning and before bed) and I still have loads left!

This one has cute edible little hearts in as it is a Valentines day exclusive! It would make a cute little gift to get lips truly kissable.

Bottom Line:  A sherbet exfoliation extraordinaire!

Price: £5.75 at Lush
(This is a Valentines day special so get it quick!)

Rating: *****