Lush – In Your Dreams – Unicorn Horn and Cupid – Valentines 2017


A beautiful Valentines Day gift set for bath lovers. 

This adorable gift set comes neatly wrapped in vibrant pink, blue and gold Cupid print paper embellished with a gold bow. Inside there is a bubble bar and bath bomb, Unicorn Horn and Cupid, which are carefully cradled in the box by Lush’s biodegradable starch puffs.

I was very eager to get my hands on it for Unicorn Horn since it was rumoured to come back for Valentines Day, as you guys know how much I love Unicorns…


Unicorn Horn smells unbelievably sweet with a hint of relaxing Lavender and Cupid smells fruity and floral.  Cupid delivered a beautiful pink tinged bath with hot pink foam which engulfed my bathroom in a beautiful aroma of raspberry and roses. It left my skin feeling soft and not oily even though it contained bergamot oil – and it didn’t stain anything!

Unicorn Horn gave me a gorgeous lilac coloured bubble bath with glitter and shimmer galore!  The bath smelt sweet and cheerful and gave a beautiful purple/pink colour to the water. It didn’t leave any oily residue which is always a plus!


Bottom Line: An adorable gift to pamper anyone who is a fan of Lush bath bombs  or bubbles on Valentines Day.

Price: £9.95 @ Lush

Rating: ****

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