Farsáli – Rose Gold Elixir


This is an amazing investment for all your beauty and skincare needs!

I have to start off by saying that this is a very pricey product, weighing in at £55 for a 30ml bottle, but it is a brilliantly multi-purpose investment for beauty guru’s everywhere. This beauty oil, along with its primer sister (Unicorn Essence), is a new Instagram staple used by all the greats. But is it really worth it?

I’ve been using this for a month now, utilising it in different ways to make it more than just a moisturising beauty oil;

  • I’ve used it after exfoliating my lips with my Lush lip scrubs to add a burst of moisture to increase the longevity of my liquid lipsticks.
  • I’ve used it to create a dewy makeup look by adding it to my Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, or to add a touch more moisture when my skin was getting a tad bit dry.
  • I’ve used it to turn my powder contour kits into creams.
  • I’ve used it to save my NYX eyebrow promade that dried up rendering it unusable.
  • As a cuticle oil after getting my Shellac manicures.

And these are just the start of my experimentation – and they have all worked out brilliantly!

This product is pure luxury, which you can tell straight away from the packaging. It comes in a white bottle with gold accents, with an integrated glass pipette – which means you can deliver drops precisely and not waste any (it was £50 after all…). 

It also boasts 24K gold flakes within the oil to add a radiant finish – which also makes you feel like millionaire as you’re essentially massaging gold into your face! I felt very fancy…

It smells divine – its a mix of Rosehip oil, Lemongrass and Orange peel – creating a beautiful citrus scent. These extracts help deliver numerous vitamins that can hydrate your skin whereas the Rosehip oils can help tackle hyper-pigmentation.

One fear I did have with this moisturiser was that the oiliness would cause me to breakout – so for a long while I was dubious of using it before I slept, in fear I would wake up with my typical oil-overload whitehead fiasco. After the 5th morning and waking up to no whitehead nightmare it is now a permanent item in my bedtime skincare regime.

Bottom Line: A new staple in my skincare and beauty regimes, as this oil adds a touch of luxury and a lot of hydration.

Price: £50 @ Cult Beauty

Rating: ****
Would have been a 5*, but the price…

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