Tarte Cosmetics – Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette


LOOK AT THOSE SHADES! Need I say any more?!

I’ve been eyeing up this bad boy for months, so whilst my sister was away in Florida, she picked it up for me from Sephora – and I am so glad she did!

Firstly, the packaging is sleek and beautiful with the traditional black and gold colour scheme that oozes sophistication. It boasts a huge mirror to aid on the go application, which is handy for travelling.


It has sixteen matte shades in a beautiful assortment of colours, ranging from bright pink to subtle nudes. It also has four shimmer and glitter shades that can be used to create more glamorous looks.


These eye shadows are made with clay, that aids their longevity – ensuring highly pigmented looks that last a long while. They smell beautiful – kind of earthy but sweet, it makes me want to eat them all up!

It’s a shame these colours are bland in a way, with no shade exactly standing out, but it does make it a handy everyday staple for muted looks!

Bottom Line: Lovely, nude high pigmented shades to create muted everyday looks. The stereotypical nude shades make it a good everyday palette – but not the palette for those into more adventurous looks.

Price: £41 at Tarte Cosmetics.

Rating: ****

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