L’Oreal Paris X Balmain – Color Riche Lipstick


Bold, matte colour in twelve delicious shades!

As soon as I heard that Balmain was teaming up with the lipstick giant L’Oreal Paris I knew I had to get my hands on them! I decided to get three of the shades to start off my collection – I went with Confidence, Confession and Glamazone. These lipsticks are fully pigmented with added camelia oil to deliver a non-drying creamy matte lip.

Confidence is a rose gold shimmer matte lipstick which is absolutely stunning to add a hint of sparkle. Confession is a bold pinky red matte shade which is deliciously smooth. Glamazone is a dark, mauve brown that is beautiful for golden makeup looks.

The packaging is as couture as the shades – but what else would you expect from Balmain!?

Bottom Line: Charmingly cute solid perfume for on the go application.

Price: £12.99 at Boots

Rating: *****

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