SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS – Mean Girls – False Eyelashes – Regina George


Like, Spectrum just made Fetch happen!

So after the amazing Mean Girls collection debuted with the Burn Book and adorable pink brushes, Spectrum have released new Mean Girls faux eye lashes in tribute to each of the Plastics. And they’re so FETCH!

These eye lashes are made from faux silk, keeping in with Spectrum’s vegan and cruelty free ethos. The Regina George’s design is a wispy, full length adding length and volume to your lashes. They come in the cutest packaging, with the eyelashes contained in a clear, sturdy plastic container with the classic quote “You’re like really pretty”  on it to just boost your confident a little bit more!

These lashes sadly do not come with glue – so make sure you have your trusty brand nearby!


Bottom Line:  Extremely soft, wispy eyelashes that are totally fetch!

Price: £9.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: **** (Other eye-lashes in this price range, or cheaper come with glue!) 


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