GK NATURALS – Massage and Body Oil – Neroli and Rose Geranium – PR

FullSizeRender (9)

Oh my lord, it is such a treat for the senses! 

I was gifted this from GK Naturals in return for my honest review on this product – so here it is!

I’ve always been a fan of massage oils due to the fact that the aroma can seriously increase the relaxation from the massage, as well as help ease movements for the masseuse. This massage oil is fast absorbing, not so much that you have to keep re-applying but enough so that you’re not left with an oily mess!

It’s made with natural essential oils making it a lovely treat for all of the senses – it’s aromatherapy as well as massage oil. The scent is quite strong, but not over-powering – just enough to draw you deeper into the relaxation. I like placing a bit on my wrists before bed to just have the smell soothe me asleep.

Bottom Line: A wonderful, non-greasy massage oil that smells devine.

Price: £8.95 at GK Natural Creations

Rating: **** 

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