Morphe – Jaclyn Hill Collaboration- Eyeshadow Palette – The Review!


Hubba Hubba! Come to Mama!

As you guys know, I treated myself to one of these palettes and also treated one of my followers to one in my 8K Instagram Giveaway! I am so glad I did, this palette is absolutely incredible.

The vivid colours, the multiple looks you can create, and the quality makes this one of my favourite palettes of all time – all those instagram reviews were right! This was also my first ever Morphe palette – but it will definitely not be my last. I am genuinely, and thoroughly impressed by this creation and Jaclyn Hill should give herself a round of applause!

These eye shadows are creamy, highly pigmented, easy to blend, stunningly beautiful and such brilliant value! The blendability of these shadows is next level – it’s so easy to create seamless makeup looks with this palette.


Look how bright and pigmented these babies are! I think I’m actually in love. Considering the price – £37- and the fact you get 35 unique matte/shimmer shades, it works out as £1.05 per generously sized pan – it’s undeniably good value! Especially when you tally it up to the £43 you pay for an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette where you get half the shades, which are smaller in size.

I cannot wait to get my next Morphe palette to join this one on my vanity table!

Bottom Line:  A varied collection of matte and shimmer shades! Absolute staple that every beauty guru needs!

Price: £37 at

Rating: *****

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