Brandbassador – App Based Missions to Earn Commissions – My First Impressions Reviews

UPDATED JAN 2022 – at bottom!

Also how I made £1000 in 3 months on the app!

So, as someone who uses affiliate links to fund and help keep this blog in motion – I am always looking out and trying new “Influencer Apps”. I’ve tried Tribe (aka buy the product and we might pay you if we like your product but chances are will block your account. If you haven’t sensed it yet – AVOID!) and a few other up and coming apps which were slightly more successful – but often tedious in the process.

That was until I stumbled upon Brandbassador – I had an email from one of the Brands featured as they use it as their main platform for affiliates and influencers and they wanted me on board.

Brandbassador is an app for iPhone & Android, also available on PC, where you select your brand and they have “missions”, each mission has a commission. So far I have seen either; a freebie, cash deposit, gift card deposit or a joint giveaway opportunity for your followers. All of which simply require you to apply to the mission, Follow the brand on their social media, or like/comment on their posts. Now this appears to be mutually beneficial – they get better engagement, and you get 10-20 cents just for that one “like”.

But here’s where it becomes more beneficial for you – by commenting and liking you’re putting your own blog/brand out there. I’ve even started dropping my latest post URLs on my comments to get myself some engagement!

The more missions you do, the more cash and gift card balances you collect along with points. The more points you get – the higher your Brandbassador level is. But to upgrade levels you also need sales. How do you get sales I hear you ask? By using your personalised affiliate links or discount codes. So by simply putting a “hey if you’re already going to buy this product, you can get ##% off by just using my code/link and I also get something in return” on your website you can get between 4-15% commission on all sales, increasing as your level does. It’s basically an affiliate marketing app without the obligation to buy a product, with tiered percentages instead of a fixed base rate.

In one day I managed to “earn” $1.31, just from liking the brands content and dumping a few of my links on their Facebook posts;

They also have missions where you regram one of their posts and they will pay you 10p per like – but you can also request a higher amount for each like!

The best thing is the gift card amounts can be spent in any of the companies online stores so you can use your “earned” $$$ to buy the products to then review, blog about or use for Instagram photos – which if you include your discount codes/links means you’ve effectively boosted your commissions without spending your own cash to fund the content – unlike Tribe where they make you buy the product to create the content. Also your cash balance can be exchanged for gift card value which has a higher exchange rate meaning you can earn more in credit than in cash!

I’ll be using this App for a bit longer to see if it really is as good as it’s coming off to be, but if you don’t spend money on the content – its basically a free way to get affiliate marketing on your blogs/content.

If you’re interested in joining, or even seeing what it’s about you can find out here!

P.s. This is not a paid review – I’m just letting my fellow bloggers who need more $$$$ to host their blogs know about this pretty simple, straight forward affiliate marketing app!

UPDATE; 31st July 2018

I’ve used this app for a while now and have had my freebie sent and received, and set up my giveaway on my Instagram account. I’ve noticed that every day you can earn 2-3$ from Hairfinity due to them uploading new missions more frequently – such as comment on this post, like this post – so I’ve been doing those to earn a lot more. I’ve also done a blog post which is currently being approved to earn a £100 Gift Card!

UPDATE; 24th July 2018

So after using this app for the past 2-3 days I’ve now been sent a Freebie, have a company doing a sponsored Giveaway for my followers and now earned $7.35!!! It’s been 3 days! Never had this type of conversion and Brand involvement on an app before!

Update: July 2020

So I’ve been using the app on and off for the past few years but over this current pandemic I logged back in and was able to make over £1000 which I’ve already been able to cash withdraw! I’ve also been able to email the app to ask for a fast track Gold Brandbassador level which they now offer on a account basis as they check how much you’ve used the account – I’ve done over 300 missions!

I was able to make this amount from sales and use of my personal discount codes – seems like if you have a big following or a bit creative in how to promote your discount codes you can earn a lot more!

Update: January 2022

Still using this app and managing to average £50 a month using the sales and discount code promotion features along with their cash reward missions – even though I took a year out of blogging! I now also have exclusive invites for people to become ambassadors for two brands; Lili Margo and Desenio!

Sign up here if you’re still interested!

10 thoughts on “Brandbassador – App Based Missions to Earn Commissions – My First Impressions Reviews

  1. The diary of Ellie says:

    I think this app is good if you have a large audience who are extremely engaged in your content! Fair enough you’ve earned a lot of money which is super cool but i tried this and didnt earn anything haha!xx


  2. Ferdaous says:

    Hello !
    i am a Brandbassador member too . First i love your blog , i like the way how you describe the app , it is awsome . Other thing i want to ask you if you have any idea about how to withdraw my cash to my bank ?


    • rosemaryhelenxo says:

      Hi! To withdraw you just need to add your pay details in the account settings, which then gets ported over to Payoneer who handle the payments. When you’ve hit $50 you can click cash and then withdraw to your bank. The withdrawal process takes 21 days to be approved by Brandbassador but the payment is same day! 🙂


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