Fairy – Non- Bio Sensitive Laundry Products (PR – Gifted)

Doing the laundry is a chore that everyone has to do. For those with sensitive skin, it can be a daunting task to make sure that all of their clothes are clean and free of any harmful chemicals. Fortunately, there is a safe way to do laundry that will keep your clothes clean and skin friendly.

Fairy Sensitive laundry pods are said to be great for people with allergies or sensitive to biological based laundry detergents, which I am. I was super lucky to be sent this bundle to try out and review for Fairy!

These laundry pods are made with trialled and tested ingredients which makes them perfect for little ones, or those sensitive to cleaning chemicals found in other bio or fragranced laundry pods.

Fairy Sensitive laundry pods are said to be a great alternative to regular laundry detergent as it is gentle on skin.

I absolutely loved this fabric softener. If you’re new to fabric softeners – they are a liquid or sheet that is added to the washing machine during the rinse cycle. Fabric softener is said to make clothes feel softer and smell better. But please be careful when using fabric softeners and only use the amount directed – as excess product can cause clothing to become flammable due.

Proctor and Gamble have released a new brand of fabric softener – Outdoorable which mimic the scent of line dried laundry. This is perfect for those wanting wind swept laundry but cannot use an outdoor line, as it packs more of a punch than traditional softener, and this fabric softener has kept my hoodies smelling sweet and clean even after multiple wears!

The new kid on the laundry block is Scent Boosters. These are usual little round beads that are added to the washing machine drum during the wash cycle. Scent boosters are said to make clothes smell fresh and clean, hence boosting your laundry efforts making them stay fresh for longer!

These Fairy in-wash scent boosters are scented in a mild fragrance of almond milk and manuka honey – which is subtle but smells deliciously clean.

There are many benefits to using Fairy Sensitive laundry pods, fabric softener, and scent boosters. Fairy Sensitive laundry pods are specifically designed to be gentle on your clothes, while providing great cleaning performance. Fairy Sensitive fabric softener leaves your clothes feeling soft and fluffy, without any build-up or residue. Fairy Sensitive scent boosters add a wonderful fresh but subtle scent to your laundry, without any artificial chemicals.

Bottom Line: Fairy Sensitive Laundry detergent is made with natural ingredients and is safe for both your child’s clothes and your family’s sensitive skin. So, next time you do the laundry, be sure to use Fairy Sensitive Laundry detergent and rest easy knowing that your skin will be wrapped in sensitive friendly goodness.



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