RHXO Tips – How You Can Make Travel Much Less Stressful

Believe it or not, you can make travel much less stressful with some minor changes to how you approach it. So here are some of my top tips if you are getting ready to hit the road as it gets a bit warmer.

Arrange Travel Well Ahead of Time

Rather amusingly, you often have to travel before you travel. And this can be a nightmare if you don’t plan it well. According to Murphy’s Law, if something can go wrong, it probably will. And when travelling to airports, for example, you can hit traffic jams, be stuck in bad weather or even have trouble getting a ride if you leave it late. So always try to arrange transport from taxi companies, coaches or even Uber in advance so you know you will get where you need to be.

Try to Enjoy the Services Provided

Upon arrival at a transport hub like an airport or train station, it can be stressful waiting around, especially with kids. Fortunately, however, many of these have fun things to do these days or something nearby. For example, airports often have arcade games, bookstores and restaurants. So try to put away some extra cash so you can do some fun activities to take your mind off anything that has gone wrong, like a delay and the sheer monotony of waiting to board.

Make Travel Much Less Stressful by Staying Calm

Travelling is a normal way of life these days. There are many things that can go wrong, and you just want to stay well, positive and get to your destination. But often, that’s not how it goes. Of course, hiccups can be infuriating, but you won’t make it any better by getting wound up. In most cases, there’s nothing you can do. So just try to stay calm, accept what has gone wrong, and discuss a solution to it.

Keep Your Essentials in One Place

One of the last things you want to do when travelling is fumble around at check-in or boarding for your stuff, holding up the queue. So it makes sense to have somewhere to put the essentials you need access to quickly. For example, designate a specific pouch for your carry-on case to hold what you need. This includes your passport, boarding tickets and even cash and payment cards. Of course, also try to make sure this is a secure place to stop theft from your luggage.

Bring Something to Entertain on a Long Trip

Some trips can be relatively short. And others can be excruciatingly long. In either case, you can become bored. So it makes sense to do something boring that can keep you, or more importantly, the kids, entertained. Fortunately, this is easier than ever these days. Often, a smartphone or tablet is enough, so you can watch TV and movies and play games. Or you can settle in with a good book and even bring your laptop to get some work done if you need to.

Enjoying the journey isn’t for everyone. You can make travel much less stressful by arranging transportation, staying calm when something goes wrong, and bringing something to do.

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