Burley, Hampshire, UK – A Halloween Spectacular in the New Forest!

When spooky season comes around, there is one place I love to visit and that is Burley, Hampshire. Why you ask? The town is steeped in a history of Witches – and embrace All-Hallows-Eve within their community. It has history going back hundreds of years, but in most recent history it was the home of the White Witch Sybil Leek , who was often spotted walking around the village with her pet jackdaw on her shoulder.

The village of Burley celebrates Halloween with a plethora of events, displays and activities including spooky, skeleton themed horse drawn wagon tours of the surrounding woodland areas, and deer park.

Home to the large estate of Burley Manor, it is a great hotel to stay in during your Halloween visit to the New Forest – which is found a stones throw away from Burley Park where the deers, horses and pigs that live in the surrounding woodland areas roam free.

The village is very tourist friendly with the Queen’s Head pub situated in the heart of it, and a scattering of ice-cream parlours, confectionary stores and the famous Burley Fudge Shop – who create delicious seasonal treats including a toffee apple and pumpkin spice flavoured fudge.

They also have a collection of Witchcraft themed stores, with A Coven of Witches being my favourite to visit. Packed with crystals, spell ingredients and other occult related items – it truly is a sight to behold!

Surrounded by huge sprawling woodlands, and pet friendly stores and pubs, Burley is a great day out for taking the dogs for an adventure – and a dabble in the supernatural!

If you didn’t get your fix of spooky Halloween activities – a short 10 minute drive away is Dan Tanner’s Sopley Farm who during October have a PYO Pumpkin Patch, Corn and other in season veggies – as well as an on site Farm Shop and Bakery.

The New Forest has loads to offer for those eager to explore the villages scattered throughout it.

I always visit Burley and Sopley Farm as a Halloween Tradition due to the spooky charm the village has, which never fails to get me into the Halloween Spirit!

Do you have any Halloween traditions? ๐Ÿ™‚


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