Eylure x Cheryl – Girls Night Strip Lash


Glam, high impact falsies to add undeniable volume to your look!

These Eylure collab with Cheryl eyelashes are perfect for those wanting high impact, glamorous eyelashes to compliment their smokey eyes! These eyelashes provide a vibrant lash with a flourish at the outer corners.

I always find that Eylure eyelashes are very well made, and are reusable – and I don’t just mean once or twice, I mean a lot!

As with all Eylure eyelashes – these come with the adhesive included. The thing I love about Eylure’s adhesive is that it comes with an easy to use applicator to allow precise application of the glue due to its flat and tapered end!

These are very easy to apply and remove – I can apply these using my fingers alone or along with a pair of tweezers, or using the Eylure applicator tool.

Bottom Line: As with the name ‘Girls Night’, these eyelashes give a glamorous look perfect for a night on the town!

Price: £5.25 from Boots

Rating: *****

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