Beauty Bakerie – Lip Whip – Honey and Versailles


The ultimate sweet, longlasting treat for your lips! 

These have been hailed as the ultimate, smudge-proof, water-proof liquid lipsticks on Instagram – and boy, have they earned that title!

These lip whips, adorable name alert!, have revolutionised liquid lipsticks in my eyes. These are uber long lasting – ‘so long lasting that you need to buy their special remover pads to actually take them off’ long lasting. Your normal makeup cleanser lotions, creams and micellar water will not do the trick at all – I made that fatal mistake – but I have found an easy hack if you’d rather not buy the remover wipes, but they’re only £12 ($14) for a pack of 50, if you want to be prepared and not have to McGuyver your own. Removing Tip will be revealed at the end.


These come in the most adorable packaging – that colour scheme is my aesthetic and I love it so much! The wand is tapered to a point allowing you to apply these quickly and accurately, meaning you get a defined cupid bow without using an additional brush.

The only issue I have found with these is that they leave you lips quite sticky – even if you prepped and primed your lips beforehand. They’re stay power is second to none, as I’ve said they even have their own remover pads as they’re serious about their lipsticks staying power.

Bottom Line: You won’t have to worry about your lipstick smudging at all with these creamy, beautiful Lip Whips!

Price: £16 at
$20 at Beauty Bakerie’s Official Site
You can find their removable wipes here; Beauty Bay  and Beauty Bakeries Official Site.

Rating: **** (It’s rather sticky – if it wasn’t it would have been 5*)

Removing tip; It’s so much easier to remove if you put another liquid lipstick over the top – NOT ANOTHER LIP WHIP – I used my Ofra Longlasting Lipstick, and it slid completely off with some coconut oil!


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